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Discover the Life Changing Program that will take you from the couch to Fit in only 6 Weeks!

Overcome Your Fear Of The Gym With The Perfect Beginner Weight Training Program

  • 18 Beginner Friendly Workouts
  • Step-by-Step Video Demos
  • Easy Nutrition and Meal Plan
  • Get Lean and Healthy Safely
  • Skip the Newbie Mistakes
  • One Payment - Lifetime Access

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93.67% of Newbies FAIL at the gym. Here’s the step-by-step blueprint to beat the odds and redefine your body over the next 6 weeks.

Imagine never having to…

  • Feel intimidated at the gym.
  • Be confused about what to do.
  • Suffer through boring workouts.
  • Get frustrated by the lack of results.
  • Or eat bland foods that you HATE.
Coach Brad & Jessica Gouthro

This might sound like we’re talking about some far-off dream world.

You might be thinking…“That sounds great, but let’s get back to the reality”.

Seriously, enjoying your journey to a healthy body is possible.

However, everything you’ve been taught about fitness has only led you to more frustration, exhaustion and skepticism.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly why…

Hey my friends, Brad and Jess here.

We’re excited you’re ready to get fit and do it right.

We’re ready to show you how

Beginners often waste too much time focusing on the wrong things. 

It’s only natural to make mistakes in the beginning of any journey.

Without guidance, you might accidentally form counterproductive habits.

This can easily lead to frustration, and feeling like you’re doing everything right, but not seeing results.

Although some exercise is better than no exercise, here’s where you’re getting it wrong:

“I need to do as much cardio as possible to get skinny.”


MORE cardio is NOT the answer to getting lean and healthy.

You’re about to discover a much faster and more effective approach to getting amazing, sustainable results.

Get ready to uncover the specific beginner weight training workouts and nutrition principles that will have you Living Lean in a matter of weeks.

You’ll love your workouts and your meal plan.

Achieving an amazing body is not just in your dreams… it’s completely in your near future.

Until now, you’ve never been taught how to Live Lean and stay lean forever.

These Live Lean strategies are not taught in media.

I’d be willing to bet, about 87% of the traditional fitness advice you’ve been given is just WRONG.

Fitness is not about gimmicks, quick fixes, or magic pills.

Fad diets, thermogenic weight-loss pills, and old-school long-duration cardio workouts will actually sabotage your efforts to get lean and healthy.

Deep down you already know this is true.

All you have to do is look around the cardio section at any typical gym.

The majority of fit people ARE NOT slaving away on the elliptical or treadmill machines while watching TV.

The most fit people are in the weight training area of the gym.

They’re mainly using dumbbells and barbells to do full body exercises that create a lean, fit, and toned, body.

But WAIT! 

Don’t just run over to the weight training floor if you are brand new to working out!


Going too “beastmode” in the beginning just puts you at a higher risk of injuring yourself and putting you on the sidelines for a long time.

These injuries put an early halt on all the positive momentum many people have in the beginning of their fitness journey.

Just one injury is all it takes to sour your attitude towards fitness forever.

A smarter and more effective approach to getting fit is by following a properly designed workout program that will have you:

  • Avoiding injuries
  • Making gainz (strength and muscle definition)
  • Losing fat
  • Revealing tone
  • Feeling confident
  • Seeing gradual, continual progress that encourages you to keep going

This all leads you towards a life-long fitness journey that is both sustainable AND enjoyable.


You arrive at the gym with high hopes and big expectations.

You see that other people in the gym have lean, defined, and toned bodies, and you think to yourself:

“This is why I need to go to the gym, I want to be lean, toned, and defined like them!”

So you head to the locker room to change into your gym wear.

You get all suited up and ready to crush a workout.

As you step out of the locker room, you immediately feel butterflies in your stomach, and think to yourself…

“What am I getting myself into?”

“Do I even belong here?”

Everyone else seems to know exactly:

  • what exercises to do
  • how much weight to use
  • which order to do the exercises in
  • how to safely perform the exercises
  • how many reps and sets to complete

They even seem to be enjoying their workouts.

You then think to yourself:

“I am nothing like these people.”

“How could they enjoy working out?”

“All I want is to lose this ugly fat, and do it as quick as possible, so I can get out of here.”

You then proceed to begin your workout.

Instead of looking like a fool, choosing the wrong weights, doing the wrong exercises, and probably pulling a muscle…

You head straight to the cardio machines where it’s safe and where you won’t get in anybody’s way.

You start your workout and feel good about yourself.

Your heart rate is cruising and you’re beginning to break a sweat.

“It’s working” you think to yourself.

Then you glance at the clock to check how long it’s been…

“4 minutes! Is that all?”

“OMG, how am I supposed to last a whole hour on this damn cardio machine?”

You push yourself.

You grind it out.

You distract your mind with a TV show.

Then you finally make it to 20 minutes before you give up.

You step off the machine and begin convincing yourself that it’s better than nothing.

You then head home feeling like an utterly defeated loser.

We’ve been there too my friend

Many people’s fitness journey starts out this way.

It’s actually the most common way to start.

