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How to Make Keto Oreos

Follow along as I make this treat for Brad’s birthday!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a Keto Oreos recipe that I’m making with Cody for Daddy’s birthday treat.

This Homemade Oreo cookie has NO SUGAR but tastes so sweet and decadent

I found this recipe in this Keto Sweets Cookbook from Paleohacks

Using Keto recipes for sweets is a great way to indulge without the sugar.

If you have been craving sweets but wanting to avoid sugar, this recipe book will give you some amazing options.

Every recipe in this book is made Keto-friendly by using healthier ingredients and sugar substitutes.

We are not following a Keto diet, but we do enjoy a lot of the recipes.

You can find alternatives for all your classic favorite desserts, like ice cream, cookies, candies, and pies.

Each one is decadent, delicious, and made with health supporting ingredients.

Come bake some Keto Oreos with us

Cody (age 2.5) was my little helper in the kitchen today.

He loves watching mommy and playing chef in the kitchen.

Watch this video to learn the ingredients and steps:

Your first step is to measure out all the ingredients you’ll need for the cookies.

Follow this list:

Combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl to form the chocolate dough

Mold it into a log using plastic wrap.

Chill the dough in the freezer for 20 minutes so it can set firm.

Meanwhile, make the Vanilla Buttercream Frosting from page 55

Set the frosting aside and resume working on the cookies.

Remove the dough from the freezer and slice the log into 20 thin round cookie shapes.

Bake the cookies for 12 minutes at 350F.

Then allow them to cool for another 10 minutes.

Once cooled, spoon a bit of frosting onto one cookie.

Use another cookie to sandwich them together.

Repeat 9 more times to create the 10 Oreos.

Nutrition facts:

Serving Size = 2 sandwich cookies from a yield of 10

Calories per serving = 266

5g Protein | 3g Carbs | 26g Fats

Enjoy in moderation. – which is easy to do when there’s no sugar!

You’ll be amazed at how satisfying these cookies are compared to sugary cookies.

If you love this kind of recipe and you want more no sugar treats…

You’ll love this Paleohacks Keto Sweets recipe book:

Here is the link to get this book:

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