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Formula X

Fastest and Most Effective Workouts to get Lean, Toned Results in EXpress Time!

With Formula X!

  • 6 Week Program
  • Home & Travel Friendly
  • 4 Sessions Per Week
  • 30-45 Min Sessions
  • Follow-Along 4 min Cardio Quickies
  • Delish & Simple Nutrition Guide!
  • One Payment - Lifetime Access

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Want to Lean Out Faster?

Meet my EXpress workouts that will lean you out and tone your whole body faster than ever!


It’s Jessica Gouthro from Live Lean TV.

As busy Mom’s, Wives, Students, Company owners and more, we just DO NOT have the time for an hour+ each day at the gym. Some days we can’t even make it to the gym at all.

I get it!


I’m in the same boat as you. I am a busy mom, wife, entrepreneur and all of the above too.

With kids, obligations, a business to run, and a never ending to-do list, it’s just not realistic to spend 7 to 14+ hours at the gym per week.

Your fitness shouldn’t feel like another part time job.

That’s exactly why I designed a training guide that is actually FUN to follow, takes only 30 to 45 minutes per session, only 4x per week,

…and actually gets you noticeable RESULTS!


The ANSWER to getting Lean and Toned 2x Faster!

EXPRESS Fat Loss Workouts


Most Women neglect cardio because…let’s face it… it’s dreadful!

But Cardio, when paired with Strength Training, is an absolute accelerator towards FAT LOSS.

With my little 4 minute “Cardio Quickies” built right in to your strength training workouts you’ll never have to do a separate cardio session!

Even your Warm ups and Cool downs are built right into the same page as your workout, so everything you need for each session is right there on one page. (Less time scrolling to find what you need!)

Simply click play and follow along with me as I lead you through the Warm ups, Cool downs, and Cardio Quickies, just like I’m there with you in-person.

I’ll also be guiding you through the weight training portions with images of each exercise that are clickable to quick 30 seconds or less coaching cue demo videos, so you can work at your own pace, doing each exercise with perfect form.

The Right Type of Cardio for your Fat Loss Goal


Cardio is an essential part of losing fat and getting lean… but you might have been doing it the wrong way!

Most women think long, slow, boring cardio is what’s needed to lose fat.

And it usually works in the beginning.

But…in the end it actually sets you up for even more fat gain.

Why bother with a 6 week program that’s just going to cause a bounce-back immediately after??

Formula X provides you with the right type & intensity cardio to promote stubborn fat loss and to teach your body to sustain it for life.

None of that long dreadful boring stuff that burns into your lean muscle tissue keeping you skinny fat.

This means we’re getting you results in just minutes a day, not hours.

(I’m serious about this minutes thing…I’m talking FOUR minutes or less per session).

The kind of cardio I guide you through leaves you feeling energized, not drained. It’s like winding you up like an energizer bunny!

Nutrition Help


But what about food?

It’s often said that results come 80% from what you’re eating and only 20% from your training.

It’s true! Most of us will eat food 3 to 5 times PER DAY, while our workouts only happen 3 to 5 times PER WEEK. So yes, food is going to be the most important factor in any transformation.

You’ll be guiding your results from your workouts by the nutritional choices you make at each meal time.

But I can help you take the guesswork out of it and follow the Formula X meal plan.

You’ll get 3 sample daily meal plans full of tasty meals that I recommend for optimal results. Mix and match your favorites using the meal plan template provided to create a meal plan PERFECT for you.

Simple Calorie and Macro guide also included to help you nail your nutrition goals.

I literally tell you exactly how much of which foods to eat to reach your calorie and macro targets. It couldn’t be simpler.

This plan makes fat loss nutrition incredibly simple for you.

It's Time to Get yourself on the EXPRESS track to Living Lean

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What You Get When You Invest In Formula X

Program Guide

Complete instructions on how to follow this program. Plus my best tips and tricks to maximize your results.


24 Unique Workouts to Follow. Never a repeat workout over the course of the 6 weeks.
Clickable demo videos for each exercise and clickable Follow-Along videos for every Warm Up, Cardio Quickie, and Cool Down.

Training Calendar

This schedule makes it easy for you to know when and how often you should be following these workouts. With only 4 quick workouts per week I know that even the busiest women can fit this into their schedules.

Nutrition Guide

What should you eat to get lean quick?
This guide lays it all out for you making your nutrition choices super simple.
Delicious recipes and a simple guide on how to portion size and hit your calorie and macro goals.

Cardio Quickies

In just 4 minutes per session you'll be crushing your cardio along side me - leaving your workout feeling energized instead of drained. These Quickies are short but super effective. Give it all you've got and concentrate on perfect form. No more sloppy slow boring cardio for you! This kind of cardio is going to change your life!

BONUS! Supplement Guide

Supplements can be so confusing!
How are you supposed to know what to take, what actually works and what is just a waste of money?
This guide will simplify everything for you so you feel confident with your choices.

Bonus! Anti-Cellulite Guide

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those pesky lumps and dimples on the back of the bum and thighs? I'll tell you how! I've got 5 simple steps that will erase your cellulite for good.

Video Coaching Demos of all Exercises

Not sure how to do the exercises? Theres a quick and simple fix for that! Click on the image of the exercise learn proper form and flow of the exercise in 30 seconds or less with the coaching demo video

How Is This Different from Live Lean Formula for Women?

These Women have done it! You can too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ideally a full set of dumbbells would be the best (sizes ranging from 3 to 50lbs), which would give you the most flexibility to choose weights appropriate for the workout and/or exercise. This is easy if you are a member of a gym that already has them. If you are training from home I suggest purchasing 3 different sizes, light, medium and heavy, based on what feels light medium and heavy for you.

Most women will do great with 5’s, 8’s and 10’s. If you are more experienced/advanced I would suggest investing in 10’s, 15’s and 20’s, or using a fully loaded gym.

The main difference is that this program is newer! This one was created in 2018 versus my program Formula for Women that was created in 2015.

You’ll find updated/cleaner design, more efficient workouts, video links for everything, and more helpful details.

This is an express, high intensity, 6 week Fat Loss and Toning program and Formula for Women is a 12 week total body transformation plan.

Check out this chart comparison of the differences:

One time payment! once you buy Formula X you’ll own it. It’s yours for life and you can refer back to it at any time.

The program is still yours to keep. Enjoy your lean fit body and come back to this training guide whenever you want.

Yes! A complete nutrition guide is included, helping you figure out your calories, macros, meal plan and yummy recipes.

I want you to be the next to transform.

I want you to have the best body of your life and achieve it faster than ever.

Hire me as your Trainer for the next 6 weeks!

I’ll be by your side coaching you and guiding you every step of the way.

Can’t wait to see you inside.

xoxo -Jess

It's Time to Get yourself on the EXPRESS track to Living Lean

Now Only $67

Order Now all major credit cards accepted

secure 100% Secure Checkout