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Healthy Cooking With Herbs Spices And Other Seasonings

Healthy vs unhealthy ingredients in herbs spices and seasonings

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m comparing healthy vs unhealthy ingredients when cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings.

That’s right, on this edition of Food Wars, we’re getting spicy.

I’m revealing the top key secret, to eating clean and Living Lean all year round, while still giving your tastebuds exactly what they’re looking for.

Let me keep it real.

Eating clean to get results, does not mean you have to eat boring, bland food.

By cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings, we can add natural flavors, antioxidants, and many other fat burning health benefits to our food.

It’s all about learning how to cook with herbs spices and seasonings

However, not all herbs, spices, and seasonings are healthy.

Lets compare the healthiest types of herbs, spices, and seasonings to cook with versus the unhealthy spices that should be in your garbage.

In other words, don’t even bring these unhealthy spices into your house.

But before we get into that, you may notice in the video that my skin is looking really red from a sunburn.

Well, I played football last night, and two days ago I also rocked a nudie beach.

Yes, I went to a nude beach.

But we just walked past the beach, so I still had my bathing suit on.

However my dog, Peyton, was letting it all rock out.


Regardless, it was lots of fun.

The moral of the story is, if you’re going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, use a healthy sunscreen.

Alright, let’s get into the reason why you’re here

The key to eating clean and healthy all year round, is all about primarily eating whole foods.

However, to stay consistent and reduce the boredom with your meals, it’s very important to spice those whole foods up.

You do this cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings.

But not so fast.

You need to be cautious, since not all herbs spices and other seasonings are healthy for you.

Healthy Cooking With Herbs Spices And Other Seasonings

Healthy vs unhealthy herbs spices and other seasonings

It’s time to find out which herbs spices and other seasonings should be in your spice rack, and which ones should be in the garbage.

I actually have 3 different racks of herbs spices and other seasonings.

But don’t freak out.

These herbs spices and other seasonings don’t cost a lot of money.

Plus, when you’re cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings, it adds so much flavor to your food, and they’re very healthy for you.

As mentioned earlier, certain herbs and spices are loaded with antioxidants.

But be careful as some that are not healthy.

In particular, I’m referring to many of the herbs spices and other seasonings that come in packages, like traditional taco seasonings and chili seasonings.

If you’re confused, let me clear this up for you.

Healthy Cooking With Herbs Spices And Other Seasonings

Simply look at the ingredients list on these seasoning packages

Many pre-packaged seasonings are filled with sugar, sodium, and unhealthy refined oils that are not Live Lean approved.

If you buy traditional taco seasonings from a package, always look at the ingredients.

In the example from the video, the first ingredient was maltodextrin, which is a form of sugar.

The second ingredient was salt.

Then it contained a few herbs and spices, but then it continued to include cornstarch, hydrogenated soybean oil, and silicon dioxide.

The point is, there are ingredients in these packaged seasonings that you do not want to be putting into your body.

Skip these pre-prepared seasonings and start cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings that are natural.

Here’s what should be included on the ingredients list

When you look at the ingredients list, it should either contain one ingredient, or a mixture of actual herbs spices and other seasonings.

For example if you’re buying:

  • Onion powder: the ingredients list should simply contain, onion powder.
  • Paprika: the ingredients list should just contain, paprika.
  • Cinnamon: the ingredients list should only contain, cinnamon.
  • Black pepper: yes, you guessed it, it should simply be black pepper.

I hope you’re getting the point.

Rather than using unhealthy, pre-packaged seasonings, buy individual herbs and spices, then mixing them together to make your own seasonings.

So instead of buying unhealthy pre-packaged seasonings for chili, tacos, and fajitas, simply make your
own healthy seasonings.

Making your own seasonings are so easy to prepare

Next time you’re cooking, simply throw a few of your favorite herbs and spices together.

Experiment and spice it up.

Your body and tastebuds will thank you.

if you don’t know what spices you like, simply follow recipes that tell you which healthy herbs and spices to use.

Here’s a link to a bunch of recipes that will have you cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings that are flavorful and healthy.

You can also pick up our Live Lean Nutrition bundle here, which contains all of our cookbooks.

Trust me, you will doing you body a favor.

Stop cooking with pre-made seasonings that primarily contain:

  • hydrogenated soybean oil and other vegetable oils
  • maltodextrin
  • excessive amounts of salt

Get these out of your diet and invest in your own herbs and spices.

They will last you a long time, they’re cheap, and it’s an easy way to add clean, healthy flavor to your food, without adding unhealthy ingredients or fattening and sugary sauces.

Bottom line on healthy cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings

If you only take one thing away from this post, it is this.

The majority of your foods, including herbs spices and other seasonings, should contain one ingredient, or a blend of natural ingredients.

I love cooking with herbs spices and other seasonings, so I hope you will start spicing it up with healthy spices as well.

That’s it for today’s episode of Food Wars.

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See you then.

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