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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them Faster

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4 Simple Tips On How To Set Goals

On today’s motivational episode, lets talk about goal setting, in particular, how to set goals and achieve them faster.

By now I’m sure you understand the importance of setting goals for all the major areas of your life, including:

  • fitness/health
  • career
  • financial
  • relationships

In a previous post, I talked about failing your way to success by setting bigger goals.

When I say big, I’m referring to setting goals that will:

  • take you out of your comfort zone
  • make you take risks
  • push you to work harder and smarter

Goal Setting Tip #1: Set Big Goals

Stop playing small.

Setting small goals, that anybody can achieve, will keep you from reaching your potential.

Set big goals.

Goal Setting Tip #2: Write Your Goals Down And Set A Deadline

I write my goals down in a journal.

This includes my one year, three year, and five year goals.

Also, don’t forget to set deadlines for when you want to achieve your goals.

Remember, a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

Setting deadlines in goal setting is so important as deadlines create action.

Goal Setting Tip #3: Share Your Goals With The Right People

When I say “the right people”, I’m referring to people who are going to:

  • inspire and motivate you
  • keep you accountable and on track
  • motivate you
  • potentially help you along the way (i.e. their connections)

If you feel like someone close to you doesn’t fit any of these qualities, consider keeping your goals to yourself.

One of the most challenging obstacles is when someone close to you, brings you down.

Share your goals with the right people.

Goal Setting Tip #4: Take Action

Obvious right?

But here’s a tactic to employ into your every day.

Before you go to bed, ensure you take action towards moving at least one of your goals one step ahead.

Any type of action, no matter how small, creates momentum towards your goal.

One way to ensure you move the needle, every day, is by focusing on your biggest goal, first thing in the morning.

Bottom Line:

Set big goals that will stretch you and get you fired up.

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Write those goals down and set a deadline.

Share those goals with people who will help you succeed.

And start moving the needle with at least one piece of action every day.

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