Food Wars: Healthy Sauces vs. Unhealthy Sauces

Healthy Sauces vs. Unhealthy Sauces

What sauces are healthy for you?

One of the most common misconceptions of living the lean lifestyle is you must follow a “boring and bland” diet of tasteless foods. Boiled chicken and broccoli anyone?

If you watch my Live Lean TV channel and/or tried any of the recipes from my Brad’s Cookbook segment, you’ll know this is NOT true.

There are a few sauces that use mostly natural ingredients and don’t contain fattening sugar or vegetable oils.

Add these healthy sauces (featured in my video below) to your diet, and your taste buds will thank you.

Watch my Food Wars: Healthy Sauces vs. Unhealthy Sauces video below:

If I want you to take one thing away from the above video, it is this…

Look at the ingredients. If you see all natural ingredients, you’re safe. If you see sugar, vegetable oils, and/or “sciencey” words that you can’t pronouce…stay away!


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6 responses to “Food Wars: Healthy Sauces vs. Unhealthy Sauces

  1. Brad,
    I’m Asian. So what about Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce?
    I can’t belive you didn’t had it on your list … LOL

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