Live Lean Formula For Women

Discover the Unique Workout style to get a lean, toned Fitness Model Body and Maintain it FOREVER

With Formula For Women!

  • 12 Weeks of Workouts
  • Easy to Follow Training Schedule
  • Non-Boring Cardio
  • Less than 50 minutes per day
  • Nutrition to stay lean for life!

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Tired of ENDLESS cardio and BORING gym workouts?

Discover my quick and effective workouts that will get you lean and help you stay lean, FOREVER!


It’s Jessica Gouthro from Live Lean TV.

I’ve been a fitness trainer to women for over 12 years.

I understand what women want and need from a fitness program.

We women are TIRED of boring workouts and endless hours on cardio machines.

We’re tired of not seeing results from our hard work and “clean eating”


That’s why I designed a workout and nutrition program that is actually FUN to follow and actually gets RESULTS


The SOLUTION to getting Lean and Staying that way FOREVER!

Strategically Designed Fat Loss Workouts

Have you ever walked into the gym without a plan and ended up with a lame┬áboring and ineffective workout? Say goodbye to those days. With Formula for Women you’ll have a plan, and each time you visit the gym you’ll know exactly what to do, following exercises that are strategically aligned with your fat loss goal.

The Right Type of Cardio for Fat Loss

Cardio is an essential part of losing fat and getting lean… but you might have been doing the wrong type!

Formula for Women will teach you the right kind of cardio and getting you results in just minutes a day, not hours.

The kind of cardio I do leaves you feeling energized, not drained.

Nutrition Help

Confused on what you should be eating?

Take the guesswork out and follow the Formula for Women meal plan. You’ll get 7 Days worth of tasty meals that are live lean approved!

This plan makes fat loss nutrition incredibly simple for you

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

Was $67 Now Only $47

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Here's What You're Getting When You Invest In Live Lean Formula for Women

Program Guide

Complete instructions on how to follow this program, a workout schedule calendar, and tips and tricks to get best results.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the program I'll have you working on basic conditioning, following fun to do circuit training workouts that will have you sweating and enjoying your time in the gym or at home with dumbbells

Phase 2

Phase 2 is all about getting you stronger. You'll be learning a new training style with
"Pyramid Sets" that will have you feeling like super woman with new found strength.

Phase 3

Finish of your Formula with the right combo for YOU. Phase 3 is all about choosing your training style based on the results you've seen so far and what your body needs to look and feel it's best. You choose between continued fat loss or muscle building, or create a combo to get the best of both.


Your nutrition is critical to getting the right results. Find out what I eat and recommend for getting and staying lean for life! No crash diets here, just really healthy nutrition to get you lean and keep you that way for life!

Video Demos of all Workouts

Not sure how to do the workouts or exercises? No problem. Watch the videos before you start to learn proper form and flow of the workouts, I even show you the warm up and cool down in real time so you can follow my lead.

These Women have done it! Now it's your turn

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

Was $67 Now Only $47

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