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Awaken The Abs Within

Uncover the 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat And Keep It Off FOREVER!

Destroy Your Belly Fat
& Awaken Your Abs... FOREVER!

  • Uncover The Nutrition Secrets
  • Discover The Exact Workouts
  • Maintain Your Abs FOREVER

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Get “Lean & Ripped” and Stay that way FOREVER… Without starving yourself or spending hours at the gym

WARNING: By following the Awaken the Abs Within program you will get ripped with 6 pack abs and WILL:

  • Need to buy better fitting clothes.
  • Get more attention from guys and girls.
  • Feel a weird sensation called… ENERGY!

“Only people with good genetics can get ripped, have a 6 pack, and maintain in all year long.”


“The best way to lose belly fat and get abs is doing hours of boring cardio, completing 1000s of back breaking crunches every day, and following low calorie starvation diets.”


As a Live Leaner, we don’t promote or recommend fads. None of that works, and more importantly, none of that is sustainable over the long-term.

Awaken The Abs Within IS NOT A Fad Diet Workout Program.

This Program DOES Provide You A Plan For A SUSTAINABLE Lifestyle.

Coach Brad & Jessica Gouthro

After lots of trial and error and over a year of perfecting this system and writing this program:

We’ve finally packaged our best 7 secrets into a program that anyone can use to lose belly fat and get and maintain a 6 pack… for life.

As you can see from Brad’s photos below, HE’S LIVING PROOF THAT THIS PROGRAM WORKS.

He wasn’t blessed with fitness model genetics.

Brad was too embarrassed to ever have a picture taken with my shirt off. However, we promise you, there were no six pack abs under this baggy shirt!


It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl. These 7 secrets will help you get six pack abs, lose belly fat, and get you the flat stomach you’ve always wanted!

The Correct Ways To Get A Flat Stomach And 6 Pack Abs

1. Understanding How and Why Body Fat Accumulates

In the program we go into detail why combining a low calorie diet and EXCESSIVE cardio is NOT the most effective way to lose belly fat!

2. Controlling Your Body’s Hormones

Your hormones play a major role in creating a FAT BURNING or FAT STORING hormonal and enzymatic response in the body. We show you easy ways to make sure you are making the right choices that can actually manipulate and make these powerful fat burning hormones work in your favor.

3. TQT Principle To Nutrition Planning

This the grand daddy of them all. Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Your diet is responsible for 80% of your results when it comes to having a lean body. To properly burn body fat and build muscle, your body requires the right TYPES of food, the right QUANTITY of foods, eaten at the right TIMES.

We’ll show you how to create your own sustainable meal plan that doesn’t starve you and doesn’t make you continuously eat the same boring foods over and over again.

4. Boost Your Metabolism For Life

We reveal the secrets to help speed up your metabolism. When I tell people about page #91 they usually look at me like I’m crazy.

5. Detox Your Body For Fat Loss

When you’re body is in a toxic state, it can’t efficiently metabolise and burn stored fat for energy. On page 93 I show you the 5 categories of things that cause toxicity in the body as well as simple ways to detoxify your body.

6. The Power of Belief for Fat Loss

This may be the most important thing when it comes to accomplishing anything in life. If you think you can’t, then you’ve already failed. We share very simple and fun ways to deal with this issue.

7. Specific Workouts and Unique Ab Training Techniques and Exercises

You may think in order to get six pack abs you have to do 1000s of crunches every day and countless hours of cardio. WRONG! Although we do recommend some cardio, the majority of the cardio programs I designed for you on page 105 take no more than 20 minutes.

You’ll also get 30 weeks of beginner to advanced fat loss workouts guaranteed to get you results. Even if you aren’t a member at a gym, the beginner workouts require NO equipment. If you’re more experienced, skip to the more advanced workouts and hit the weights at the gym.

We also provide you with our secret abs specific workout program that is designed to get you six pack abs.


How Brad’s Physique Changed After Following The 7 Secrets

In this before and after picture, Brad had actually been training for a few years (although he was doing the WRONG KIND OF TRAINING AND DIET). This after picture is the results of following the RIGHT KIND OF TRAINING AND DIET.

It's Time to Take Action and Awaken the Abs Within

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Here's What You Get When You Invest In Awaken The Abs Today...

