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The Paleo Diet Explained For Beginners

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Make Your Body Fat Disappear

Welcome to the Paleo Diet 101: the Paleo Diet explained for beginners.

In this episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a beginners guide to the Paleo Diet, where I’ll be covering:

  • What is the Paleo Diet?
  • How will the Paleo Diet help you Live Lean?
  • How can you start the Paleo Diet today?

My goal with this video post is to simplify the Paleo Diet phenomenon for you, in 5 minutes or less.

Research shows the Paleo diet is one of the most effective dietary lifestyles for fat loss and overall health.

The Paleo Diet For Fitness

This way of eating may also help prevent diseases that are currently overwhelming the Westernized population.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Well since the word “diet” has so many short-term misconceptions tied to it, I prefer to call the Paleo Diet, a lifetime way of eating.

People who follow a Paleo way of eating are simply trying to eat as similar as possible with our genetic heritage as hunter-gatherers.

The following motto describes the Paleo Diet best:

If it doesn’t swim, run, or fly, or isn’t green and grown in the ground, don’t eat it.

The Paleo Diet

Approved Paleo Diet Food List

The foods that should be making up all, or the majority, of your meals include:

In other words, one ingredient whole foods.

By no surprise, this means the candy bars, chips, crackers, and donuts are out. 

Are Grains Allowed On The Paleo Diet?

Grains and dairy should also be removed when following the Paleo Diet.

Why should grains be avoided?

The Truth About Whole Grains

Think of it this way. 

The average caveman was lean and athletic.

Compare that too today’s average man or woman who is:

  • overweight
  • out of shape
  • on the verge of numerous nutrition related diseases

Over the years, this change in nutrition and the standard American diet has had a big impact on today’s health issues.

The western society has moved away from primarily eating plants and animals for food, to eating products filled with refined grains and sugar.

Our genes are 99% the same as our cavemen ancestors, yet grains were never a big part of their diet. 

Since the agricultural revolution, approximately 10,000 years ago, our bodies have never adjusted to the influx of grains we throw at it every single day.

Grains Also Contain Gluten And Lectins

For many people, the over consumption of gluten and lectins has been shown to cause an unhealthy hormonal fat storing response, as well as digestive tract issues.

Unlike the conventional wisdom you always hear, the body does not require a large amount of carbohydrates for energy. 

In fact, when there is an absence of carbohydrates in your system, your body can more effectively burn stored fat as its primary energy source.

Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine For Life [Improve Insulin Sensitivity]

What Carbohydrates Can I Eat On The Paleo Diet?

You can still eat carbohydrates on the Paleo Diet, but they should mainly come from fibrous vegetables, some fruit, and potatoes, including sweet potatoes.

Typically after 14 days on the Paleo Diet, you’ll stop having sugar cravings, and the energy crashes associated with them.

Is Dairy Allowed On The Paleo Diet?

Similar to grains, the same goes for dairy.

Why no dairy?

I’ll try to make this simple.

Mother’s breast milk is designed to make young babies grow and help build their immune systems. 

However, once we’re weened off of our mother’s breast milk, it doesn’t mean we should be fed dairy milk from another species.

Adult humans were not meant to consume milk from another species.

This alway seems to be a hard one for people to comprehend.

Is The Paleo Diet For You?

I first learned about the paleo diet from the book, The Paleo Solution

the paleo diet

If you’re not yet convinced that the Paleo Diet is right for you, I recommend you check it out.

However, if you’re currently happy with how you look and feel, and enjoy eating grains and dairy, keep doing it.

But if you’re one of the countless people who are struggling everyday with low energy, weight loss, and disease, I highly recommend you try the Paleo Diet for 30 days.

How To Get Started With The Paleo Diet Today

The first 7 days of following the Paleo Diet and not eating grains will be tough.

Take The 21 Day No Wheat Challenge

You probably will feel low energy, but that’s normal.

This short-term feeling of low energy is just your body adapting from burning carbohydrates and sugar for energy versus burning stored fat for energy.

However, when you make it past the first 30 days, you’ll be committed for life. 

Plus, you always have your weekly cheat meal to get your carbohydrate fix, if you want.

If you’re up for trying the Paleo Diet, I highly recommend you invest in a cookbook that provides meal ideas.

Get Over 200 Paleo Recipes

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • Do you currently follow the Paleo Diet? How are your results?
  • If not, what is stopping you from trying it?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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235 responses to “The Paleo Diet Explained For Beginners

  1. I love paleo but I find myself ‘cheating’ by eating things like choc date
    cake made with dates/honey and cocoa powder, and ‘fried sweet potato cakes’
    although technically ‘paleo’ I can’t help thinking I’m doing this

  2. I’m not clear why dairy should be avoided. Milk is what babies have
    depended on for the entire history of mammals.

