Muscle Meals That Will Chisel Your Body #LLTV


Check Out The Type Of Meals I Eat In A Day

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I show you the type of meals I eat everyday including how quick and simple it is to cook them. These muscle meals are what our body’s were intended to consume. They’ll help build lean muscle and burn off your stubborn body fat.

Note: All the recipes below are from my Best-Selling Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook System. For over 200 Quick, Healthy, Easy, Affordable, & Delicious recipes, grocery lists, and access to an 8 week meal plan, go here to check it out: Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook System.

MEAL #1: Meat & Nuts Breakfast:


If you want more detail as to why the meat and nuts breakfast has been one of the greatest changes I’ve made to my diet over the year…go check out the video on did on it here: Meat & Nuts Breakfast.

Meat & Nuts Breakfast

Meal #2: Berry Protein Pancakes (pre-workout)


Berry Protein Pancakes

Meal #3: Banana Maple Post Workout Protein Shake


Banana Maple Post Workout Protein Shake

Meal #4: Fajita Chicken BIG ASS Salad w/ Sweet Potatoes


Fajita Chicken Big Ass Salad

Meal #5: Sun Dried Tomato Tuna Salad


Sun Dried Tomato Tuna Salad

Meal #6:


Mexican Style Eggs

Bottom line…

So there you have it. This is a typical meal plan of what I eat in a day. When you have a plan, a strategy, and the commitment to execute on it, you’ll be amazed at the transformation your body will go through. If you need help with your meal planning…


Click here to check out my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook for over 200 quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious meals that are high in protein, low in fattening carbs, and higher in these super fats. You can also get access to an 8 week meal plan, with recipes, and grocery lists to supercharge your results faster.

Live Lean Cookbook iPad

It’s amazing the tasty snacks and meals you can come up with, using ALL READ HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!

I pity those “dieters” ruining their sustainable chances of Living Lean by eating boring foods.



Leave a comment below to let me know the types of meals your typically eat throughout the day?

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0 responses to “Muscle Meals That Will Chisel Your Body #LLTV

  1. I am very very happy to discover this witbese. I needed in order to thanks to the period, as well as on this superb research We certainly valued every little bit of this kind of, as well as have already a person guide designated to check out brand new things.

  2. I’ve been trying to gain weight for over a year, I’ve tried increasing my
    calorie intake but for some reason I’m always around 135#, I eat about 130g
    of protein and about 100g of carbs a day. I don’t have any health
    problems, had some blood work done recently, everything seems fine. Help!

  3. Brad…great videos. I just discovered them. I am Primal/Paleo and also
    started practicing intermittent fasting. Im wondering if you practice
    fasting as well. Thank you in advance!

  4. hey, Brad congrats on the videos. Could you give ideas for pre workout
    meal? besides de morning scrambled eggs beef and nuts.

  5. I think videos about eating to have a healthy live should take things in
    consideration such as: prices of foods, prep time, dishes, ability to carry
    the foods to work/school, food durability etc. This video is just a very
    expensive way of eating, that requires alot of preparation(cutting
    vegetables/fruits in pieces etc.), time being home(you can’t take most food
    with you), and leaves you with a shitload of dishes in the end of the day.
    Might aswell eat @ subway 6 times every day with the same cost and results
    but with more ease. I am sorry to say this people, but this guy is selling
    you bullshit.

  6. > ? +Giino Ziito ? < *Thats what I like about that program* *is that it teaches me exactly how* *I can get the perfect shaped body* *using only healthy and balanced* *muscle development strategies* *without spending much money.*

  7. Lunch and dinner because my wife doesnt like leftovers and I like ot make a
    whole meal and there is always leftovers from breakfast.

  8. So it looks like a typical multi-small meal type of eating plan that still
    avoids the paradigm “bad fats” like butter, cheese, ground beef and pork
    (sausage/bacon). I don’t know how big Brad is, but at 230lbs I would find
    it very difficult eating the small portions he consumes. I would have liked
    to have seen his caloric intake on these meals or maybe just an over-all
    total of the calories and macros. My body burns approx. 3010 calories a day
    (I lift heavy 5 times a week and do ½ cardio on those days). I am on the
    Atkins diet plan and I eat high-fat, high-protein foods yet limit my net
    carbs to only 15-20 grams of carbs on a 2280 calorie per day diet. I’m not
    counted calories; this just happens to by how my menu turned out. My macro
    ratio % is 32/66/3 (protein,fat,carbs). My workout and cardio is always
    first thing in the morning, so breakfast is big. A 1/4 hamburger fried in
    bacon fat with a slice of bacon, 1 oz. of cheese & 1 tbls mayo along with a
    two whole egg cheese omelet (1oz). Then I have a string cheese and
    hardboiled egg for a snack, then a large green salad lettuce, cucumber, and
    tomato with 2 oz. chicken or carne asada with a slice of chopped bacon, a
    chopped whole egg, 1/8 cup shredded cheese and 2 tbls blue cheese dressing
    for lunch. Then another string cheese and hardboiled egg followed by a can
    of tuna, with a chopped hardboiled egg, and a tbls of mayo. Dinner is two
    roasted or fried chicken thighs and a snack of an Atkins indulge bar. My
    diet plan also allows for a 12 hour fast in between my first and last
    meals. However, outside of the Atkins bar I don’t really see what would
    not be “Paleo Friendly” about my diet. Moreover, my blood sugars have
    decreased significantly, I sleep better and no longer get tired, and I no
    longer have cravings for Oreo’s and Wavy Lay’s with Lawson’s chip dip! I
    still have the dip, but I have broccoli or cauliflower with it instead.
    This has helped to bring my triglycerides and cholesterol to normal levels
    as well. Blessings to you Brad and all your followers. 🙂

  9. hey bud great work you are doing!
    Dinner is usually is the hardest for me, after a full working day and
    heavy workouts (trx, running, boxing, weightlifting etc.)… I usually am
    at my hungriest point at this time.

