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Is The Ketogenic Diet Right For You?


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Who Would Benefit From Keto?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re discussing who would benefit from keto, in particular, is the ketogenic diet right for you?

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 020.

Here’s today’s viewer question:


lindawilmarth from Snapchat says:

What do you guys think about the ketogenic diet?

Is The Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

Brad: I’ve always spoken from experience, and I’ve never done a ketogenic diet before.

However, I really believe that if you are really obese or you’re very highly insulin resistant, the ketogenic diet could be a very good thing for you to try.

Insulin resistance typically means your insulin is always high, even when you first wake up in the morning, in a fasted state, before eating anything.

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Is The Ketogenic Diet Easy?


It’s going to be such a shock to your system because the ketogenic diet is very restrictive when it comes to consuming sugar.

The keto diet recommendation is typically under 50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Therefore, the calories in the keto diet come from foods really high in healthy fat and higher in protein, since there is little to no sugar.

Honestly, if you’re looking to lose weight and decrease insulin resistance, give the ketogenic diet a try.

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However, for me personally, I don’t need to be that restrictive, since I’m not obese, and I don’t struggle with insulin resistance.

Even though many fitness experts would say I’m still low carb, I can still add in a little bit more carbohydrates to my diet, rather than restricting it to under 50 grams per day.

Jess: How would a person know if they are insulin resistant?

I feel like this question will come up.

Brad: Yeah, to get the answer, you would have to go see your doctor, and they can get your blood work done.

However, if you’ve honestly tried everything…

Jess: Yes, we have to emphasize, “honestly tried everything”.

Brad: That’s my point.

Jess: Yes, you actually have to do things to completion.

For example, you can’t just go on a ketogenic diet for one day, and then come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work for you.

Brad: Yes, exactly.

Jess: You have to test it a little bit longer on yourself.

We usually recommend you give yourself at least a two week period of doing something different with your diet, before you conclude if it works or doesn’t work.

The word that comes to mind when I hear ketogenic diet is, short-term.

I don’t see anyone being able to sustain the keto diet long-term.

Are you never going to have a piece of birthday cake again?

Brad: No, I disagree, and this is what the problem is.

It doesn’t mean 100% of the time you have to follow the keto diet.


Jess: I guess so.

To be honest, we don’t follow any “diets”.

We show you what we eat and we know what works for us.

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Brad: We call it the Live Lean diet.

Jess: Yeah, but it’s not a “diet”.

You can’t even call it that because it doesn’t have a box of here’s what you do and don’t do.

It’s more flexible than that.

Brad: If you actually look at the definition of “diet”, it’s a way of eating.

Jess: Yeah I know.

However, the way the word “diet” has been perceived, I feel like it means a box that you stay in.

Brad: Yeah, for a short period of time.

Jess: Yeah.


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