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Worst Type Of Fish To Eat That Makes You Fat

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Avoid This Type Of Fish

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the worst type of fish to eat that makes you fat.

Most of us think eating fish is healthy and a great way to Live Lean.

Yes, this can be true, but not always.

Here’s a little story about how eating fish can make you fat.

The other day at the gym, I was walking to the squat rack, when I heard someone yell the following in my direction.

“Bro, I have question for you.”

As I turned around, I noticed it was James.

Before I tell you what his question was, let me give you a little background on who James is.

James is the typical guy that every gym seems to have.

He’s a talker, not a worker.

My Crazy Fish Conversation With James

Here was James’ question.

James: “Bro, I’ve been eating fish a lot lately, but I’ve been noticing that I’m getting fat. I thought fish was healthy bro!”

With a mysterious look, I reply back:

Brad: “You’re getting fat, from fish? Really? How are you cooking it?”

James replies back with a surprised look on his face.

James: “Oh, it matters how it is cooked bro? I don’t know how it’s cooked, since they don’t let you back in the kitchen to watch.”

Brad: Oh, so you’re ordering it out a lot?

James: Yeah bro, everyday. I heard fish is supposed to be healthy for you.

Brad: Oh, it is good for you when it’s prepared properly. Fish is best when it’s grilled or baked, and then seasoned with spices and herbs, rather than sauces. Is that how you’ve been ordering it from the waiter?

James laughs and says the following.

James: No bro, McDonald’s doesn’t have waiters.

Brad: McDonalds?

James: Yeah bro, the filet-o-fish.

I think you know where this story is going.

Healthy Food Can Be Ruined Based On How It’s Prepared

Just because it says fish or chicken, or even in some cases vegetables, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.

The way the food is prepared, plays a huge role in if it will bring your closer to, or further away, from your health goals.

In this case, deep frying anything will ruin all health benefits of the food, and will quickly pack on the belly busting fat.

Same goes for breaded frozen fish sticks and deep fried fish cakes.

How To Make Healthy Homemade Fish Sticks Recipe

The ingredients in the batter, and the oils used in the frying, are terrible for your health and waistline.

Even if the fish isn’t deep fried, if it’s swimming in fattening and sugar bombed sauces, the added calories, and the rush of the fat storing hormone insulin, will quickly pack on the fatty pounds.

Bottom Line On The Worst Type Of Fish To Eat That Makes You Fat

You can ruin any super healthy food by the way it’s prepared, or the ingredients that are added to it.

4 Ways To Ruin The Health Benefits Of Superfoods

When preparing your own fish at home, or if you’re ordering out, always go for grilled or baked, never deep fried.

Also, try to avoid battered versions, unless the batter is made of healthy ingredients like coconut or nut based flours, or the very least oat based flour.

White flour is not your guts friend.

It’s a part of my Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 mission to educate, motivate, and inspire you to take control back of your health, by paying attention to these things.

They may seem small in the beginning, but these daily checks, will add up to big time progress over the long-term.

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27 responses to “Worst Type Of Fish To Eat That Makes You Fat

  1. It amazes me that this video was necessary. McDonalds. Really? Fish
    parts and old boots don’t count as fish bro. Hehe. You tweeted today
    about mindset as the third component of living lean. Part of that mind set
    is knowledge. Dig into what you hear about. Even what Brad says, if I
    haven’t heard of it before, I will look into it myself. It’s your body,
    its up to you to look after it. Thanks for the vid Bro.

  2. Hi Brad, I just saw one of your videos where you talked about the meat and
    nuts breakfast and i was just wondering are you supposed to eat the
    breakfast as a pre or post meal? love your videos!

  3. What if you deep fry sweet potatoe fries in coconut oil would that still be
    bad since its deep fried, cause i’ve heard of free radicals and such from
    frying i think

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