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Why You Lose Motivation

Are you tired of rebounding after getting good fitness results?

The reason you lose motivation is simple, but most people don’t know what it is

Why You Lose Motivation

Motivation is always strong in the beginning of your fitness & weight loss journey, especially when you look in the mirror or catch your image in a photo and you’re really not happy with what you see.

Being unhappy with the current situation is usually what gets people started on a fitness journey in the first place

Those unhappy or uncomfortable emotions are very strong in the beginning, strong enough to make you want to take action to change things, but after a week or two they tend to fade, because you realize the work it takes to get out of that unhappy place may make you even LESS happy or comfortable than those feelings you had before.

The biggest problem you’re face with motivation is focusing your attention on what you don’t want instead of what you do want.

Not wanting to be fat or out of shape is not a good long-term motivator to stay lean or stay in great shape.

If you begin your journey with your focus on not wanting to be out of shape then as soon as you feel even half-way in-shape you’ll likely be satisfied enough with that and stop what you were doing, causing a regression getting you right back to the place you started from.

People who are most fit in this world are usually athletes who workout & eat healthy to get better at their sport, fitness models who do it to improve their physique, or trainers and coaches who do it to teach and inspire others.

All of the super-fit people in the world workout for reasons OTHER than just not wanting to be fat!

You’ve got to figure out your positive REASON if you want stay fit forever.

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There are a lot of great positive reasons to workout and eat healthy on a daily basis.

Do it because it makes you feel good, because being fit gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the world with a healthy and strong body, or because you want to show your kids the best example of how awesome life can be.

Whatever YOUR specific reason, this will be unique to you. It should get you excited and have a deep emotional connection.

My fitness used to fluctuate a lot more than it does now because I used to think of it in terms of black and white. Either I was working out or eating healthy..OR I was “taking a break”. I just had no idea there was any kind of balance with it or that I could actually sustain great results without having to be super strict and beast-mode all the time.

In the last 3-4 years things have truly changed for me. I met my husband Brad who was the first person I ever heard mention the idea of living lean 365 days a year, and I was hooked!

Just this simple idea was enough to change my mindset from ups and downs to year round sustainability.

Our mission here on Live Lean TV is not just to help you guys GET lean and stay motivated but it’s to teach you that motivation will be natural to you once you figure out your REASON WHY.

To learn more about motivation and finding your reason why you must read my husbands new book: Think & Live Lean, it’s available on Amazon, or from the website

Once you find your REASON living lean becomes simple. It’s our mission to help you discover that.

Thanks for reading and, KEEP Living Lean!

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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