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4 Core Beliefs To Live By To Be Freaking Awesome

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Start Doing This Right Now

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 4 core beliefs to live by to be freaking awesome.

But before I do that, I just have to say this.

Live Lean Nation, you are looking youthful, energetic, and extra lean today.


Now with that said, when you apply these 4 core beliefs, you’ll get fantastic results in all areas of your life, including your health.

After I read about these 4 core beliefs from one of my mentors, I’m happy to say that I actually currently practice each of these every single day.

But my question to you is, are you?

Let’s find out in today’s motivational episode.

Core Belief #1: Take Action

Ideas are worthless unless you take action and put them to work.

I’ve said this before.

In every Live Lean TV episode on YouTube, I share at least one proven idea that will be a game changer for you to Live Lean.

Now the question is, are you taking action and putting these ideas to work?

It all starts with the first step.

You must start the process of putting these ideas into action.

So are you taking action?

Think about it.

All right, let’s get into core belief #2.

Core Belief #2: Growth Comes From Discomfort

Any change is crazy hard in the beginning, challenging in the middle, and freaking awesome towards the end.     

For example, when you begin to get into the habit of cutting back on the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, your body is not going to be happy within the first 14 days.

You are going to feel sluggish, and you will want to quit.

But remember, this is a just a sign that your body is adapting, and it’s only temporary.

That’s the cost of initial growth.

Growth is based on discomfort, not from staying in your comfort zone.

Change is hard in the beginning as your form new habits.

Then the middle is challenging because it’s hard to stay motivated to keep going.

But as the science says, a new behavior can turn into a habit after 66 days of consistent action.

That’s when you’ll reach Live Lean auto-pilot.

In other words, your habits become automatic.

That’s freaking awesome, and so are you.

Core Belief #3: Teach What You Learn

Teach what you learn, to learn double time.

This has helped me tremendously with my career.

So just think about this for a second, because it is a huge concept.

Once you learn something from Live Lean TV, teach it to someone else.

Listening is one thing, but explaining it to someone else will bring your learning to a whole new level.

Let’s keep moving on to the final core belief.

Core Belief #4: Do What Great People Do

To get what few have, you have to do what few do.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

To get great results, you must do what the great people do, not what the ordinary do.

Be different and be willing to push yourself the extra mile.

Yes, people will think you are obsessed, but your success depends on being devoted and having the guts to pursue your goals.

Bottom Line

4 Core Beliefs To Live By To Be Freaking Awesome

Your deepest beliefs drive your daily behaviors.

So take it one step at a time, one workout at a time, and one meal at a time.

With consistency, you’ll eventually make it a habit, you’ll make it a lifestyle, and you’ll reach your long-term goals.

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14 responses to “4 Core Beliefs To Live By To Be Freaking Awesome

  1. Good stuff; I like how you call them “core beliefs” in the video, rather
    than “tips”.

  2. Good stuff; I like how you call them “core beliefs” in the video, rather
    than “tips”.

  3. Tip #3 I believe it has been the best one for me. I have learned a lot from
    reading books, watching liveleanTV videos and other sources. Sometimes
    information is hard to retain, but sharing with others in a personal way
    really help for it no to only to remember but also to really understand the
    concept behind it. I personally teach 4 direct people all that I learn and
    a few more back at work, a this not only helps me remember all the
    important things but also motivates me to do more (one has to give the
    example for others to follow)

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