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The Solution To Your Nutrition Problems

Eat quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious meals without being a slave to the kitchen

Hey it’s Brad.

In the last post, Jess shared an embarrassing story about how her diet used to suck.

I can totally relate to her story.

When I first started, my diet was also filled with boring and bland, low calorie foods, that did not satisfy my hunger, nor help me obtain my goal of Living Lean, 365 days a year.

I found I was spending more time in the kitchen counting every calorie, and cooking every single individual meal, rather than hanging out with friends and living life.

Once I learned that that food was my friend and not my enemy…my life changed!

The goal with your diet is to fuel your body with the essential nutrients in the right amounts.

By doing this, you create hormonal reactions in your body, to build lean muscle and burn stored fat for sustained energy, throughout the day.

The goal of your diet is NOT to starve yourself

When you deprive your body of food, you throw your hormonal processes out of whack and essentially screw up your metabolism.

By eating the delicious high protein and healthy fat meals that we have prepared for you, you’ll be turning on your body’s fat burning switch and start burning stored fat for energy, not sugar.

Here’s a sample of grocery list

On page 19 of your Ultimate Live Lean Starter Guide, you’ll find this grocery list.

Take this grocery list to the store with you to get all the ingredients you need for the month.

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Here’s a sample of 30 day meal plan

On page 18 of your Ultimate Live Lean Starter Guide, you’ll find this 30 day meal plan, with clickable links to the step-by-step cooking video lesson, for each recipe.

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Simply follow this 30 day weekly meal plan and you’ll never have to count another calorie again.

Nutrition tips for success:

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By following our meal plans and recipes, not only will you feel full, your taste buds will feel satisfied as each meal is quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious!

Enjoy my friend!

Click here to get ongoing 30 day meal plans and grocery lists just like this, every single week. You’ll also get access to all our step-by-step delicious video cooking lessons. Say goodbye to your boring diet forever!

In tomorrow’s post, we’re going to prove that our training and nutrition programs will work for you (just like they’ve helped thousands of others)!

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