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8 Must Have Kitchen Tools For Healthy Eating

8 essential kitchen gadgets to make meal prep easier

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m welcoming you into my kitchen and sharing my 8 must have kitchen tools for healthy eating.

The topic for this edition of Freestyle Friday came from a viewer, who wanted to know which essential kitchen gadgets are needed to Live Lean.

What a great question and topic since your diet is such an important aspect of Living Lean.

Having these 8 items in your kitchen will make the cooking and meal prep process, a whole lot easier.

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8 must have kitchen tools for healthy eating

Let’s get right into the most essential kitchen gadgets, in no particular order.

#1. Cutting boards

The first must have kitchen tools for healthy eating are cutting boards.

I like to use multiple cutting boards that are all different colors.

The reason why I have different color cutting boards is because you don’t want to cross contaminate your food if you are cutting meat, chicken, and vegetables for a meal.

This is why I recommend having 3-4 different cutting boards, especially if you do a lot of food prep.

To reduce the risk of cross contamination, you could also have 3-4 color coded cutting boards.

For example, a:

  • red cutting board for meat
  • yellow cutting board for chicken
  • green cutting board for vegetables
  • blue cutting board for fish

Go invest in a good set of colored cutting boards here.

#2. Food storage containers

The next must have kitchen tools for healthy eating are food storage containers.

Since food prep, food portions, and cooking in bulk, are important, you’ll need food storage containers.

It’s important to also have plastic freezer bags so you can portion out your chicken breasts and meats into proper serving sizes, so you can then store it in the freezer.

How To Prep And Portion Your Food

By doing this, you can prep and portion your food into individual servings, family servings, and even bigger servings for slow cooker recipes.

I also recommend you get some glass storage containers that have sealable lids.

What Should I Take To Work For Lunch

This way you can use them to store your dinner leftovers in the fridge, and then take them to work for lunch or whenever you’re on the go.

Due to the harmful effects of BPA in plastics, especially when heated, always use glass storage containers, not plastic storage containers.

You can get the same set of glass storage containers that we use, here.

#3. Food weight scale

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying you always need to use a food weight scale for the rest of your life.

To keep it real, I don’t use a food weight scale every day anymore.

I recommend you use a food weight scale until you get a better understanding of portion sizes and the nutrition value of food.

For example, using a food weight scale will help you learn how much food weighs.

Knowing this then allows you to figure out how many calories are in the food, and what percentage of the macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat, make up those calories.

When you are portioning out your fish, having a food weight scale will help you figure out the portion size needed to hit your calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fat goals for that meal.

During the beginning stages of my journey, I weighed of my food, until I gained enough experience that I could begin to eyeball portion sizes.

By putting in the work early in my journey, I gained a highly beneficial lifelong skill that now makes nutrition so much easier.

I can now essentially look at a chicken breast and roughly know how many calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat is in it, without having to weigh it.

Remember, Living Lean is a lifestyle, meaning you don’t need to live a boring and tedious life of constantly weighing food all the time.

You can get 60% off the food weight scale that we use, here.

#4. Knife set

The next must have kitchen tool for healthy eating is a good knife set.

It’s so important to have something sharp to slice through your food nice and easily.

There’s nothing worse then when you’re trying to slice up your meat and vegetables, but the knife is just not sharp enough.

Go invest in the same knife set that we use here.

#5. Spice rack

We’re all about healthy cooking with herbs, spices, and seasonings.

So the next must have kitchen tool for healthy eating is a spice rack.

A lot of spice racks come with the spices already included.

Plus, most of these common spices are the exact herbs, spices, and seasonings that we use in our recipes.

Go invest in a good spice rack here.

#6. Frying pan and sauce pan

In order to cook with your new spice rack, you’ll also need a good frying pan and sauce pan.

Most of our delicious meals are cooked in either of these pans.

Go invest in the same frying pan that we use, here.

#7. Blender

The next must have kitchen tool for healthy eating is a good blender.

Having a good blender is essential for making may things, including:

  • smoothies
  • protein shakes
  • green drinks

How To Make A Whey Protein Green Smoothie Recipe

The blender that I show in the YouTube video is a Vitamix.

The Vitamix is a top-of-the-line blender that was probably the most expensive thing in my house at the time, but you don’t need to go that high end.

However, high powered blenders can be used for so many other things, than just making smoothies.

Just ensure you get a blender that is powerful enough to blend fruit, vegetables, and any other food you like to add to your smoothies.

Go invest in a vitamix blender or this cheaper but decent blender option here.

#8. Water filtration system

The last must have kitchen tool for healthy eating is a water filtration system.

This could be as simple as using a Brita water jug, or the water filtration system built into your fridge.

I aim to drink 4 liters of water a day, so drinking filtered water from home is not only cheaper than buying bottled water, it’s also better for the environment.

If you’re using a Brita water jug, simply add tap water and if needed, it will help filter some of the impurities found in tap water.

This not helps purify the water, but it also makes the water taste better, so you can hit your water consumption goals.

Simply fill up your water bottle and enjoy delicious and refreshing water, all day long.

Go invest in a Brita water jug here.

Bonus kitchen tool: slow cooker

A slow cooker is essential for the busy family.

Simply set it and forget it and enjoy these delicious slow cooker recipes.

Go invest in the same slow cooker that we use, here.


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8 must have kitchen tools for healthy eating

Those are your 8 must have kitchen tools for healthy eating

Get these 8 essential items into your kitchen.

Since nutrition is so important to Living Lean, having access to these kitchen tools will make it easier to prep and store your food.

So that’s another week and another episode of Freestyle Friday in the books.

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This topic was another viewer request, so that’s why I’m creating content to help you with your needs.

I’ll see you on Monday, for another episode of Brad’s Cookbook.

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  • Am I missing any? If so, what item am I missing?

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