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How To Get The Best Personal Training Clients #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 077

Body fat %, juice fasting, pre and post workout meals, getting rid of man boobs

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering 5 viewer questions including how to get the best personal training clients.

#AskLiveLeanTV is our interactive Q&A series where we answer your questions directly on camera.

Since Jessica is busy with the kids, I’m going solo today and will attempt to  answer 5 of your questions, in 5 minutes.

So sit back, enjoy, and take action on all the answers to today’s questions.

How To Get The Best Personal Training Clients #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 077

Today’s questions:

1. What is my body fat %? What is my current macro %?

2. Do I recommend juice fasting?

3. What do I eat pre & post workout?

4. How do I handle bad personal training clients?

5. How do you get rid of “Man Boobs”?

Be sure to keep reading to see all my answers.

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Question #1:

Brad, what is your body fat percentage and what is your grams intake on a daily basis for protein, carbohydrates, and fats?

Great question.

When it comes to an exact body fat percentage, who really knows?

Body Fat %

I say this, because depending on which tool you use to measure your body fat, it’ll be different.

In other words, one method will give you one measurement, while a different method will calculate a different body fat percentage.

Brad Gouthro Body Fat %

The last time I checked my body fat percentage was with my handheld bio-electrical impedance monitor.

My body fat percentage using this tool has ranged from 7-9.2%.

But where I am now in my Live Lean Journey, I don’t personally put too much emphasis on body fat percentage.

I prefer to look in the mirror, and if I like what I see, I stick with my workout and nutrition program.

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If I don’t like what I see, or my performance goes down in the gym or
on the sports field, I change up the intensity, volume, or frequency of my workout program, and dial in my nutrition.

For me, I like to be in the 8-9% body fat range, all year round.

The second part to that question had to do with my macronutrient breakdown.

My macronutrient ratios

The Journey To My Healthy Diet Routine

I would say my current macronutrient ratios are very close to:

  • Protein: 35-40%
  • Carbohydrates: 20-25%
  • Fat: 40-45%

Even though I say I eat the Live Lean Way, if I had to pick a popular diet that is most similar, it would be the Paleo diet.

The foods I eat are primarily whole foods, high in animal protein, high in fat, along with carbohydrates that are high in fiber and low in sugar.

Question #2:

Would you recommend juice fasting?

Everything that I share on Live Lean TV is about lifestyle.

The idea behind juice fasting is to cleanse your body and to get rid of some of the toxins that you’re building up from eating the wrong types of foods.

juice cleanse diet

If you’re following the Live Lean Way of eating, juice fasting and cleansing your body is not needed because you’re not putting a lot of toxins into your body, since you’re primarily eating real whole foods.

But if you just started following the Live Lean Way of eating, a juice fasting diet could work for you to help create momentum.

I’ve actually tried a juice fast before

I went one day where I just had water and orange juice, and it was tough.

Juice Cleanse Diet

It seemed like every commercial on TV was for a fast food restaurant.

So I didn’t enjoy it.

I haven’t done a juicing fast in a long time and I may never do one again.

But you know what, you just have to figure out what works for you.

Question #3:

What should I eat before and after a workout?

Before you go into your workout, you want to make sure you don’t have a lot of heavy foods in your stomach.

When you have a lot of food in your stomach before you workout, your body is not going to effectively digest that food.

Meaning it’s essentially just going to sit in your stomach.

Pre-workout meal

So you want to make sure you give yourself enough time before your workout to digest your pre-workout meal.

Best Pre Workout Meal In The Morning

I recommend at least 1 hour, but prefer eating your pre-workout meal 2-3 hours before you go into the gym.

Before a workout, I like to have a protein source like a chicken breast and a fat source like eggs, and if I’m trying to build muscle, maybe a carbohydrate source like sweet potato.

Early Morning Pre Workout Meal

I shared a 7 of my best early morning pre-workout meals here.

Post workout meal

During your post workout meal, you can actually have a little bit of fun.

This is when your body is craving for sugar to fill up your depleted glycogen levels.

During this time, I recommend a fast digesting meal like a post workout shake.

My Postworkout Protein Shake

You can add in a whey isolate or egg protein powder along with some simple sugars like maple syrup or honey, and pineapple or berries.

The fasting digesting carbohydrate sources can help to quickly restore your depleted glycogen levels after a tough workout.

This will you repair and recover faster so you are ready for your workout the following day.

Question 4:

Being a fitness coach, how do you deal with difficult clients, or clients who don’t show initiative and drive when it comes to working out?

Does that really happen?

Actually it happens all the time.

Even though I don’t train very many people 1 on 1 anymore, I used to interview people before taking them on as a client.

How To Get The Best Personal Training Clients #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 077

I would not take on a client who did not want their results as much as I wanted it for them.

That’s a waste of my time, it’s a waste of their time, and it’s ultimately a waste of money.

So I’d interview them to see how driven and committed they were to start their Live Lean Journey.

How To Get The Best Personal Training Clients #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 077

If we didn’t see eye to eye, I wouldn’t take them on.

I’ve even fired clients in the past

Rather than interviewing them, I just took them, but they just didn’t give the effort required in the gym, and they didn’t commit to the nutrition plan either.

So I told them, unfortunately this isn’t working, so it’s time to move on.

You need to find your ideal client avatar, and then build that relationship so they stay with your for the long-term.

How To Get The Best Personal Training Clients #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 077

Over the long-term is where you’ll see drastic results, not a 6 week program.

There are so many people out there that need good fitness coaches.

So rather than taking every single client on, find the clients that are truly committed and value your help.

When it’s a good fit, the results will come.

I’m sure I’m past 5 minutes, but lets jump into the last question.

Question 5:

How do you get rid of man boobs?

They didn’t use the term “man boobs” but we’ll keep it PG.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Here’s how to naturally get rid of man boob.

It’s all about body fat.

However where that fat gets stored could be a hormonal issue.

A lot of times when fat gets stored in the upper chest region for males, the  foods they are eating and the chemicals they are putting on their body are very estrogen dominant.

Toxic Skincare Ingredients

This causes a male’s hormonal balance to be out of whack

For example, they may not be producing as much testosterone and they may be producing more estrogen.

This is happening a lot in today’s society.

Man Boobs

Just look at all of the processed foods and chemicals that we are putting in and on our bodies.

Even the chemicals from the environment are bad for our hormones.

If you just look at the research on males, the testosterone to estrogen balance is way off.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally For Men

So here’s your game plan:

Just by eating primarily real whole foods and following a properly structured resistance training program, you’re going to lose body fat, including your man boobs.

That was answers to 5 questions in approximately 5 minutes.


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