  3. All diets ultimately fail because your body will always win as it wants to
    revert back to it’s natural default state from birth which is
    “Homeostasis”. This is a diet free state which all humans are born in.
    Diets are stressful to both the body and mind and it is the reason we seek
    out comfort foods mainly carbohydrates as they relax us and help to create
    serotonin which is critical to good mood and a feeling of happiness and
    optimism and that is why nature provided them. Diets can be useful short
    term when we are sick such as diabetes type 2, fatty liver, insulin
    problems and various metabolic disorders mainly coming from high sugar
    processed foods, but high fat and low carb is not the answer long term
    !!. Diets of daily animal protein and fat can be highly acidic to your
    system making you feel irritable and uncomfortable and not healthy long
    term as opposed to more gentle alkaline foods. The human body is to
    complex to say everyone should just eat HFLC 365 days a year. Diets are too
    prescriptive and not sustainable long term. All we need do is remove man
    made processed foods and whatever is left will be what nature intended us
    to eat. It is man made processed carbs that are the problem and not natural
    carbs which contain a mixture of natural sugar, fibre and vitamins ( as
    nature intended ). With regards to abundant health, the answer is simple –
    we can either eat from the sick plate of man, or of what nature provides
    !! It’s rather sad to know that natural carbs have been given a bad name
    all because of the real culprit which is man made processed carbs. We
    crave carbs for a reason, because they play an important role in our
    biological / physiological and emotional make up and it is completely
    normal and natural to eat them ( unprocessed ). Unprocessed carbs as I
    have stated are a wonderful complete food from nature’s kitchen and they
    have fibre, vitamins and natural sugar, the way nature intended and they
    also help to raise our serotonin levels and make us feel happy and
    sociable. Low serotonin results in a more irritable antisocial and
    depressed state with a self critical negative attitude. Please do not turn
    your back on nature and fool yourself by thinking carbohydrates are the
    enemy, a balanced natural diet will never fail or cause cravings. many
    people crave carbohydrates — especially cookies, candy, or ice cream —
    when they feel upset, depressed, or tired. Researchers at MIT and other
    major universities world wide, including here in England have studied this
    relationship with stress, low mood and carbohydrates, they are convinced
    that the carbohydrate craving is related to decreases in the feel-good
    hormone serotonin, which is marked by a decline in mood and concentration.
    Professor Wurtman states when you eat carbs, your body makes more
    serotonin, the feel-good hormone that is boosted when you are on an
    antidepressant. Eating the carbs, she says, is an attempt to undo the
    depressed mood.That is one of the reasons a diet low in carbohydrates
    cannot be sustained by most people and they will inevitably revert back to
    a more balanced, non-restrictive dietary approach as this is less stressful
    to the body and mind. I follow no particular diet, I just eat a clean,
    balanced healthy way

  4. Ey brad im 15 and tryna lose weight. Idk if i should try this cause im
    still a growing boy and i dont know if low carbs would be good for my

  5. Why is everyone freaking out about gluten? It’s not unhealthy at all. The
    only reason not to eat it is if you have celiac disease (which is very,
    very rare). If you don’t have celiac disease, then why are you not eating
    gluten? It’s like people assuming peanuts are bad for you because some
    people are allergic to them, it’s ridiculous.

  6. *Amazing intro onto paleo thank you. i have just started my first week into
    a new lifestyle of paleo living and already enjoying it and feeling the

  7. Quinoa and brown rice are considered as grains? Or can we include them in
    the paleo?

    Thx in advance

  8. How do u know what the caveman looks like there is no photograpbic evidence
    and the life expectancy all those yrs ago is actually alot lower than it is

  9. Paleo diet = foolishness. There is a large body of real nutrition research
    that has existed before/without this fable that “because cavemen did it
    it’s good”. This is foolishness. Of course if you avoid carbs you will lose
    weight… what does a caveman have to do with ANY of this? Illogical.

  10. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your
    initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Sayerdsan Delicious Paleo Secret
    (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my BF at last
    said ta ta to the uncontrollable weight gain problem with the straight
    forward Paleo recipes it provides.

  11. Cheers for the Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your
    thoughts. Have you ever tried – Sayerdsan Delicious Paleo Secret (google
    it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy said ta ta to
    the belly fat problem with the straight forward Paleo recipes it shows you.

  12. Caveman where lean because they workt all day now people sit on there ass
    all day and that’s why they are fat ,the paleo diet is stupid and it will
    shorten you’re life

  13. Would gluten-free organic blue corn chips be allowed in a casual paleo
    lifestyle? Cavemen would have nibbled on maize right?

  14. Great way to sum paleo up, good video. People today still have a tough time
    understanding evolution and the fact that we are still the same as our
    ancestors. Grains are the root of the degenerative diseases today. Look
    at the Eskimos, to the tribes in South America, they still live off the
    land, they have no cancer or heart disease. We have been indoctrinated
    from preschool that grains are good, dairy is good. It is just a big
    business and a big political lobby. I have been paleo for over 15 years,
    it is a lifestyle, I never get sick, I spring out of bed in the morning, I
    sleep well. Wanna stay away from your doctor, go paleo.

