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5 Healthy Ways To Eat Steak Without Ruining Your Diet

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Follow These 5 Simple Diet Saving Tips When Eating Steak

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 healthy ways to eat steak without ruining your diet.

What if I told you that eating steak can help you build muscle, burn fat, and ultimately help you Live Lean?

Yes it’s true, but to enjoy that steak and Live Lean, you have to follow these 5 simple diet saving tips.

Damn that’s good.

Many people in life have been wrongly accused of being bad.

For example:

  • Harrison Ford in “The Fugitive”
  • Tim Robbins in “The Shawshank Redemption”
  • Even Roger Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

One of the foods that gets wrongfully accused most often, is steak.

Steak is delicious, it’s satiating, and it can help you with your goals of burning fat and building muscle, when you follow these 5 steak eating survival tips.

5 Healthy Ways To Eat Steak Without Ruining Your Diet

Here are 5 healthy ways to eat steak without ruining your diet.

#1. Buy The Right Type Of Steak

Grass Fed Beef - Fitness Super Food #6

I’m referring to grass fed beef, rather than grain fed beef.

Grass fed cows are fed a diet of food that nature intended them to eat, grass.

This makes grass fed beef a much healthier option.

Conventional grain fed cows are raised on an unnatural diet of cheap and fattening corn, soy, and wheat.

This unnatural diet increases the inflammation causing omega 6 fat in the beef.

Grass fed beef contains a much higher dose of:

These added health benefits make grass fed beef a much healthier option than conventional beef.

Plus, it also tastes way better.

Fortunately, more and more options for grass fed beef are showing up in grocery stores and at the steakhouse.

It’s worth it.

#2. Buy The Right Cut Of Steak

Now that you know you should be buying grass fed beef, it’s also important to buy the right cut of steak.

I’m often asked, what’s the leanest cut of steak?

Well if it’s labelled “Prime”, this means it’ll contain a lot of marble, which simply means fat.

When the steak contains more fat, it usually means the calories per ounce will be higher.

For instance, a fatty ribeye or porterhouse will be a much higher calorie cut of steak.

If you’re worried about adding extra calories to your diet, stick with the following lean cuts of beef:

  • sirloin steak
  • round steak
  • flank steak
  • strip steak

However, if you’re looking to gain weight or have accounted for those extra calories, feel free to stick to a one of those fattier cuts of steak.

#3. Portion Control

When it comes to portion control, 6-8 ounces of steak is enough.

A 6-8 ounce cut of a leaner steak, like the ones mentioned earlier, will give you approximately 30-40 grams of protein, and will probably end up under 500 calories.

That’s the money spot.

#4. Don’t Cover The Steak With Fattening Sauces

Healthy Cooking With Herbs Spices And Other Seasonings

Calorie free natural herbs, spices, and seasonings, such as black pepper and sea salt, go a long way in making a steak taste delicious.

Season your steak with that, instead of fattening sauces such as BBQ sauce, gravy, or béarnaise sauce.

#5. Avoid Adding Belly Busting Appetizers And Side Dishes

Stick with a side salad filled with colorful vegetables, and an olive oil and vinegar based salad dressing.

The BEST 3 Salad Dressings

The protein and healthy fat in the steak is very satiating, so this should be enough to keep you full.

However, if you had a tough workout before this meal, add in a small baked sweet potato, topped with cinnamon, salt, and pepper.

Just make sure you avoid appetizers and side dishes such as:

  • processed french fries
  • potato skins
  • big ass potato filled with butter, sour cream, or cheese

Depending on the toppings, a big ass potato alone can add over 500 calories to your dish.

Bottom Line On The 5 Healthy Ways To Eat Steak Without Ruining Your Diet

There you go Live Lean Nation.

You can still enjoy eating steak, while making your gains.

Just make sure you follow these 5 healthy ways to eat steak without ruining your diet.

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In the comment section below, let me know how many times do you eat red meat a week?

I’ll post my answer below as well.


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Questions Of The Day:

  • How many times do you eat red meat a week?
  • What is your favorite cut of steak?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. This will keep you from taking enhancements that have destructive fixings. You’ll likely locate that regular improvements are the best male upgrade pills as of now accessible in light of their adequacy and their lesser negative consequences for the body.

  2. The only steaks we eat are deer/elk/pronghorn that my partner hunts, and that’s maybe 2x/month. Sometimes the elk steaks need a marinade or sauce, but there are some really healthy ones you can make with mustard, an acid and an oil. We eat a lot of chicken, fish, and ground turkey.

  3. Not much but I do love a bison burger salad sometimes. mostly chicken,
    turkey, and sometimes bacon and thin pork chops.

  4. I loved this one. It validated my choice of steak. I am sirloin all the
    way. I had stopped red meat for the most part a couple of years ago. Then
    I found Brad and started adding red meat back into my diet 1-2 times a
    week. Imagine that, no weight gain. Your rock man. Thanks for the vid.

  5. the only topping I use now is organic mustard! Trying to get my turmeric
    in. I toss it on veggies, beef, chicken, eggs etc.

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