The Perfect Refrigerator #LLTV


Stock Your Fridge With These Fat Loss Foods

Live Lean Nation, earlier this week I shared with you a full day of eating in my episode called Muscle Meals That Will Chisel Your Body. On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re sticking with nutrition, but this time I’m taking you inside the perfect refrigerator. That’s right, so go put on a coat, and get ready to take some notes because I’m going to show you all the fat loss and muscle building foods you should be keeping in your fridge. I’m also sharing quite a few “nutrition hacks” that will help you live lean faster and get your nutrition game on par.

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Questions For You:

– What is the #1 staple food you always have in your refrigerator?

– Do you prepare your meals in bulk?

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0 responses to “The Perfect Refrigerator #LLTV

  1. It’s hard with family because they want to open refrig. and see pie! I’ve
    been cooking meat ahead, cutting up putting in small glass dishes and
    freezing. Then I can just grab and take to work.

  2. You have great videos and a wealth of knowledge, thanks for sharing. Ur
    videos keep me in check. Thank u

  3. Hey Brad, how long does the meat lasts in the refrigerator?
    and the sliced carrots and pepper?

    Do you use a microwave to heat the precooked meat?
    Or do you prefer starting cooking the carrots and pepper and mix with the
    pre cooked meat later?

  4. Hey Brad, love your fridge, where did you buy your containers in your
    fridge because they are awesome looking?

  5. This might be a silly question but when You cut for example the green
    pepper or onion do You wash it before putting it into bags and to the
    refrigerator or after you take it out, just before You use it? And if You
    do it before, do You have to wait until it’s dry to put it in the

  6. Love how you advised to eat the whole eggs. What type of green superfood is
    that though? Green Vibrance?

  7. I wonder what you’d say if you looked in my fridge! People always open my
    fridge and they say, “omg you have the most BORING fridge ever!!!!” AH AH

  8. So Brad you don’t think there is anything inherently advantageous or
    healthy about a strict vegetarian diet?

  9. I’m curious as to why you keep your pro-biotics in the fridge? Is it just
    that the particular brand you take require refrigeration?

  10. I love the cook in bulk idea. I usually spend a couple of hours twice a
    week making stir fry for the next couple of days.
    As a friend once told me – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

  11. You are straight to the point. I keep a kind of yoghurt cheese in my
    fridge. 500g has 350 cal and 60g protein, furthermore it is natural.

  12. so when you cook you cook for 2 service, do you let them cool or you just
    cover it right away after being cook?

  13. You are the first trainer/health enthusiast that has broken through to me.
    I like your presence on video dude. I happened upon you by accident too
    (clicked the wrong video and saw yours under suggested video: Paleo review)
    I got some work ahead of me but you definitely inspire and get me pumped.
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Brad why don’t try to use a quail eggs? you can drink em easily
    + they have much more vitamins
    – Rob

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