  15. It’s obvious that your not a hard worker. That diet is for lazy people.

  16. If you are starting with the Paleo diet but don’t know how to start or what
    kind of foods to prepare then check out this site…

  17. i think taking dairy out is possibly the biggest mistake ever, but it
    should be limited to raw milk because its much healthier

  18. I have been on Paleo now for about ten days. I know, not super long, but so
    far I experienced: excessive sweating (I usually never sweat) problems to
    sleep at night, having a huge bloated belly, I wonder when I finally start
    seeing positive results. I will stick to it, because I know it is healthy,
    but how long does it usually take to lose some weight and feel good????

  19. Just a thought. One study done in a small community in Africa shows that
    both milk and dairy can be fine from a cardio standpoint. The bulk of their
    diet is from red meat and whole milk, and they have virtually no heart
    disease. You eat what you can find.

  20. Holy shit a 1% DNA change is HUGE! I mean, chimps share 99% of our DNA.
    Gorillas share 98%. 1%, you’re talking about a completely different

  21. Apart from promoting his own book (which I can’t judge untill I buy it),
    the guy was talking 100% right.

  22. amazing intro onto paleo thank you. i have just started my first week into
    a new lifestyle of paleo living and already enjoying it and feeling the
    benefits! its a shame how natural foods are more expensive than processed
    stuff! the world doesnt make sense

  23. This is just a commercial. I was curious to what it was and i could do
    everything but no carbs….. Having oatmeal in the morning is good i think
    if you intend to not sit on your ass all day. I take this diet as as a “I
    am trying to lose weight because i do nothing diet” rather than a diet
    someone who is active would pursue. But hey do whatever you want just make
    sure you eat gluten free food you hipsters lol. I always get extra gluten
    whenever i eat my pizza

  24. I’m so glad I found your channel! My brother and dad are trying Paleo and
    it’s great to understand the Paleo diet so that I can help them stick to

  25. this diet makes a lot of sense– when I quit dairy I lost all of the pain
    and swelling in my joints!! I did quit eggs though too– Thanks!!

  26. Eggs and animal fat and dairy gave me diabetes–Cave men ate roots, and
    tree bark and the rest of us ate grains for the last 10.000 years which
    caused extreme health- look at asia?? They eat rice. and they are healthy.

  27. This is just a fad diet people just, a bunch of crossfit morons, just limit
    your calories make your macro nutrients, grains are good for unclogging of
    the blood, ppl it’s the year 2015 why would you want to be in a hunter
    gatherer life? Look at people in 3rd world countries they pretty much still
    live in that hunter gathered life look at there bodies and health its
    unhealthy, your body needs grains, proteins, fats, starch, sugar, carbs,
    saturated fats! Just don’t over eat work out for a hour a day mix it up
    with different muscles groups. Then you would be fine but that’s just my
    advice my opinion you can follow this new fad but I’m not I’m healthy, I
    look good feel great. Ok cya

  28. Ambrose will organically get over now they are reducing him to the midcard.
    His promo’s are too good for him to just loiter there. He will be the most
    over guy in 6 months to a year! People like him and ziggler benefit from it
    in a weird way

  29. Ah paleo diet. Wonder if you’d sell as well if you called it the real thing
    – retard diet.

    1) lions kill one out of every ten tries. A lion for the imbeciles is a LOT
    better at hunting than a bunch of screaming cave people with loin clothes &
    pointy sticks in killing. So the probability of us eating meat in any great
    number is a bunch of BS. The only way we’d have done this is if we’d
    savaged refuse [as in remains] from top predators so it wouldn’t have been
    fresh caught.

    2) You keep going on about supplements or other cave idiots do. Why?
    Because the shit food of nowadays equals garbage compared to yesteryears.
    Supplements are a fantastic way to put your health at risk – for example,
    you are aware are you not that too much vitamin E which the paleo diet
    encourages either by food or supplement results in nerve & brain damage yes?

    3) Most meat – the crux of your idiot diet – is processed to shit. How many
    of you fools know of the FDA & the arsenic that has been added to chicken
    feed for years. Lean meat is mostly chicken = arsenic for the pea brains is
    a poison. Even if you don’t eat chicken by lots – you can’t eat extensive
    fish because of mercury poisoning. And well both beef & pigs are pumped so
    full of steroids & antibiotics that they’re the poster boys & girls of
    every pharmacy company in the world.

    4) I have seen so much ignorant with this diet, it’s pathetic. Whole grain
    isn’t good for you. Brown rice isn’t good for you…. white grain food &
    white rice you inbreeds is so processed that there is ABSOLUTELY no value
    to it.


    5) compared to cave people the modern human nowadays is a fat useless blob.
    Without proper exercise your paleo diet is merely screwing your body up.

  30. What about almond milk? Since it comes from nuts and not animals is it a
    better source for calcium? I distribute for a wellness company and we have
    a hydrolyzed collagen protein shake that I mix with almond milk. The shake
    itself is gluten and carb free with no added sugar. I was thinking of doing
    a hybrid style diet using paleo dieting for my meals along with using my
    company’s wellness supplements that being the shake and another protein
    supplement snack.

  31. any one have any evidence that showed we ate high fat in the paleolithic
    era? there are not many wild animals that carry a large amount of fat

  32. i think im going to eat a modify paleo diet since im part asian, my
    ancestors are rice, so i think its ok because of my genetic make up

  33. And make sure to keep using the refined oils like coconut oil and olive oil
    and factory farmed high fat beef, that were definitely around in the paleo

  34. I just watched a Ted talk debunking the fact that our ancestors never ate
    grains as evidence was found that they did eat them in the paleo period.

