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Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

How I’m taking responsibility in my life

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing why it’s time for me, and you, to take 100% responsibility for your life.

Yes, this is a self-reflecting birthday edition of Freestyle Friday.

Biologically I’m one year older today, however, the important thing is I feel as young as ever!

By the way, did you check out my new birthday sneakers?

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

These were, by far, my favorite birthday present because they’re flashy, kind of like my personality.

Damn they look good.

I can’t wait to wear them during an upcoming workout.


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Lets talk about my new life principle

My new what?

Life principle.

Birthday’s are a lot like New Years.

It’s a time to reflect over the past year.

Although I had an incredible year, it wasn’t without its downfalls.

If you’ve been a viewer of my Live Lean TV YouTube channel from the beginning, you know 2012 was year that was very challenging from a personal standpoint.

This led to a lot of low moments for me.

But rather than let these circumstances keep me down, I used these challenges as a chance to do some soul searching.

During my search, I consistently came across one life principle that most successful people live by.

Take 100% responsibility for your life






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During my self-reflection, it made me think.

What was the cause of these low moments?

Should I continue to live a life of self-pity and blame others for everything that goes wrong with my life?

Or do I want to be the kind of person to take 100% responsibility for your life?

Yes, I’m referring to everything that comes in your life.

I truly believe there is only one person who is responsible for the quality of your life.

Who is that person?

It’s you.

Yes you.

So what does taking 100% responsibility mean to me?

This means I acknowledge that:

  • I have the choice on how I respond to the events that happen in my life.
  • The majority of the choices that I make, lead to the majority of the experiences that come into my life.

So what do you do if something that is not positive or planned, happens in your life?

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What did I do, or not do, that created that result?
  • How did I get the other person to act that way?

Finally, the most important one.

  • What do I need to do differently, in the future, so this doesn’t happen again, so that I can get the result that I want?

Events + Response = Outcome

Somebody posted something on our Live Lean TV Facebook Page that said the following:

  • E + R = O

This means the events (E), plus your response (R) to those events, equals your outcome (O).

  • Events + Response = Outcome

This concept came from one of my favorite self-development books called, The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield.

success principles

After studying this, I started thinking to myself, how can I apply this to my low moments, and struggles, that I experienced over this past year.

Again, if you’ve seen some of my posts from the past few months, you’ve probably realized that I’ve had a lot of low moments in my personal life this year.

I’ve been experiencing things that I thought I would never be going through in my life.

The easy thing to do would have been to blame others

But I’ve quickly realized that I have control.

I have control over:

  • What I’m thinking
  • What I’m visualizing
  • The actions that I’m taking

When you understand that you are in full control of these three things, you’ll begin experiencing amazing accomplishments and outcomes in your life.

As a society, we have to stop and ask ourselves the following.

If you’re not happy with where you are in life, are you continuously doing the same things that got you to this place.

I’ve mentioned this before

It’s the simple definition of insanity.

Are you continuously doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results?

Think about it.

Does this apply to any area of your life?

I know it really applied to mine, and it’s something that I’m consistently working on changing.

Bottom line on why it’s important to take 100% responsibility for your life

One last thing about taking 100% responsibility for your life.

Do not blame other people for your life and stop complaining.

You will never be a success if you continuously blame other people for holding you back.

I’m quickly learning that if I’m going to be a success, I need to listen to the truth.

I’m the one who:

  • took those actions
  • thought those thoughts
  • created those feelings that got me to where I am right now

It’s all me

Take 100% responsibility for your life.

That’s the new principle that I am now applying to my life, moving forward.

So to wrap this up, I hope the main things you take away from this Freestyle Friday post are:

  • Take 100% responsibility for everything you have going on in your life
  • No more complaining about things
  • No more blaming other people

Think of it this way.

When you point your finger at someone to blame them, remember, you have one finger pointing at them, and three fingers pointing back at you.

Own up to it and take responsibility.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my new life principle

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Also, subscribe to our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, and I’ll be back with another episode of Brad’s Cookbook soon.

Be safe and Live Lean.

Questions for you:

  • Do you follow any life principles?
  • What are the most important life principles to you? 

Share your answers in the comment section below.

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11 responses to “Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

  1. Damn Brad, what a comment!!! I must admit that I live with the same principle for about 5 years now! And my life had been turn inside out. Sometimes it’s tough and I’m still far from my goal (part of it it’s because when I achieve one and create 3!!! and some goal I failed to achieve yet. Major part is lack of commitment but I will achieve soon…)

    One tricky part about that state of mind is some people try to abuse and want to give put responsability on your shoulders. And other time I tempted to go around and avoid the heat of my action but I don’t and I take it and move forward. You know what? At the end of the day when I look in the mirror. I can look me in the eyes and be proud of me! And that my friend it’s what it’s all about!!! I know you love quote like I do (pretty sure all of you guys on this site love it too) so here one of my favorite:

    “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”
    Rocky Balboa

    Take care and responsability…

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