How To Develop The Live Lean Mindset (personal story) #LLTV


Begin With The Live Lean Mindset

Live Lean Nation, you’ve heard me mention how important having the Live Lean Mindset is. So on today’s episode I want to clarify what the Live Lean Mindset is with a personal story.

Live Lean Mindset

So a few days ago I was having some alone time on the beach in LA, reflecting on my crazy life’s journey up to this very moment. I posted my thoughts on my Facebook page but I wanted to film an episode and share this with you as well.

Because I need you to understand my journey and where I’ve come from…

Once you hear it, I’m hoping you’ll realize you’re not alone in your journey.

This time 3 years ago I was at my lowest of lows. Heart broken, empty bank account, became an outsider to my childhood friends, felt trapped in a small town, and I was completely lost in life. Then one day I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and take responsibility for everything that was happening to me.


Even though I made a lot of mistakes along the way…

…I never gave up. I hustled, I took risks, and I worked harder than I ever did before.

I committed to doing whatever it took to create my dream life.

And that’s when “my luck” began to change

Business opportunities & my dream girl somehow appeared in my life. I then took action on those opportunities. Booking plane tickets, moving to foreign cities by myself, and investing in my business when most people said it would never work. And that’s how I got to this very moment.

Does that make me special?

No. Because I believe anyone can do it with the right mindset. But that’s where most people fall short with their health (and life). They look for shortcuts rather than committing to something. They ultimately don’t believe in themselves.

Sure it may look like I’m teaching you how to lift heavy things and eat plants & animals, but my ultimate goal is to teach you to commit to a lifestyle, commit to raising your standards, and ultimately believing in yourself.

That’s the Live Lean Mindset

“When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier.”

“Living Lean” is simple. But you first need to change your beliefs, which leads to forming new habits, which then changes your life.

You are freaking awesome

Thanks for always watching, liking, subscribing, and sharing my videos. I’m not going anywhere, the Live Lean Nation is growing stronger every day, and I promise to continue helping you Live Lean 365 days a year.

More big opportunities coming up. Thanks for watching. And keep living lean.

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22 responses to “How To Develop The Live Lean Mindset (personal story) #LLTV

  1. Hey Brad, first time commenting, love the channel. Thanks to you I now know
    a lot more about paleo and at this point I’d say is definitely a big part
    of my nutrition habits. That said over the past 3 months and half I’ve lost
    about 35 pounds with nutrition alone. Now I’m ready for the next step and
    to start working out again. What is your take on freeletics? I’m not too
    fond of going back to a Gym an that looks like a good fit for me. I see
    many similarities to what you teach here and I wonder if that is something
    you would recommend. Thank you so much for everything! ED!

  2. Man u r awesome, I just wanted to say could you please practice pointing
    your eyes into the camera because u think u r looking but actually u’r not,
    u’r looking above it, I think when u look directly into the camera that
    make me feel like u r really talking to me, thank you and you are a great

  3. Thanks for sharing Brad, yes you are very inspirational. Well done. Yes we
    all have the power to change ourselves, only a small select choose to leap
    towards their dreams. Yah HD video is back.

  4. There’s no such thing as luck, Brad You Are Just Blessed truly. I think
    your awesome brother and you were put here on earth to help others we all
    have a purpose in life, your awesome keep doing what tour doin bro. Ty.

  5. Thank you Brad,
    and congrats on all you have achieved in life.!
    This is an awesome inspirational video.! THANKS!!!

  6. I really appreciate you sharing your life with us…
    i gotta say, 3 years ago i had given up on a lot of stuff, i was just
    eating junk food, living in my couch and just doing nothing for my own
    good! Just like you, one day i decided to start fresh, got my buddies
    supporting me and started a journey that has been very rewarding! I started
    at 102 kg and now im at 75kg, feeling awesome and even tho im not where i
    want to be, im closer everyday!!
    You and jess are a great inspiration to me, i come home everyday just
    wanting to watch your blog and have a good laugh and feel motivated!!
    I owe you big time brad!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. BG you’re killing it!! Looking forward to living lean with you & Jess the
    next 3 years. . . really enjoy the workouts and inspiration!

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