    I don’t think it takes away the fact that eating the way described in the
    video is good for fat loss and the agricultural revolution probably
    increased our consumption of grains a lot but to say we never ever ate them
    before then does seem highly unlikely.

    Myself I like some oat porridge and brown rice occasionally (never on their
    own of course) and daily fruit but that’s all the carbs I have and I’m
    happy with that.

  35. What about beer? Is beer okay? I mean, I guess I could convert to wine, but
    that might be difficult when I go to sporting events. Beer vedors are
    everywhere, but they don’t have a guy walking through the stands shouting,
    “Premier cru bordeaux! Get your premier cru bordeaux here!”

  36. Thank you. I really appreciate your knowledge and help Brad and have been
    taking your advice. However, what about black rice and beans? Black rice
    and beans are extremely nutritious. And check out some facts on the Paleo
    Diet…. It should be called the Farmer’s Diet or The Paleo’s Diet. Science
    has manipulated the structure of many of our fruits and veggies and they
    are not all in the exact forms they were thousands of years ago and diet
    depended on the climate our ancestors lived. Check out this TED Talk… another great video… 🙂

  37. The lights do flicker in person, you just can’t see the flicker due to the
    rate at which they’re pulsing on and off. The cameras refresh rate makes
    the Pulse Width Modulation visible.

  38. Hello There! Nice video thanks! Sorry to intrude but I’d like to know if
    you heard rumours about “Brendt Secret Diet Recipe System” (check google)
    My co-worker told me incredible things about it and now her and her husband
    look fantastic and feel great!

  39. Oh hai there! Have you heard the talk about – Zoomo Simple Paleo Recipes
    – (should be on google, do a search)?. I’ve heard awesome things about it
    and people are just buzzing about how much healthier and trimmer they are
    and the energy they now have just by using these easy recipes.

  40. Hey Brad,
    Is it okay to eat Steal Cut Oats on the Paleo diet? For a sweeter I add
    organic raisons during the last ten mins of cooking the oats. I cut out
    dairy last year so I use Almond milk in the oats.
    I also removed bread about a year ago and never looked back. Cheers and
    thanks for the posting the videos! Dave

  41. Don’t spread bullshit, the average caveman was about five foot six.
    I wood be a five foot nine giant.

    Also, they were lean but not beefy. Every seen a male kangaroo?
    Yeah. Like that, except skinnier because we are taller.

  42. I have become a fan within a short time after I started using this
    >>> —— <<< My health has improved dramatically and weight I lost while following this diet is an added bonus in itself. Like me, the Paleo diet might just be the answer for you too. I would recommend this for both beginners and professional dieters.

  43. Definitely want to try this I have already been eating mostly organic and I
    don’t drink soda or juices only water and green tea. The diet makes
    complete sense really. Just gotta stop eating my breads lol

  44. Paleo science doesn’t make sense. The fat you eat is the fat you eat is the
    fat you wear. Carb up and go vegan!

  45. Brad along with Loren Cordain state that we need to eat as close to
    possible to what our ancestors ate.. ok here goes.. Our ancestors would
    have eaten wild freshly caught meat which means a far healthier leaner
    meat such as up to 5 – 7 times less fat with no added hormones and caught
    in it’s natural environment which is completely different to the animals we
    eat today, they did not take supplements and they did not eat meat from a
    shop with use by date and preservatives with added salt etc. Our ancestors
    did not eat breakfast / dinner and evening meals of meat, fats, veggies
    and a little fruit year round, our ancestors would have maybe eaten once
    daily and occasionally twice along with days when they were hungry. They
    were also more active, gathering fuel, food and medicinal plants daily but
    with no guarantee of success. Mankind today and at anytime in history is
    not designed to eat both meat and fat constantly throughout the day along
    with supplements. if you wanna be a real strong dude both mentally and
    physically like our ancestors then you should have at least 16 hours in
    each day when you are not digesting food ( this is were the magic happens /
    repairing and rebuilding the body at a cellular level ) the other 8 hours
    is when you should get you food. Our ancestors did not discuss foods or
    get their weekly groceries from the local store, no way, their lifestyles
    were totally different in many ways. Stop looking for the elixir of life
    through a magic diet cause it ain’t happening folks. Be wise and eat clean
    … eat foods that require little digestion and are light and colourful and
    full of fibre, then you will be a real man. remember this .. ” the foods
    that appear weak will make you strong, and the foods that appear strong
    will make you weak ” this will always be the case… I follow no diet at
    all, I just eat light and clean

  46. Looking for the cookbook Brad talks about in this video. Searched online
    and no cookbooks from Brad comes up. Where can I buy “Eat Clean Live Lean”
    from Brad?

