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Inside our app, Brad and Jess will coach you to build a lean, strong, and athletic physique using a variety of gym and home workout options including: resistance training, bodyweight, HIIT, cardio, yoga, mobility.

You’ll also get access to over 1,000 other fitness creator’s workouts and classes from all over the world.



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Real people, with real lives, getting real and sustainable results with us!

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No matter where you currently are in your journey, we have an effective workout program to get you amazing results.

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Jessica Gouthro

As a mother of 2 young kids, I promise to provide you with the best home and gym workouts to build and maintain your Live Lean body for ever.

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Brad Gouthro

As a dad of 2 young kids, I help men Live Lean 365 days a year, without all the BS. Train with me in the gym or at home with no equipment.

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The workout app allows you to access all our results based home and gym workout programs, including Formula X, Afterburn, Formula For Women, MASS, Tone @Home, Refresh 30, Live Lean Abs, Team Live Lean workout of the day, and over 50,000 workouts from other trainers that have helped thousands of people transform their lives.

You’ll have access to a wide variety of gym workouts with exercise video demonstrations, as well as no equipment follow along workout videos to guide you through the workout.

Stream all of these beginner to advanced transformation workouts instantly, from any of your devices, at any time.

In addition to the workouts, you will also receive nutrition guidelines, community support, and accessible coaching from your workout program trainer.

Make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network on both the casting device and your phone, and you’ve set up the device as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re not able to connect, please contact, to resolve the issue. Make sure to include information about the brand and version of your TV stick or Smart TV.

Of course you can. If you need help, we are always here for you. You can message us directly in the app with any questions, feedback, or to simply share your success story with us.

Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced, we have workouts that can help you stay committed to your fitness goals. All of our workouts include easy to follow videos and simple written instructions. This ensures you will be able to complete every exercise safely and effectively.

We offer a wide variety of workouts for the gym and workouts at home that require no equipment. We also have dumbbell only workouts that can be done at home. Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you get fit and lean.

You can download and try our workout app for FREE for the first 7 days. After that, pay either $14.99 a month or save 44% off by joining for $99.99 a year. That’s only $0.27 a day to Live Lean with us.