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4 Easy Steps to Meal Prep

Meal Prepping doesn’t have to be so hard!(avoid Toxins)

We all know how important diet is to our Live Lean success. Meal Prepping is one of the best ways you can “dial it in” with your diet and make sure you are eating not only clean, but with balanced macros and regular meal timing. When you are surrounded by healthy food items it becomes much easier to stick to a live lean lifestyle. Set yourself up for success by using these 4 easy steps to Meal Prep

When you don’t have food prepared, temptation for unhealthy foods becomes stronger.

Many times we make excuses for why we don’t eat healthier.

It’s too much trouble, don’t want to do the dishes everyday, it’s too expensive, etc..

4 Easy Steps to Meal Prep

But in all honesty, grocery shopping, prepping food, and cooking in bulk can be really fun and even more rewarding. If you are serious about getting lean then it’s time to get serious about your diet.

Here’s how you can “dial it in” by meal prepping

Step 1: Plan your meals. Decide what recipes you want to cook, what you want your macros to look like and how many meals you would like each day.

Step 2: Grocery Shop. Go to the store and do a “grocery haul” picking up all the items you will need to create these planned meals. Use a checklist like the one provided on TeamLiveLean Meal Plans so that you don’t forget any of the items.

Step 3: Portion and chop the groceries. Wash and cut veggies, weigh out your proteins with a food scale, scoop out proper portions of nuts/seeds and put in separate baggies, etc… Turn those raw groceries into perfect portions for each meal.

Step 4: Cook in bulk! It’s so much easier to stay on track with your diet if you can eat for 3 days off of just one big cooking session. When you bake chicken for example, don’t just bake one serving, bake a whole bunch at once and use it for many meals throughout the week.

We make meal planning a lot easier for you inside TeamLiveLean! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to decide what you should eat each week and how you can strategically plan meals and repeat recipes for a few days to take the hassle and confusion out of eating to Live Lean. Of course you’re always welcome to swap out certain meals or make modifications to recipes based on your needs, but following a well designed meal plan provides much needed framework of staying consistent with healthy eating.

Brad and I do about 2 big grocery hauls per week to keep our fridge stocked full of fresh food and keep us consistent all year round.

Join us inside TeamLiveLean for access to all of these weekly Meal Plans plus access to every single video where Brad and I show you step-by-step how to cook delicious and healthy meals.

You can also follow me on instagram @jessicarumbaugh and snapchat @snapyjessy

Here’s what a Meal Plan from Team Live Lean looks like:

4 Easy Steps to Meal Prep
For access to a fresh meal plan every week that includes a grocery list join us at TeamLiveLean

Thanks for reading, & KEEP! Living Lean!



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