  47. +Rebecca Foster This PaIeo Recipe book-brand new paIeo cookbook was
    deveIoped by way of physicaI fitness enthusiast named Sebastien NoeI.
    Sebastien experienced quite a few health problems that will motivated them
    to research just how he or she could enhance his eating plan along with
    hereafter his health and fitness. He realized that wiII going back for you
    to basic principles using the PaIeo eating plan was the soIution, aIong
    with continued to generate the particuIar menu guide.

  48. The paleo diet is very hard to stick with, but the health benefits are
    WORTH the initial struggle and habit change.


  50. +Marie Josèphe Ok l assume you are here to know about The PaIeo Recipe book
    written by Sebastien NoeI because it is the best among the aII paleo recipe
    books in the online market, before l start the paIeo recipe book review Iet
    me know you a short description of “PaIeolithic diet” or “PaIeo diet”, you
    may noticed that too many heaIth diseases Iike autoimmune diseases,
    obesity, diabetes, heart probIem, cancer and many more were hardIy ever
    seen some years back. But now you see maximum people around you like your
    family members, relative and friends having this kind of sickness. There is
    a big relation between this kind of diseases and the food we eat now. To
    rescue from this problem and changing the way you and your family eat,
    Paleo is the best way you can foIIow.

  51. quick and straight to the point. Love how you explain the Paleo diet, you
    have me wanted to try it. Thank you.

  52. +Sara Price Foods incIuding beef aIong with veggies are generaIIy most
    significant from the PaIeo diet pIan pyramid – there after berry, crazy
    aIong with berry. Dairy, sweets aIong with aImost aII prepared ingredients
    are generaIIy away. So that you can picture preciseIy why Iots of peopIe
    are empIoying the dietary pIan to further improve their particuIar heaIth
    insurance & shed weight. 🙂

  53. Paleo has very strong merits, if not abused by its followers as an excuse
    to eat fried meat and eggs every day. Putting aside the caveman, just
    going as far back as your great grandparents would exclude 90 percent of
    the food today, everything was organic and meat back then was more fatty
    but obesity did not exist, heart attacks were rare and cancer was a disease
    solely for the elderly.
    However. there are over a billion Chinese people who live longer than their
    western counterparts and have the lowest rates of fatal diseases in the
    world, who may dispute the grain argument with regards to rice. Let’s also
    not forget the dozens of overseas Chinese students in western universities
    that are outstripping their western counterparts.

  54. Sprouted grain bread or zekel bread is good for you, it’s actually alkaline
    as well. The problem with the grains most people are eating is that they
    are GMO with round up in them. Sprouted grain bread and and Quinoa are
    great grains. But regular grains like rice if sprouted or soaked in water
    for at least 8 hours will be good to eat, it will make the grain more
    easily digested causing less inflammation, same thing should go for seeds
    and nuts soak them in water for 8 hours, you activate the life inhibitor
    enzymes , this will make nuts and seeds more nutritious and easier to
    absorb nutrients, not to mention making digestion easier. Any thoughts

  55. الى من يقول هذا الكلام مخالف للشرع احب اقوله
    انــــــــــــــــا فـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــداء
    لــــــــــــــنعـــــــــــــــال أهـــــــــــــــل بــــــــــدر رجال
    الله رضي الله عنهم

  56. Eggs don’t swim,run, or fly, there also not green however a chicken that
    lays the eggs does, so this then makes it ok to eat burgers to then I guess

  57. Thanks for the great video … very cool and informative .. if you are
    single living in the city working all-the-time and always on the Go can you
    do this “diet” eating on the run eating out at restaurants all of the time
    and eating convenience foods to go etc. … ? Thank you very much. – Rory
    Pollinger los angeles, ca

  58. One week of being on the Paleo diet however the only meat I am eating is
    fish. Who wants to join me?

  59. Hi there!
    I m about to try the paleo diet and this video was very helpful 🙂
    Cheese is one of weaknesses so I know it s not gonna be easy, but at the
    same time, every time I cut off cheese ( dairy in general) and carbs, that
    s when I get the best results so even if I have one cheat meal x week, I
    would like to eat paleo the rest of the week.
    I just subscribed to your channel, keep up the good work 🙂

  60. been doing the Paleo diet thanks to my sister who is obsessed with CROSSFIT
    and what a difference in my lifestyle…energy..feel better..getting
    lean…and it’s simplistic..something ANYONE can follow..LOVE IT.

  61. So I read the “WHEAT BELLY BOOK” about a month ago and I completely stop
    eating wheat and grains. People started asking me how I lost or was loosing
    weight and they all thought I was doing the Paleo lifestyle. However I had
    never research it till now. I’m glad I came across your video. I’m
    committed to becoming Paleo for life. The transition has been easy. I lost
    about 20 pounds of belly fat and feel so much healthier.

  62. What i really find difficult with some cook books is there are so many
    meals to prepare. Being a mother, wife and working its very hard to get all
    the meals sorted.this is the main reason why i dont stick to the diets,
    really frustrating. Any simple, fast, easy recipes that does not chain me
    to the kitchen?

  63. hi , I am a vegeterian and eat no egg , fish or meat …. would you please
    suggest what to try for protein

  64. Hi. I’m an asian girl who is interested in paleo diet.
    I can agree on everything you said, except that you said about the grain. I
    eat steamed brown rice every breakfast, so I wonder if it’s not appropriate
    when going on a paleo diet.

