3 Surprising Secrets About Bottled Water #LLTV


Do You Buy A Lot Of Bottled Water?

Live Lean Nation, are you always buying bottled water? On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re talking about 3 surprising secrets about bottled water!

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Alright, lets get into the 3 surprising SECRETS about bottled water:

#1. The Crazy High Cost of Bottled Water:

Are you aware of how much bottled water actually costs?

Approximately $11.8 billion a year is spent on bottled water in the US alone. That’s over 30 billion bottles a year.

But here’s where it gets surprising…

Lets say a 20 oz bottle of water costs on average $1.45…
That’s 1900 times more expensive than tap water!

But what’s even crazier is I just read a stat that…
40% of bottled water is just regular tap water!

And if we do a little conversion to gallons, at that price, 1 gallon of water equals $9.27…
To put that into perspective…
A gallon of gas typically costs $3.50!


#2. Better Tasting Bottled Water DOES NOT Mean It’s More Pure:

Water purity doesn’t influence the taste of water. The mineral concentration does. In fact, some of the biggest brands of bottled water is just “city water” with added in minerals to increase the taste!

#3. It’s NOT Necessarily Safer to Drink Bottled:

In some circumstances city tap water has stricter purity standards than the bottled water industry. One test found that 22% of the brands in the study contained chemicals above state limits.

The chemicals to watch out for are chlorine and fluoride.

That’s pretty scary since chlorine is used in pools to kill bacteria (so what do you think will happen to the good kind of bacteria found in your gut?). If your area is known for having chlorine in tap water, best go with some sort of filtration system. I currently use a Brita but that may not be the best option to filter out heavy metals. If you have the budget, look into a reverse osmosis system for best results.

And don’t forget…

Your water bottle may contain BPA (i.e. you’re potentially pumping estrogen mimicking chemicals in your body…hello man boobs).

Always avoid plastic water bottles that contain BPA…

stainless steel bottle

BPA can leek into your water, especially when heated. Drink from BPA-free water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are your best choice. If you do drink from a plastic bottle, make sure the recycling symbol on the bottom shows the number 2 or 4 or 5. This means it should be free of BPA. If the symbol shows 7, stay away. If it shows 1, which most water bottles do, it’s intended for one time use only.

water bottle

In other words, don’t refill it. Also, typically the firmer the plastic, the better.

Bottom Line…

I’m not telling you not to buy bottle water. I still buy certain brands of bottled water when I’m out. I just want you to be aware of what you’re buying.

Live Lean Tip:

If you’re looking to save money, invest in a re-usable BPA-free water bottle, or use glass containers, and keep it filled with filtered tap water throughout the day.

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Questions For You:

– Do you drink bottled water a lot?

– Which brand is your favorite?

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27 responses to “3 Surprising Secrets About Bottled Water #LLTV

  1. I’m in the UK and find the water quality poor where I live so have a reverse osmosis filter and a couple of stainless punc bottles. I think Kangen is suspect as it doesn’t remove some harmful chemicals which are in our water and especially as a friend is an agent for them and makes big commissions on ever sale.

  2. All municipal water has chemicals in it, even if they are under the
    “allowable standards.” Bottled water is almost always acidic and oxidative
    which is harmful to your body, especially with exercise and recovery.
    Reverse osmosis is also called “Dead water” because it has nothing of
    value in it. Reverse osmosis and distilled water are the absolute worst
    water to drink. The only value is if you are doing a detox for about 1-2
    weeks. Because they are both “dead water” they will leach minerals out of
    your body. The BEST water to drink is Alkaline, Ionized water. I only
    drink Kangen Water and only recommend it to my patients. It helps your
    body stay hydrated and helps with recovery. If you want more info send me
    a message or call 503-706-2889.

  3. I don’t buy bottled water unless I have to while I am out, or at an event
    where they will not let you bring your own food and drinks. I have a BPA
    free bottle I keep with me everywhere I go. My job has a filter system for
    the tap water, and I have a faucet filter in my kitchen that I purchased
    through HSN. Buying all that water puts too much plastic in our landfills.

  4. I never buy bottled water. steel bottle for the gym, glass pitchers for the
    refrigerator, pur filtered tap water.

    was unaware of the recycle numbers, thanks.

  5. I would always recommend buying bottled water when abroad though,
    especially in places like India, where a westerner’s stomach is not used to
    the micro-organisms in the water.

  6. I have a reverse osmosis system at our home (on a well), and buy minerals to add to it. The minerals are very concentrated and a few drops is all you need. It tastes the best and is definitely the most economical.

  7. Watches video while drinking water bottle, checks BPA and its number 7,
    Throws water bottle out of window, (SmartWater)
    Will start looking for other brands in UK, I find that bottle water helps
    me track how much I’m drinking.
    Thanks Brad

  8. i use a brita filter jug. havent changed the filter for a year tho… how
    often do you change yours brad? thanks !!

  9. I think I may have to rethink my water bottles… I do buy water in plastic
    bottlesand you just inspired me to do more research on that! Thank you for
    the very informative video.

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