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Component #1: The E-Book

The e-book covers all 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat including:
1. How and why fat stores in your body including the 3 biggest fat loss misconceptions exposed.
2. How to manipulate your hormones to turn your body into a FAT BURNING machine.
3. A full 7 day meal plan with over 40 meals.
4. A list of APPROVED protein, carb, and fat sources that will help you burn fat and build lean muscle.
5. Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own customized meal plan including secret formulas to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) based on your personal characteristics and lifestyle habits.
6. In-depth discussion on my self-designed TQT Eating Philosophy which entails how to eat the RIGHT TYPES of food, in the RIGHT QUANTITIES, at the RIGHT TIMES.
7. Tips on how to boost your metabolism for life.
8. How to detox your body for FAT LOSS.
9. How to train your brain to overcome your eating habits and fears.

Component #2: Workout Program Sheets

We’ve made it easy for you to be prepared for your resistance training workouts. Simply add the workout program sheets to your mobile device and access them during your workouts. This way you’ll know exactly what exercises you need to be doing while you’re at the gym or at home.

Component #3: Abs Workout Program Sheets

We’ve made it easy for you to be prepared for your abdominal training sessions. Simply add the workout program sheets to your mobile device and access them during your workouts. This way you’ll know exactly what exercises you need to be doing while you’re at the gym or at home.

Component #4: Cardio Workout Program Sheets

We’ve made it easy for you to be prepared for your cardio sessions. Simply add the cardio program sheets to your mobile device and access them during your workouts. This way you’ll know exactly what you need to be doing while you’re at the gym or at home.

Component #5: Before and After Progress Report

Don’t make this mistake. Take BEFORE pictures as you will be shocked how much your body changes. We promise, once you implement these secrets into your lifestyle, you'll need proof to show everyone how far you’ve come in your body transformation. In this report, you can include your before pictures and all of your stats and measurements.

Component #6: Exercise Database

This program is made up of numerous exercise that you may and may not know. Therefore, we’ve included pictures and descriptions of how to perform each exercise. Proper form is key for safety and maximum performance.

Component #7: Supplement Guide

As the name implies, supplements are meant to supplement a healthy diet. Therefore, we only recommend a few key supplements that many of today’s diets lack. These recommended supplements are not mandatory but they will help improve your results.

Component #8: Pre-Program Checklist

Preparation is key to success. Fail to plan then you plan to fail. In this checklist, I outline all the things you should complete and have ready prior to starting your new journey to get six pack abs and a flat stomach.


1. Can females use this program or is it just for males?

This program is designed for both females and males. The workout portion of the program includes the best exercises to burn calories, increase your metabolism, and enhance your fat burning hormones. These exercises do just that regardless if you are a female or male. One of the reasons females tend to struggle with losing fat is they shy away from doing exercises that actually create an increased metabolic rate and spike in fat burning hormones in the body. Too often females waste too much time doing long duration cardio (and lifting weights that are way too light), when they would be getting much better results doing the workouts covered in this program. One other thing ladies, by following this program I promise you WILL NOT “bulk up” and become too “muscle-y”.

2. Will I build muscle on this program or will I just burn fat?

By completing this program you will notice a gain in muscle mass, however the focus of this program is designed around getting a lean flat stomach and six pack abs. To build A LOT of muscle your body needs to have a caloric surplus. This means you eat more calories than you burn. However, as mentioned earlier, the focus of this program is to burn belly fat and reveal a flat stomach and six pack abs. Burning fat requires the body has a caloric deficit, meaning you burn more calories than you take in. You could modify the meal plan portion of the program if you are looking to add significantly more muscle.

3. Is this a full body workout program or does it just focus on abdominal workouts?

This program includes 30 weeks of full body workouts including exercise photos and descriptions. It also includes 10 levels of abdominal workouts. As mentioned in the program, you will get the most results from focusing your energy on completing the full body workouts. These workouts are designed using strategic exercise combinations and sequences to create a spike in your metabolism (to burn more calories) and enhance a fat burning hormonal response in the body. This is much more beneficial to getting a flat stomach and six pack abs than focusing on direct abdominal training. 10 levels of specific abdominal exercise programs are included, but they are the least important factor compared to all the other secrets covered in the program.

4. I’m just a beginner to exercise and am currently obese. Is this program to advanced for me?

This program has 30 weeks of workout programs designed for beginners in the early weeks and more advanced exercisers in the mid to late weeks. The workout programs are designed with progression in mind so anyone (male, female, young, old, beginner, advanced) can start at week 1 and work there way up to the more intermediate levels in the following weeks. Anyone can do all the exercises in this program. You may just need to use lighter weight. Even if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of the exercises, the nutrition strategies alone are well worth the cost of the book as this is where most people struggle and get it wrong. Once you start to lose body fat by following the nutrition strategies, you’ll then feel more confident going to the gym and working out. I promise!