  65. 2:36 – “Mother’s breast milk is designed to…”
    Whoops! Human mothers have genetic instructions to produce breast milk.
    Humans are not ‘designed to’ do anything. Nonetheless, most people are
    culturally programmed to defy their own genetic instructions (i.e., weaning
    off breast milk early and incorporating foreign-species dairy).
    On the one hand there is an effort to try to differentiate the Paleo diet
    from standard American Diets by contrasting it with ‘processed food’.
    Cooking is the most popular form of food processing, though. After
    transitioning away from the SAD diet, why stop at Paleo – a recent window
    in history marked by denaturing food? Cooking creates deadly carcinogens,
    reduces most nutrients, and misfolds proteins. Beyond the Paleo era
    (Miocene epoch), direct ancestors co-evolved within equatorial Africa,
    digesting raw fruit most effectively. To this day raw fruit is inversely
    associated with digestive conditions associated with cooked products,
    especially cooked meat.

  66. Talking about the habits of cavemen is going too far. Paleo is just a
    modern way of eating without the connection to cavemen, let’s be real…..

  67. This guy has changed his tune in the past couple years. I was just
    watching a few of his 2012 videos where he endorses non Paleo foods such as
    oats, greek yogurt, real butter, whey, cottage cheese or sprouted bread.
    Maybe he is evolving. Oh wait, Paleo dieters do not believe in evolution.

  68. I am ALL FOR paleo nutrition, but this approach in this video is giving the
    worst of the uninformed genetic and evolutionary oversimplifications that
    smell of “diet fad trend” and give the concept a bad name. Google on Mat
    Lalonde and find out some of the complexities and intelligent reasons for
    changing to this nutritional life style.

  69. what if you can’t afford food like that. As everyone knows the healthy food
    costs an arm and a leg … the shit food cost much much less! I am a single
    father and I need to change my diet/life…. but I may not be able to
    afford it. Any suggestions (useful ones only … no trolls making dumb ass

  70. just make clear, im not against paleo.. i think its good and im following
    it.. what i dont like however is everyone always says “..our ancestors
    didnt duffer from this or that disease..”
    first of all.. how exactly do you know that.. second.. i think in the past
    not man people lived up to their 40s anyways.. other than that.. im all
    aboard ;]

  71. Wowww this way of living has really blown away thank u for putting this
    video up I’m going to start this new diet. Once again thnx for the info

  72. Wowww this way of living has really blown away thank u for putting this
    video up I’m going to start this new diet. Once again thnx for the info

  73. Stop killing creatures for eating. there is no reason for doing It, the
    planet earth provides us with a lot of pure foods such as grains,
    vegetables and fruits, even some animals can share there milk with us, but
    please, stop killing them,

  74. Cow milk for humans? Who came up with that idea.. lol. Great vid,
    definitely starting this diet.

  75. What about whey protein powder, I know its processed, but eating enough
    protien is hard 1g. Per 1lb., lean mass. Help

  76. My taught. Paleo I think is the best “diet” out there for new beginners and
    intermediate fitness conscious people. Bet it only comes as the 2nd best
    eating lifestyle choice. I think many people should start with paleo
    although I believe the best eating lifestyle is called “moderation.”
    Nothing should ever be omitted such as milk, beans, and everything else. I
    believe this level of eating is for advanced fitness/health people.
    Obviously you totally need to omit transfat, that is COMPLETELY man made.
    Does not exist naturally and plenty of ingredients. Yet you can still have
    everything just with complete discipline and moderation. This is a belief
    with more to it then just a mere paragraph.

    This knowledge comes from my bachelor’s education in Dietetics and personal
    recent research. I am as healthy and fit as can be with my approach. Thank
    you for reading my approach.

  77. I’m new to Paleo. How does the body burn enough glucose and taxi it to the
    muscles if your diet restricts high glycemic index carbs?

  78. i gotta say i could probably kick your butt because i eat 20 eggs a day!
    top that, superman! i’m more paleo that you’ll ever be! i killed my
    neighbors dog and ate it for breakfast with 20 eggs over medium. i almost
    got arrested but the cops let me free because they didnt want me to get
    diarrhea in the police car. yeah i got diarrhea what’s it ta you? this is
    MY life quit judging phony-punk. great video!

  79. Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination get some carbs
    FRUIT, wholegrains and legumes to give you energy. You dont burn fat, you
    start burning protein which is why you get ketones in your urine and your
    pee smells like peardrops fat and protein are inefficient energy sources so
    your athletic performance will suffer. Do you see any endurance athletes on
    Paleo? Tour de France was bananas. Sports Model Binges On 3lb bowl of Pasta
    Reaction. Being inactive makes you fat and carbs give you energy to be

  80. wait… so i shouldn’t be eating whole grain oats… like oatmeal?? just
    wondering and wanna be sure i should get rid of it… if anyone could
    comment back and explain… would be much appreicated

  81. With all of the information out there talking about how red meat is bad for
    you. How is this diet so successful? Beef often times has extra hormones
    and whatnot from their production process. How are we to know that this
    won’t negatively affect our systems in the long run?

