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The 16 Easiest Diet Fixes Ever


16 Easy Diet Tips

On today’s episode, I’m sharing your diet tips, yes the Live Lean Nation has spoken. Here is a list of your top 16 easiest diet fixes ever.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been sharing my workouts, recipes, fitness tips, and nutrition strategies that I’ve used to transform my health and physique.

So for this episode, I reached out to you on my Snapchat (BradGouthro), Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and asked what are the easiest and most sustainable steps that you’ve taken to fix your diet.

I received a lot of response, so thank you for responding with all your tips.

Here Are Your 16 Easiest Diet Fixes Ever:

#1. Drink more water by making it taste better and more accessible

Add lemon or fruit to your water, or if you like carbonation, drink seltzer. Also buy a good water bottle to keep filled. Also check out my blog post: 5 Ways to Drink More Water.

#2. Plan your cheat meals

Therefore you’ll resist if you know you have a party coming up. Or split up your cheat meals by having a smaller one mid week, then another smaller one on the weekend. Or have a little cheat (a few bites) every day rather than a major cheat day. Find out what works for you.

#3. Take one week and commit to measuring all your food and keep a food journal to see how much you’re actually eating

You may be shocked with the number of calories or the amount of sugar you’re eating. This will also give you a baseline to begin improving. Check out my meal planner software to help you journal and count your calories and macros.

#4. Try one new fruit or vegetable every week.

People often get bored when eating clean because they keep eating the same few foods. There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables. Explore. Here’s how to make your vegetables taste delicious.

#5. Don’t bring junk food into your house

Your willpower will be tempted. And it takes a lot more effort to go out for junk food than it does to walk into your kitchen. Make it hard on yourself.

#6. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients or count them on one hand, don’t eat it

Foods filled with artificial sweeteners may be making you hungrier.

#7. Buy a slow cooker

Add a little water, meat, and vegetables, set to low, come home from work and your house smells amazing and the food taste even better! Here’s one of my favorite delicious slow cooker recipes.

#8. Food swaps

Experiment with swapping out breads, pastas, french fries, with lettuce wraps, zucchini/carrot/and sweet potato pasta. Go check out my blog for a full list of food swaps.

#9. Every time you take a bite of meat, make sure you also have a fork full of vegetables with it

You won’t even know you’re getting in your vegetables.

#10. Go to the grocery store with a plan

For example, a grocery list of foods from pre-selected recipes. This means you’ll be sticking to the outside of the aisles for most of the food at the grocery store, and you’ll actually know how to prepare the food when you get home since you have recipes for them. No more rotting food in the fridge.

#11. Commit to cooking/preparing your food.

Learning to cook is a life skill we all need to learn. Restaurants are meant for special occasions, your kitchen is meant for everyday living.

#12. Write down the feelings you have when you hit rock bottom

Then when you’re tempted, review it so you never want to go back.

#13. Use smaller plates for portion control

Such a simple one but so effective.

#14. Don’t try to be perfect

Daily progress, not perfection. Cold turkey works for some but not the majority. Cut back every day on bad habits that you need to eliminate. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to quit everything day 1.

#15. Don’t drink your calories

Food and water nourishes your body, not soda and fruit juices.

And finally, one of the most important of all…

#16. Realize that healthy eating requires a mindset shift and willpower

It’s all about mindset. We eat to live, we don’t live to eat. Think about it.

Thank you Live Lean Nation for sharing what’s working for you.

I encourage you to continue sharing with us on our social media on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter and I’m really loving Snapchat (BradGouthro) lately.

Brad Gouthro Snapchat

Find us there, engage in the conversations, and let’s help the world Live Lean!

I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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