But it doesn’t have to be your story.

Living Lean IS NOT about being tortured at the gym or being a slave to your diet.

Living Lean Newbie is a step-by-step program to help you:

  • Move your body effectively (not longer workouts, better quality workouts)
  • Eat food that naturally supports your body to get and stay lean forever
  • Enjoy your workouts so you actually want to do them.

If you are sick and tired of “doing everything right”, yet not seeing the results you deserve, it’s time for a change.

You’ve been lied to and what you have tried in the past isn’t right at all. It’s WRONG.

We cannot wait for you to discover our quick, simple, and easy to follow workouts that will change your fitness experience forever.

By the end of these initial 6 weeks it will become so obvious why the way you are currently working out has been sabotaging your goals.

So many “experts”, maybe even your out of shape doctor, has told you that you need more cardio – up to an hour per day in order to lose stubborn fat.

We’ll tell you right now, this is one BIG FAT LIE.

Too much cardio can actually have a reverse effect on your metabolism, causing you to store food as fat, instead of burning it off for energy.

Excessive cardio makes your cortisol (stress) levels rise thus leading to more uncontrollable hunger cravings.

This may actually train your body to become a fat-storing machine!

We want you to Live Lean for REAL!

We’re about to lead you on a journey into Living Lean that will:

  • Reduce your exercise time
  • Satisfy your desire for delicious food
  • Improve your results
  • And blow your mind

With Live Lean Newbie you get:

  • Fun beginner weight training workouts.
  • A workout schedule that builds in rest days.
  • Cardio that works way fast (we’re talking minutes).
  • Step-by-step exercise video demos (safe and effective).
  • A meal plan with the right types of food and quantities.

THE BENEFITS You'll get from Live Lean Newbie

Sustainable Fat Loss (While Keeping It Off FOREVER)

A lot of people quit fitness because they approach it the wrong way.

With Live Lean Newbie, you’ll do things right from the start, with a mindset that sets you up with long-term success.

This ensures you’ll create a healthy lifestyle to see REAL sustainable results.

We’re not just talking about temporary water weight loss that makes the scale number go down. You’re about to see actual weight loss from FAT, while building lean muscle.

The end result equals, a happier, leaner, and more confident you.

Head Turning Physique Change (Body Shaping and Toning)

With Live Lean Newbie, we’ll have you trying new workout styles that are fun!

Not the same slow and boring elliptical machine workouts that left you with a skinnier fat version of your same shape.

This time around you’ll be building true strength and lean sexy muscle that will help you sustain your lean body composition for the long term.

You’ll notice:

  • Your pants will be looser around the waist.
  • Your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs will all develop a nicer shape.
  • You’ll stand up nice and tall with a better posture and more confidence.
  • The belly fat and cellulite will SMOOTH OUT! Hallelujah!

Improved Self-Confidence

Need I say more?

Your level of confidence impacts everything in your life.

If you want to take charge of your future, be stronger emotionally, and be a healthy example for your family, it all starts with taking charge of your fitness.

With Live Lean Newbie you’ll improve your confidence, both in the gym and in life.

Other added benefits include:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better health (bye-bye doctor bills and medications)
  • Less aches and pains
  • Greater ability to keep up with your kids
  • That wow factor that turns heads and impresses everyone you know

Imagine the conversation when you see someone you haven’t seen in a while: “OMG, look at you! Have you lost weight? You’re so fit! You look incredible!”

It's Time to Take Action and Do Your Body Right

Now Only $67

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Here's Everything You Get When You Invest In The Live Lean Newbie Program Today...

Beginner Weight Loss 101: Cardio Or Weight Training?

Live Lean Newbie 6 Week Workout Program

With this training guide you'll never walk into the gym with that blank stare of not knowing what to do.

We take away all the guess work and tell you exactly what to do with every workout, so you can get the results you want.

You'll discover 6 weeks worth of brand new workouts (18 unique workouts you've never done before) that are not only fun and exciting to do, but they're also safe and designed at an appropriate level for beginners.

Every single exercise in the program is linked to a descriptive exercise demonstration video that will teach you the perfect form and important coaching cues to make sure you get the most out of every session.

Weight Training 101

Since you're new to weight training and may not be familiar with the lingo, we've developed a simple to follow guide called, Weight Training 101.

This guide explains, in easy to understand terms, how to maximize your results by following a workout program and how to understand terms like reps, sets, tempo, rest periods and more.

Not sure how much weight you should be lifting? We cover this, and so much more. Every question you might have is answered in here.

In just 10 minutes you'll learn more about weight lifting than 86% of the people you'll see in the gym.

Workout Schedule

Wondering how often you should workout?

Follow along with the workout schedule so you know which workout to do on which day, as well as when to take those well deserved rest days.

There's no guesswork for you here.

Simply program these workouts into your schedule, and let the magic happen.

Workout Log Sheets With Clickable Exercise Demo Videos

I’ve got you covered with these mobile friendly workout log sheets that can be added to your phone so you can follow along at the gym.

Each workout contains all the exercises, the reps, the sets, the tempos, the exercise order, the rest times, etc.