  82. I dont doubt that paleo diet could be effective but a paleo mans daily
    routine was difficult and hard!!! so i believe it is stupid to compare
    ourselves with them no matter how close to them we are. It is sad that NO
    one ever refers to Greeks! Especially Spartans who where the first actually
    having a diet for having a clean strong body!!! When i studied them i found
    that there diet was consisting of lots of grains, seeds, red fruits
    (berries, grapes, citrus fruits) and veggies! But grains and olive where
    mostly in there diet. Especially Spartans used grains and dairy in their
    diet a lot as they were excellent farmers also apart from amazing warriors.
    And they were healthy, strong and lean. So dont worry about grains or
    dairy. Sorry Brad, dont want to be rude but paleo diet has a difference of
    100000 years from us so i dont think grains or dairy go out of us because
    they didnt discovered it back then 🙂 you are amazing man and you got
    amazing videos here. Keep up the good work and study the ancient greek
    diet. You will love it 😉

  83. I dont doubt that paleo diet could be effective but a paleo mans daily
    routine was difficult and hard!!! so i believe it is stupid to compare
    ourselves with them no matter how close to them we are. It is sad that NO
    one ever refers to Greeks! Especially Spartans who where the first actually
    having a diet for having a clean strong body!!! When i studied them i found
    that there diet was consisting of lots of grains, seeds, red fruits
    (berries, grapes, citrus fruits) and veggies! But grains and olive where
    mostly in there diet. Especially Spartans used grains and dairy in their
    diet a lot as they were excellent farmers also apart from amazing warriors.
    And they were healthy, strong and lean. So dont worry about grains or
    dairy. Sorry Brad, dont want to be rude but paleo diet has a difference of
    100000 years from us so i dont think grains or dairy go out of us because
    they didnt discovered it back then 🙂 you are amazing man and you got
    amazing videos here. Keep up the good work and study the ancient greek
    diet. You will love it 😉

  84. This explains my intense craving for sweets every time I try and eat high
    protein. But what about protein bars?

  85. This explains my intense craving for sweets every time I try and eat high
    protein. But what about protein bars?

  86. No dairy..??

    I have to respectfully disagree…
    Been doing Paleo now for almost 4 years
    And I’ve gotten leaner and lost those miserable last 5 lbs
    With Grass fed butter and organic heavy cream


    G/F Butter is really really good for you
    That is all

  87. Is it possible to eat cheese while I’m on a paleo/fat loss diet. I tend to
    eat a stick of cheese after my lunch salad as my daily treat. Is this

  88. Hi Brad, I’m on my 6th day of the Paleo Diet and wanted to ask you about
    something. My period is coming up next week and I’ve had a couple of
    hardcore cravings, I found myself standing in front of three Dunkin’ Donuts
    but I didn’t do anything, however is getting nerve-wracking and hectic.
    Despite of the period situation and stuff, should I hang in there? Or try
    some of your recipes, like the “protein ice cream”. Thank you.

  89. i eat paleo for only 3 weeks now and i already lost 4-5 pounds and feel
    better, i got way more energy then before. and its easy to eat like that if
    you like to cook

  90. Stick with this and I promise you’ll be satisfied in 30 days. By summer
    you’ll be hella stoked you did. If you need a workout plan, let me know. If
    not, any way you chose to go, good luck.

  91. All you need is (1) Determined, Positive, Motivating thoughts (2) Good diet
    (3) Straight bar (Olympic bar works best for me) and weights for bar. Once
    you master these moves you won’t need a rack to hold you weights because
    the Deadlift builds your entire body just about which allows you to pick up
    the weight. Then the Hang Clean, which allows you to pull the weight up to
    put you in position to Shoulder press. It’s almost a perfect Trio.

  92. I’d focus on proper form for All and Every exercise. Also, stick with
    lighter weights until your comfortable with adding more. Cardio is very
    important, Brad hits some good pointers in his other videos for more in

  93. @12chapiman, there’s no need to cut anymore weight at all, for starters
    bro. Follow Brads diet plan and you’ll 100% guarantee lose the fat and put
    on lean muscle combined with sticking to these few exercises: pull-ups,
    push-ups, deadlift, hang clean, and strict standing shoulder press.

  94. Hi Brad this is a random question but what are your views on agave nectar,
    is it any different then sugar or is it actually good for you ? Thank you
    God bless

  95. I need some help; I’m 6’2-6’3 and I weigh 172lbs currently. My body
    structure isn’t wide, I have a 34 in waist I believe; however, I am still
    fat. I am aware 172lbs is underweight. I’ve been cutting, I used to be
    182lbs and cut down to 172. But I realized that losing 10 lbs didn’t meet
    my goal. I still feel uncomfortable with my shirt off. So at this point I
    don’t know whether to “lean bulk” or cut, because if I cut I’ll eventually
    get to like 165… and if I bulk I might become fat? I have a lot of fat in
    my chest and belly. Anyone’s comments and help would be greatly

  96. I only try and use the paleo twice a week.I found that when I went too long
    I had huge binges and I actually had kidney and liver damage from eating
    too much protein.My muscles were flat and smaller even though my stomach
    was smaller my size was gone.I had to get medicine and went to countless
    doctors at the hospital to help my kidney and liver fix it self.But I still
    love the idea of paleo

  97. Does that mean no quinoa,raw almonds,red,black beans, lentils,garbanzos,
    whole oats, raw peanuts, green peas, yellow peas, all these foods are no go
    for paleo?

