Our “Transformation 10,000” Mission


“Transformation 10,000” Mission

"Transformation 10,000" Mission
It’s January 15, 2012 at 4:04pm. I’m in my office listening to Coldplay’s “The Hardest Part” (great song by the way).

It reminds me that the hardest part of accomplishing any goal is to consistently take one action step towards that goal every day. If you implement this philosophy into your life, your potential is endless.

I have some very big goals for YOU and my health/fitness/nutrition company in 2012 (yes this is my full time “job” – although I have a hard time considering my passion a job).

I promise, if you commit to joining me on the following upcoming projects (listed below), they WILL take your training and nutrition to a whole new level (regardless of your current fitness level).

Join me on my “Transformation 10,000” Mission

I’m stating today, January 15, 2012, that it is my mission to help over 10,000 men, women, and families transform their bodies and lives. Helping 10,000 people is a huge mission, but after reading all the testimonials from my Awaken The Abs Within readers, it’s clear that transforming 10,000 bodies is possible. The program was published just 3 months ago but it’s already helping produce some incredible results to date. See for yourself:

’One week down feeling good…i was 233.2 pounds last week, and have just been on the scales and am now 228.8 so i am going in the right direction…’
– Roberto, Australia

’I just had to share this news with the world. After only 12 days with following Brad Gouthro’s Awaken The Abs Within, I lost a half an inch around my waistline. I am absolutely thrilled! While on this program I have developed better eating habits. This is huge for me because I love junk food. I eat more fruits and vegetables now thanks to this ebook. Brad also breaks down the different types of exercises for beginners and for the advanced. Do not feel intimidated by these exercises. You should go at your own pace. It is better to exercise so you can see the results faster.’

– Bridget, Maryland, USA

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So if you have goals of getting more energy, losing stubborn fat, and building lean sexy muscle…let me help you. But I need your commitment just like I received from Roberto and Bridget.

Here are a few resources to help you fulfill the “Transformation 10,000” Mission:

1. Live Lean TV

LIVE LEAN TV Subscribe for FREE to my LIVE LEAN TV YouTube Channel. Featuring 5 Episodes A Week that focuses on teaching you how to Live Lean FOREVER!

TV Schedule includes:

Monday: Brad’s Cookbook – video featuring me showing you how to cook a quick, easy, delicious, and healthy recipe.

Tuesday: Workout Video – video featuring me showing you a workout that will burn fat and build muscle faster.

Wednesday: Food Wars – video where I compare 2 similar foods and tell you which one belongs in your cabinet and which one belongs in your garbage.

Thursday: Tabata Workout – video where I take you through a fat burning workout that only takes 4 MINUTES!

Friday: Freestyle Friday – video where I touch on any health related topic.

Click here to Subscribe FOR FREE TODAY and never miss an episode.

2. FREE Download: Live Lean Forever – Starter Guide To Living The Lean Lifestyle

Live Lean ForeverHere’s what this free starter guide contains:

A days worth of fat burning recipes!

A Healthy Eating Guide!

A Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Sample Workout From Awaken The Abs Within!

My Grocery List of Fat Burning Foods!

My Fat Burning Cooking Videos!

Once you make your way through this report, you should be ready to take the next step with my internationally selling Lifestyle Plan called Awaken The Abs Within. This is my premium product that gives you the exact blueprint to Live Lean for the rest of your life!

Also…by downloading Live Lean FOREVER, you’ll also receive a FREE subscription to my online fitness newsletter (a $49 value)!  This e-newsletter will give you all the motivation you need to help you live lean 365 days per year. You’ll never pay for access to this newsletter. It’s totally free and yours to enjoy when you download “Live Lean Forever”. Click here to get it now!

3. Like Me On Facebook & Follow Me On Twitter

Brad Gouthro Fitness on FacebookLike the Brad Gouthro Fitness Page on Facebook to join the community of like-minded and supportive individuals. As a bonus for liking the Facebook page, you’ll also get instant access to my downloadable and printable grocery list with healthy foods for your next shopping trip. Like it now!

Brad Gouthro Fitness on TwitterAlso be sure to follow me on Twitter for quick fitness and nutrition tips to keep you on track. Follow me now!

4. Join the “Team Lean” membership Site

– I have your golden ticket to get lean & sexy in less time.

– By becoming a “Team Lean” member, you’re going to have access to me 24/7, including my personal e-mail, instant access to all my most effective workouts, all my secret healthy and delicious recipes, motivational videos, and much more.

– New content updated every week: click here to learn all the benefits of becoming a “Team Lean” member and get a FREE sample workout and recipe too!

5. Get a copy of my full length program, “Awaken The Abs Within”

– Get incredible results just like Roberto and Bridget. Comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee (just promise me you’ll commit to it).

– Get instant access to the full length Awaken The Abs Within e-program including all 8 components here.

If you want the “Light version” (meaning it doesn’t contain all 8 components) of Awaken The Abs Within in paperback, you can order it directly from my publisher or from Amazon.com here.

6. Download a copy of my Kindle e-book “How To Lose Fat And Build Lean Muscle”

How To Lose Fat & Build Lean Muscle
This kindle e-book contains…

10 Unique Workout & Nutrition Strategies Your Personal Trainer Never Told You.

This e-book is instantly downloaded to your Kindle.

Only $2.99!

Click here for details on all 10 strategies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in helping me obtain my “Transformation 10,000” mission.

You are a huge inspiration to me. The more participation and feedback I get from you, the more content you’ll get! Keep inspiring and spread the word!

Lets make 2012 the year of transformation 🙂

Yours in Health & Fitness,



Brad Gouthro
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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

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