If any of these terms confuse you, don't worry, simply check out the Weight Training 101 guide for an easy to understand explanation.

Nutrition & Supplement Guide

The Live Lean Newbie Nutrition & Supplement Guide is crucial to getting you results.

Simply follow the instructions to ensure you’re feeding your body the proper amount of food to transform.

Have you ever tried supplements?

You might be overwhelmed with the amount of supplements out there and feel unsure as to which are right for you and your goals.

No worries, newb, we've got that covered too with our optional supplement list.

We've done all the planning and testing for you, now you just simply have to follow the plan.

Live Lean Success Stories


Q. What if I can’t afford it?

This entire program is less than the cost of one dinner out. You can afford it, but you’re just not making your health a priority. Think about it, if it was your priority, all you’d have to do is skip one dinner out, in your entire life. Just once. You got this.

Q.  I’ve tried a hundred programs and always quit, why would this one be any different?

This program is not just a program. You’ll also have accountability with our Facebook group of hundreds of other Live Leaners just like you. Once you know your deep motivation behind why you want to get fit, you’ll have no problem sticking to it. We all start off that way. Anytime you try something new, there’s a doubt that you will be able to stick with it. That’s why we designed this to be so simple and easy to follow. We know that you are brand new to following a training plan so we made it easy for you.

Q. What if I bulk up easily? I don’t want to get bulky.

You don’t get bulky from lifting weights. You get bulky spending 4 hours a day in the gym, taking illegal substances, and from eating more than your body can burn for energy. With our quick workouts and Live Lean Newbie nutrition guide, you’ll know exactly how much time to spend training and what types of foods to eat to chisel your sexy lean body without packing on an ounce of bulk.

Q. I don’t want to hurt myself

We show you step by step videos with coaching cues for every exercise. It will be just like having a trainer standing right beside you telling you how to correct your form. When your form is optimized you reduce the risk for injury and maximize your results.

Q. It might be too complicated for me, I’m not tech-savvy. Is there a non-digital version I can get?

The link to this program is delivered straight to your email after purchasing, you can open it on your computer, tablet, or phone, via a free app. We have thousands of self-proclaimed tech-dummies who have successfully purchased and downloaded our programs all over the world in over 180 countries. If they can do it, and our mothers can do it, I know you will be just fine! 🙂 

Q. Can both males and females use these programs?

Absolutely. These programs are excellent for any person looking to start Living Lean.

Q. What is a Live Lean Newbie?

We consider you a Newbie (someone new to weight training) if:

  • You have never lifted weights before, or have very little experience with lifting weights.
  • You have never followed a weight training workout program before.
  • You were active when you were younger but haven’t been for 5 or more years.

Q. How long is each workout?

Each workout varies in length, but if you stick to the indicated rest periods, they typically last for 45-50 minutes.

Q. Is this the only workout program I need to do?

Yes. There is plenty of variety of content in here to keep you motivated and get you results. Follow the schedule and you’ll have a great balance of getting leaner, stronger, and more healthy.

Q. Does it matter what time of day I do the workouts?

Any time of day that works for you is fine.

Q. Where do I do these Live Lean Newbie workouts?

We’re providing you with 18 unique gym workouts. Most workouts only require dumbbells and barbells, so if you have a home gym, you’ll also be able to do this workouts.

Q. What if I don’t have the equipment as indicated in the workout?

Although it’s recommended you invest a few bucks in a gym membership, if you do have access to dumbbells, you can do the majority of the workouts. You’ll also have access to ask us for exercise substitutions via our private Facebook Group. We have your back!

Q. I understand I’m buying a digital download. How do I download it and is it viewable on my iPad?

By purchasing a digital downloadable product, you instantly get access to the system and save on shipping costs. It’s quick and very easy to download the entire program to your computer after you purchase it (it only takes a few seconds to download). You can login to your account to read it on your computer, on your smart device like your smart phone or tablet, or you can go old school and print it out to bring with you to read anywhere.

Q. I’m not from the US so can I still buy it? Is the price in US dollars?

We process orders from the majority of countries in the world. Yes the price listed is in US dollars but the secure credit card processing company will simply convert the price into your country’s currency.

Q. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Since we’re so confident that this program will work for you, we’re putting a 30 day money back guarantee behind our offer. No hassles. No questions asked. Request a full refund, and you’ll get it quickly.

It's Time to take Action and Live Lean FOREVER!

Now Only $67

Order Now all major credit cards accepted

secure 100% Secure Checkout

PLEASE NOTE: This Program is made up of instant downloads. This is GREAT NEWS, as it means you will get access to the entire thing instantly with no waiting and no shipping costs. Once again, no physical products will be shipped. An automatic e-mail with a link will be sent to you immediately following payment. This link will get you INSTANT ACCESS to the program.

Please read this obvious disclaimer: According to the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. This program is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or short-term fad. If you are committed and implement the teachings into your everyday lifestyle, you are setting yourself up to see results. Unfortunately reality shows that most people never take action on the programs they buy, thus they don’t get results. We provide the framework, but ultimately it is up to you to execute and do the work.