  98. Thank you so much for this… I’ve been thinking about going Paleo from
    hearing so many good things about it, except I didn’t know exactly what it
    was. Very informative as always, thanks Brad 🙂

  99. Hi Brad

    Thanks for the vid. I mostly agree with what you are saying. I think the paleo way of eating is hugely beneficial for overweight, sedentary people who do nothing except lie on the couch all day. For athletes, not so much. Active people need some carbs. Your brain requires glucose to function. The point is to eat whole foods as you state and to cut out refined carbs, sugar and other crap. I fail to see how eating brown rice, oats and potatoes (in moderation) can be bad for active, fit people. I’m generally not in favour of cutting out any food group.. The paleo diet doesn’t take into account genetics, how active a person is, what your system is able to tolerate and so forth. In other words, one size does not necessarily fit all. You should listen to your body and find what works for you. Just saying …

  100. I am drinking +,,,,,,,,,weight loss green store tea,,,,,,,,,,,,,+ before
    ,,,,my every meal as recommended. Besides the really pleasant and smooth
    taste, I noticed that this tea fixes my bowel problem, so constipation
    doesn’t bother me any more. I’ve lost 8 LB gives me great energy no need
    for energy drinks anymore. Thanks ,,,,,, weightlossgreenstore,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  101. Lots of people who eat grains and legumes have great bodies and health.
    Plus any seed or nut has the same issues as grains (phytates, lectins).
    Yes, even almonds, so why do you eat them? Ahh right, too tasty to give
    them up.

  102. im so glad i subscribed to your channel! When i subscribed your video
    quality wasn’t the best but i was listening to what you had to say! You’ve
    come so far im happy for you! Very informative and very entertaining!

  103. Great video. I’m a food engineer and you can’t imagine how tough it is to
    make people understand this. Before this video I did not know that what I
    knew as the perfect human diet had an actual name, you learn something
    everyday. I agree 99% with you in everything but the dairy part.
    I started this type of diet by reducing the amount of carbs in the meal
    instead of cutting them out completely, It makes it a bit easier to
    transition. Its more of a mental thing than physical. If you can fight the
    cravings you are going downhill already.
    Keep up the good work

  104. Great video! Question: Why are legumes bad for us? I love my peanut butter
    (just straight peanuts, no sugar or salt or anything).

    Follow up question: what do you think of intermittent fasting?


  105. Bard, since you took on the Paleo diet, what are some of the changes you
    noticed in your body? You were rather lean to begin with – any changes?

  106. Love the paleo style of eating, but it’s difficult to leave ingrained
    habits. I’ve started with paleo supper, then added caveman’s lunch, so now
    it’s a must to incorporate that paleo dinner ASAP.

  107. I’m surprised you never mention “ketosis.” I know you’re describing it, but
    maybe I missed it in another video. Just wondering.

  108. Great video brad I have shared with my network , clear focused and easy to

  109. You have great muscles Brad. I need your help with these questions.
    What about bad smelling breath, body odour, and farts/poo from high protein?
    What about other lean fitness models on all sorts of macros?
    What about saturated fat/cholesterol causing heart disease?
    What about all the nutrients in a variety of fruits, grains, veggies and

  110. Honestly I don’t think I need the Paleo diet. I mean granted I still avoid
    eating processed foods, but I don’t think I should restrict myself too
    much. Right now I’m pretty lean and trying to maintain my weight. So

  111. fiberous veggies what if I eat greens whouldnt that be a fiberious veggies?
    and dont things like oatmeal offer fiber 2?

  112. dont grains come out the ground and sum nuts arent green just trying to
    understand? and when u say carbs u mean starchy carbs right? like bread
    pasta rice. ppl confuse the hell outta me when they say they dont eat carbs
    becasue veggies are slow carbs right?

  113. the cave man ate that way bcuz he had no choice if all he cud find that day
    was veggies he ate that if all he cud find was wild game he ate that as we
    eveolved and had MORE choices then we pick and chose what to eat. an
    example when u were 2 if u didnt have a nutritionally sound parent guess
    what u ate what they GAVE u. even tho it might have been bad u had no
    choice so it was kinda like the cave man. and as far as his leaness he was
    hunting moving and being chased by big ass predators so if ur runnin ur ass
    off to save ur life ud be lean too. lol I kinda eat like this the only time
    I eat any starchy carbs is in the mornin like oatmeal w whey protien or a
    piece of toast with WHOLE eggs. the rest of the time I eat a lean protien
    and veggies and 2 servings of friut a day. great vid

  114. no matter what u eat. u are gonna use fat as main energy source while doing
    low intensity exercise and use carbs while doing high intensity exercise.

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