5. I’ve been going to the gym for years but am looking for a new workout program. Is this program going to challenge me?

As mentioned in the last answer, there are 30 weeks of workouts that range from more beginner workouts in the earlier weeks to more advanced workouts in the mid-late weeks. I promise you, regardless of what your current fitness level is, you will be challenged and you will see results. Also, don’t forget about all the valuable nutrition strategies you’ll get with this program. The nutrition strategies are the real golden nugget for most people.

6. I just turned 16 but my mother thinks I’m still too young to workout. Can young people safely use this program?

People of any age no matter how young or old, can benefit from this program. If you’re 15 or younger you may want to stick to the nutrition portion of the program and the first few weeks of the workout program that focuses on bodyweight exercises. The bodyweight exercises found in the first few weeks of the program are a great start for anyone 15 or younger (I don’t recommend people 15 or younger lift heavy weights). I wish I had all the nutrition information covered in this program when I was just 15. It would have saved me years of frustration with trying to figure out how to get results. Remember “abs are made in the kitchen”. The nutrition program alone is worth the price of the program for any young or older person.

7. I don’t have a gym membership. Can I still do the workouts?

You can do a lot of the exercises in the comfort of your own home and still get good results. If you get creative, you could even do them all. However, for maximum results, it would be beneficial to have access to dumbbells, barbells, and cable machines so you can continuously progress with your lifts. If you don’t want to go to the gym, the first few weeks contain mostly bodyweight exercises that can be done at home and you could also pick up some inexpensive adjustable dumbbells such as Powerblock dumbbells, a stability ball, and medicine ball (click the links to get these products on sale). If you want to save money by skipping a gym membership, these inexpensive items can help you get in a good workout while still improving your lifts.

8. Is this just a workout program or does it include give any nutrition advice or meal plans?

I truly believe getting a flat stomach and six pack abs is 80% diet and 20% training. That is why I dedicate such a large percentage of this book nutrition and diet. Your diet is the most important aspect of losing fat. The nutrition portion of the program provides a sample weekly meal plan and clearly tells you how to customize your own meal plan based on your specific body type and lifestyle requirements. I also outline my self-created TQT principle to nutrition planning. This principle takes away all the confusion and simply outlines how to eat the right types of protein/carbs/fats, in the right quantities, at the right times. You’ll also learn about how nutrition affects your hormones and which foods create a fat burning or fat storing environment in the body. You’ll be surprised how much of the right types of food you should actually be eating. You won’t starve on this diet as the diet is for the long-term, it’s a lifestyle, not a short-term fad diet.

9. Does your nutrition advice apply to vegetarians as well?

Yes, you can still follow the nutrition strategies outlined in the program even if you don’t eat meat. You’ll just need to focus your attention on adding the other non-animal sources of protein to your meal plan.

10. Will I need to spend a lot of time in the gym doing cardio in order to follow your program? What about the workouts?

The weight lifting workout programs usually last between 45-60 minutes, 3-4 days per week. The HIIT cardio workouts only last 20 minutes.

11. I understand I’m buying a downloadable e-book. How do I download it and is it viewable on my iPad?

By purchasing an e-book, you instantly get access to the product and save on shipping costs. It’s quick and very easy to download the entire program to your computer after you purchase it (it only takes a few seconds to download). Once you download the ebook to your computer, you can save the pdf file to a directory. You can then open it to read it on your computer, or you can print it out to bring with you to read anywhere. You can also view it on your iPad and most other e-readers. Here’s an image of the program downloaded on my ipad:

The program file comes is downloaded in .pdf format. You can open this file with Adobe Reader. You probably already have Adobe Reader on your computer as it comes installed on most computers. However, if you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it to your computer for free here:

12. I’m not from the US so can I still buy it? Is the price in US dollars?

It doesn’t matter what country you live in. We process orders of Awaken The Abs Within from anywhere in the world. Yes the price listed is in US dollars but the secure credit card processing company will simply convert the price into your country’s currency.


Live Lean Success Stories

It's Time to Take Action and Awaken the Abs Within

Now Only $39

Order Now all major credit cards accepted

secure 100% Secure Checkout

PLEASE NOTE: This program is an instant download. This is GREAT NEWS, as it means you will get access to the program instantly with no waiting and no shipping costs. Once again, no physical products will be shipped. An automatic e-mail with a link will be sent to you immediately following payment. This link will get you INSTANT ACCESS to download the the program to your computer.

Please read this obvious disclaimer: According to the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. This program is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or short-term fad. If you are committed and implement the teachings into your everyday lifestyle, you are setting yourself up to see results. Unfortunately reality shows that most people never take action on the programs they buy, thus they don’t get results. We provide the framework, but ultimately it is up to you to execute and do the work.