3 Things That RUIN Your Motivation To Live Lean #LLTV


Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we’re looking at the 3 Things That RUIN Your Motivation To Live Lean. I’m interesting in hearing how many of these mistakes you’re currently making!

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If you want to get to world class with your health and your life you need to…

STOP making these 3 MISTAKES’¦

Mistake #1: STOP thinking other people are better or more gifted than you!


The healthiest people in the world are no different than you. If you think I’m any different, or Jillian Michaels is any different you’re wrong and you’re putting your own integrity into question. To believe you’re average or you’re ordinary, you’re not taking responsibility for your life. Be better than that. You, your family, and the world deserves better.

Every time you get out of your comfort zone, you exercise self-control, you increase your will power, and you release a powerful neurotransmitter called dopamine. All in all, dopamine is the natural happiness drug.


It’s released when you accomplish a small win. And small wins are everything when you live lean.

Bottom line…

It’s less about doing one huge thing. Its more about consistently getting small wins daily over time. This is was leads to stunning success. This is what leads to living lean.

Mistake #2: STOP thinking other people are better or more gifted than you!

You become like the 5 people you hang out with. In other words, your results are the mirror of the results of the 5 people you hang out with most. So take a look right now at the 5 people you tend to hang out with. Are they living lean or encouraging you to live lean? If not, I’m not telling you to stop hanging out with them. Just be aware of your surroundings.

Mistake #3: STOP the victim speak!

No more victim speak. Your words are powerful. Stop saying I can’t, I hate this, I’m weak, I’m not a person that can exercise’¦

Use I can, I am a disciplined person, I can workout, I can find time prepare my meals. repeat it to yourself.

You become your conversations!


0 responses to “3 Things That RUIN Your Motivation To Live Lean #LLTV

  1. “Your words are powerful.” I love that! I really needed this vid right
    about now because my motivation has been slipping. Thank you, Brad!!

  2. Love your videos brad , much more inconvinsing than sixpack shortcuts
    because you really have a lean body + abs and showing off muscles . And
    your videos are helpfull . Keep up the good work .
    Greetings from the netherlands

  3. I really appreciate your videos man, the biggest motivation here is that we
    get to see a real live leaner and how awesome his (your) lifestyle is. On
    my way, man 🙂

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