3 Ways To Increase Your Willpower For Faster Fat Loss #LLTV


3 Super Habits to Increase Your Willpower & Reduce Cravings

Live Lean Nation, based off my last motivational episode of Live Lean TV: The Truth Hurts – My Challenge to You, a lot of you had questions about how to create the willpower to Live Lean 365 days. So I decided to dedicate a full episode to the 3 scientifically proven super habits to increase your willpower.

You ready?

Alrighty then…recently there’s been some fascinating new research about willpower and forming personal habits. Specifically, new research now shows…

It takes 66 days to install a new habit. Not 21.

So 66 days to go to the gym to create the habit. 66 days of eating more vegetables to make it a habit. After 66 days of these good habits, your brain will automatically dial you in to a better life.

Now stay with me as I geek out a bit a bit’¦.

Willpower Prefrontal cortex

The prefrontal cortex portion of the brain is responsible for self-control. This new research has found 3 super habits to actually increase the size of your prefrontal cortex portion of the brain, thus increasing your will power.

Here they are…

3 willpower super habits to increase the prefrontal cortex portion of your brain:

#1. Meditation:

willpower meditation

Yep, meditation will help grow the prefrontal cortex portion of your brain. When this grows, your willpower increases and you have the power of resisting temptation and sticking to your plan.

Here’s how to put that into action:

Starting after this video is over.  I want you to enjoy 5 minutes of silence a day. Find a quiet room, close your eyes, and deeply inhale and exhale. Trust me, your mind will be racing during this time, you’ll feel dumb doing it, but after a few weeks, keep increasing the duration from 5 mins to 10 mins, etc ’¦ and eventually you will feel at ease and your will power to increase. It’s amazing.

#2. Exercise:

Willpower Exercise

Who would have thought it. Yes exercise increases your will power. Research shows with just 15 mins of exercise, you will grow your prefrontal cortex portion of the brain thus increasing willpower and reducing cravings.

Here’s how to put this into action:

During the 1st 20 mins of getting up’¦ do 15 mins of exercise. This could be a combination of 4 of my tabata workouts. Click here to get the playlist of all my at home, no equipment workouts. Do this 1st thing in the morning and see how much your will power and the quality of your day increases.

#3. Sleep:

willpower sleep

Sleep deprived people have what is called mild prefrontal dysfunction. When you’re exhausted you just can’t make good decisions. The stress hormone cortisol is also released which increases your cravings. Get great sleep or you can’t make great choices.

Bottom line…


We’re not born into willpower. You build willpower just like a muscle…with continuous effort and repetition. And don’t forget, you don’t have the brain you were born into, you have the brain you earned. Always be learning. Always be improving.

Leave a comment below to let me know if you’re currently on track to hit your fitness goals this year or are you currently struggling?


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  1. You have a jacked up body! I want one too 🙂
    I been working on my brain and body for 18 months

  2. The prefrontal cortex cannot literally “grow.” You can make more neuron
    synapses in the prefrontal cortex but you can never actually make any
    portion of the brain become bigger. The brain is not literally a muscle.
    But these are great tips for increasing willpower!

  3. Carbohydrates contribute to willpower. If your deprived you get edgy and
    want to snap on people for the smallest things.

  4. Hey everyone please checkout my channel, i only have 2 videos so far but my
    channel is inspired by Brad Gouthro, thats my dude and brad give me a
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  5. Hey Brad, I’m sure you probably get asked this quite often and I never
    really got a good answer, but will the tabata workout in a fasted state
    ruin or “eat” at your muscle or will it feed off of fat? I’m assuming by
    the looks of yourself that it just feasts on your fat but I would just like
    to hear from someone slightly more experienced than I. Thanks for your

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