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5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Diet Forever

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The Easiest Nutrition Tips Ever

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 easy ways to fix your diet forever.

To change it up a bit, I reached out to you and asked you to share your best diet tips on my:

In particular, you shared what the easiest and most sustainable steps you’ve taken to fix your diet.

5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Diet Forever

Here is a list of your top 5 easiest diet fixes ever.

#5. Don’t Bring Junk Food Into Your House

How To Increase Willpower And Self-control To Lose Weight

Your willpower will be tempted.

It takes a lot more effort to go out for junk food, than it does to walk into your kitchen.

Make it hard on yourself.

#4. Try One New Fruit Or Vegetable Every Week

Organic vs Non-Organic Fruits And Vegetables

People often get bored when they’re eating clean because they keep eating the same few foods.

Even though there are hundreds of fruits and vegetables, I bet you’ve only eaten enough different varieties that you could count them on your hand.


Here’s how to cook vegetables and make them taste delicious.

#3. Measure And Track Your Food Consumption For One Week

How To Calculate Your Macronutrients

Take one week and commit to measuring all your food, and keep a food journal, to see how much you’re actually eating.

You may be shocked with the number of calories or the amount of sugar you’re eating.

This will also give you a baseline to begin improving.

Check out my free meal planner software to help you journal and count your calories and macros.

#2. Plan Your Cheat Meals

6 Cheat Meal Rules To Fire Up Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat

When you plan your cheat meals, you’ll probably resist cheating on your diet earlier in the week, if you know you have a party coming up on the weekend.

You can also split up your cheat meals by having a smaller one mid week, then another smaller one on the weekend.

Or have a little cheat, which would mean just a few bites, every day rather than a major cheat day.

Find out what works for you, and stick with it.

#1. Drink More Water By Making It Taste Better And More Accessible

4 Delicious Flavor Infused Water Recipes To Drink More Water

To make it taste better, add lemon or fruit to your water.

If you like carbonated water, drink seltzer.

Also buy a good water bottle and keep filled.

Check out my video post on the 5 Ways to Drink More Water.

Bottom Line On 5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Diet Forever

Finally, one of the most important of all.

It’s important to realize that healthy eating requires a mindset shift and willpower.

Think about it.

We eat to live, we don’t live to eat.

Thank you Live Lean Nation for sharing what’s working for you.

I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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Question Of The Day:

  • Which of these 5 ways to fix your diet are you going to implement today?
  • What was the easiest and most sustainable step you’ve taken to fix your diet?

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