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Was I Always In Shape? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 01

Building my self esteem through fitness

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering your questions, including was I always in shape and how I built my self esteem through fitness.

Welcome to the first episode of our #LLTV Q&A series.

Today’s questions include:

Was I Always In Shape? #LLTV Q&A #1

Prior to our current #AskLiveLeanTV show, this #LLTV segment was the first official Q&A series that aired on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

Here’s how the #LLTV Q&A segment worked

Every Thursday, I answered your questions on camera when you simply used #LLTV and posted them to:

The goal was to set the timer on my phone and answer as many questions as possible, in the order as I received them, within 5 minutes.

So if I received your question first, it was going to get answered first.

If you sent in a question, but it didn’t answer it in this episode, check the full #LLTV Q&A playlist, as it should have been answered in one of the other 13 episodes.

Why did I stop filming the #LLTV Q&A series?

As the show continued to grow, I was so impressed with how many questions I received from the Live Lean Nation.

However, eventually I began to receive so many questions, that I couldn’t keep up with answering them all within 5 minutes.

That’s when we revamped this #LLTV Q&A series into the current 30 minute #AskLiveLeanTV show on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, as well as our podcast.

How do I now get my questions answered on a new episode of #AskLiveLeanTV?

If you want to get your current questions answered in a future #AskLiveLeanTV episode, follow our @LiveLeanTV Instagram page stories.

Typically on Monday’s we post the “Questions” tag to our Instagram stories asking for your questions.

So with all this said, lets answer your questions.

Question #1:

How did your move go over the weekend?


The move went really well, but I just moved into a temporary spot.

I’ll be moving into my permanent place on September 1, 2012.

I’m very happy that I found this place as it’s a great spot.

I’m now calling it the “BP Pad”, which stands for Brad and Peyton, who if you didn’t know, is my dog.


So you will be seeing new posts coming from the BP pad on September 1.

Question #2:

Wondering if you could make a video about what you think is good and bad about the paleo diet. It seems to be too strict for me, especially with not being able to eat grains or sweet potatoes?

I love this question about the paleo diet.

Check out the full answer where I share my thoughts on is the paleo diet good or bad for you, here.

Question #3:

I love carbs in general. How do I break the habit?

Check out the full answer for my best simple tip to break the habit of overeating carbohydrates, here.

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Question #4:

Were you always in shape?

I’ve talked about my Live Lean journey here.

I was an athlete growing up, so I was always in decent shape, but I was very self conscious of my physique.

This meant I was never comfortable taking my shirt off.

Once I improved my diet and started following a properly structured workout program, that’s when I really started to get the physique that you see today.

Was I Always In Shape

Following a workout program showed me how to complete the right types of exercise at the gym.

Once you follow a nutrition and workout program to dial in your diet and follow the right types of exercises, you will become our next success story and start Living Lean.

Last question because we’re getting close to the 5 minute mark.

Question #5:

Should you do cardio before or after your weights?

Check out the full answer for my best answer on if you should do cardio before or after your weights, here.

That’s it.

I have to cut it off there because we’re getting close or past the 5 minute time limit.

I have a whole bunch of other questions to answer on future #LLTV Q&A episodes.

If you want your question answered in an upcoming episode of our new #AskLiveLeanTV Q&A show, follow our @LiveLeanTV Instagram page stories, and look for the “Questions” tag on our Instagram stories on Monday’s.

Here’s a link to #LLTV Q&A episode #2.

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The winner from this video is…

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That’s it for me, I’ll see you tomorrow for another Freestyle Friday episode.

Question For You:

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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7 responses to “Was I Always In Shape? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 01

  1. You rock Brad… I want to ask you ask you super random question that has nothing to do with working out or eating. Just to have a random question in there that gives us some insight into the power of Brad outside of “fitness,”

    Also, I’m digging your neon shoes from the last video on the stairs. I’m gonna have to get me some.

  2. Hi Brad: I enjoy your energy and collegiality, and I have to disagree with your comment on offering a blanket statement that weights should come before cardio. For some people’s goals or schedule the answer could be the other way around. It may boil down to a difference in prioritizing “science” over practicality. This post gets as what I am trying to say.
    Given that most people don’t work out or work out too little, let’s first get them exercising as much as possible in whatever order works for their body, life, schedule, goals.
    Good luck with your new series.

  3. Great video, Brad.
    What are you trying to replace the oats with?

    I’ve thought replacing them too just have no ideas what what would be good….

    1. Good question…whenever I’m baking or cooking recipes that I usually use oats in, I’ll probably substitute with ground almonds or walnuts, etc. Also getting more sugars from fruit (both fresh and dried). Haven’t really put too much thought into it yet but it shouldn’t be a big issue for me.

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