    What are your thoughts on eating brown rice/buckwheat or even whole grain
    toast with meals similar to the ones you made in this video to fill me up?
    Along with low fat yogurt/ skim milk for a snack with a half scoop of whey
    I know your not big on grains/dairy but with an active lifestyle and
    calorie watching around the 2200-2600 mark (Im 5’11 155 pound male)… what
    would your thoughts be bro?

  10. Hi there. My life is really busy, and these meals look easy and yummy..what
    might help me prepare in advance…i cannot be inthe kitchen that many
    times during work hours, boss will not be pleased lol

  11. Hi there. My life is really busy, and these meals look easy and yummy..what
    might help me prepare in advance…i cannot be inthe kitchen that many
    times during work hours, boss will not be pleased lol

  12. Thank you SO much for this. I’m 55 years young and thanks to a paleo
    lifestyle, I NO LONGER need heartburn medicine. Additionally, I have a ton
    of energy and mental clarity. Plus, the COMMUNITY surrounding paleo has
    encouraged me to get back into the gym and lift. I’m as strong now, at 55,
    as I was at 40 … and I’m getting stronger. My health is fantastic. I’ll
    be sure to add your recipes to my cooking arsenal.

  13. what do you eat before your workout? carbs& protein or fats&protein
    what do you recomend? (i workout right in the morning, one and a half hour
    after my breakfast)

  14. Is this what you eat if you are lifting weights/working out? I am not
    working out yet…just starting out walking. So what would I eat?

  15. This all looks amazing! I became vegetarian 6 months ago and have been
    eating a whole lot like this, just minus the meat. My energy levels are
    waaay up! Your videos are truly inspiring! Thank you!

  16. Made that chicken salad, just not with avocado ( didn’t have any.) It was
    delicious! I’ve had it at least 3 times this week!

  17. Hey Brad! I’ve really enjoy your videos,They are really helpful, but i am
    having trouble finding time to cook, between work and school. Do you have
    any ideas or suggestion for me?

  18. Hey Brad! What the hell? I have failed miserably TWICE trying to make your
    pancakes! I had to add bananas to thicken it the first time. The second
    time I followed directions perfectly and my batter and pancakes did not
    look anything like yours! You cannot help but insist that you left 1 or
    more ingredient out! What is going on??

  19. So Brad, I’m at a weight loss phase. As my post work out snack I drink a
    whey protein shake of about 135 cals. Do u recommend I continue drinking my
    whey protein shake or should I switch over to a protein smoothie as shown
    in your video?

  20. Great video Brad!

    Question: how would one consume these foods if they worked out in the
    evening (between 7p-9p), were in bed by 11pm, and were up by 5 or 6am? I
    ask because I believe you’ve structured your eating routine around a
    mid-day workout, which doesn’t work out for me (no pun intended!). More or
    less concerned with consumption of fats and simple carbs.

  21. Great video Brad!

    Question: how would one consume these foods if they worked out in the
    evening (between 7p-9p), were in bed by 11pm, and were up by 5 or 6am? I
    ask because I believe you’ve structured your eating routine around a
    mid-day workout, which doesn’t work out for me (no pun intended!). More or
    less concerned with consumption of fats and simple carbs.

  22. OMG I definitely find it difficult to make a good lunch. I’m only 15 and I
    find that the school meals are not helping my progress and I never know
    what to make. Brad, please could you give some good healthy ideas of what
    to make for lunch for someone who is still at school or who wants to eat
    something which doesn’t have to be heated up and can be taken anywhere?? If
    you could I would appreciate it sooo much. Love your videos- thanks brah

  23. Can u make a video like that, but for vegetarian (lacto-ovo) people? With
    snacks, breakfast, luch, dinner, post and pre workouts? (Pleas, without
    suplements). Thanks. Very good video, congratulations =D

  24. How healthy is Coconut Oil? Isn’t it high in saturated fat? Can’t wait to
    try these at home now that I saw this video.

  25. Amazing! those recipes look so gooood!! I just have a question, as a girl,
    I store fat easier, do I have to change the diet according to my gender and
    mass? because I am not very muscular either and My goal is to get my fat
    percentage at 18%

  26. I find I tend to eat the same lean meals everyday with little variation, is
    this a bad thing? Should I be switching it up everyday?

  27. This is soo fucking beautiful, i’m gonna try this, oh yeahhh, very
    colorful!! I’m ashamed of my meals now.

  28. yum! great recipes! I love sneaking in some greens to my post workout
    shake; can’t even taste it!

  29. I need help preparing breakfasts for my son who won’t eat eggs. Also, all
    ideas for dinner are super helpful. Thanks, Brad! You’re awesome.

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