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Best Pre-Workout Meal /Nutrition Tips

Hey Live Leaners,

Are you looking for the best pre-workout meal, especially when your workout is first thing in the morning? Get lean faster by following these pre-workout nutrition tips on today’s Live Lean TV episode.

If you’re looking to get faster results and improve your performance in the gym, your pre-workout meal is essential.

Pre-workout nutrition 101

Pre-workout nutrition is very important in reaching your training goals.

A lot of stress is placed on the muscle fibers during your workout.

This is what causes the muscle damage/breakdown.

This stress can cause a catabolic (breaking down) hormonal response in the body.

Not good.

We’re lifting weights to grow muscle not lose muscle.

This is where proper PRE-workout nutrition comes into play.

The goal of pre-workout nutrition is to properly fuel the body and mind for increased performance during the upcoming training session, keep the body hydrated, and increase muscle protein synthesis (thus decreasing muscle protein breakdown).

I know a lot of you workout first thing in the morning, which is awesome, but the question I always get is…

“What I should eat before my morning workout?”

Guess what?

I already gave you the answer in a previous video…

The Meat and Nuts breakfast.

It’s essentially a high protein, low carb or low glycemic breakfast.

This type of breakfast is proven to increase your performance in the gym, control your appetite throughout the day, increase your energy, and improve your mental clarity.

By eating a high carb sugary breakfast (like your typical cereal, orange juice, and a banana), your blood sugar rises, spiking your insulin, which then removes the sugar from your blood quickly, causing you to crash. The last thing you want during your workout.

Stick with the meal and nuts breakfast for the best pre-workout meal…

Stick with the meat and nuts pre-workout meal approach to get the essential amino acids, increase focus, reduce fatigue, and increase protein synthesis while in the gym.

The meat and nuts breakfast may seem heavy that early in the morning, but it doesn’t need to be a big meal. Just a small amount is better than nothing. By the time you finish eating and get on the gym floor, more than likely the 45 mins of digestion time will pass and you’ll be ready to hit the workout hard.

I don’t care if you train at 5am. If you’re serious about taking your body to the next level, this should be your staple pre-workout breakfast. Get up 30 mins earlier. Do what it takes.

Other Options

If you want to be the best, you have to take the necessary steps, no matter how unconventional they may be, to be the best.

However, if for some reason, you refuse to have the meat and nuts breakfast that early in the morning, it’s essential that you at least have a protein source.

I’m talking about an egg, fish, or nut butter and an apple. Solid food is your best option pre-workout vs. a shake because it will help maintain energy and focus during the workout.

However, if you can’t do that, go with protein powder mixed with water. But don’t forget to also take your protein shake after the workout as well.

Fasted Early Morning Training vs. Fueled Early Morning Training

And for those of you who want to train fasted in the morning, check this out.

As you know, one of the major components of your workouts to live lean is to maximize the afterburn effect (i.e. burning more calories for 24-48 hours after you leave the gym).

A study was done on people eating breakfast pre-workout vs working out fasted. The amount of calories burned DURING the workout was the same. BUT the number of calories burned 24 hours AFTER the workout was substantially more for people that had a pre-workout breakfast.

Also the study showed the people that ate a pre-workout breakfast burned more fat as energy vs carbohydrates.  The fasted group burned more carbs than fat.

So here are your key takeaways…

1. Your morning pre-workout meal should be higher in protein and lower in carbs. I’m talking beef, fish, or turkey, and some nuts. If your allergic to nuts, use low glycemic fruits like berries and leafy greens.

However go with nuts if you can, as the fructose in fruit pre-workout can decrease the usage of fat for fuel during your workout.

2. If this is new to you, start by eating a small serving and be sure to prepare it the night before. Take a few bites and build your body’s tolerance up to begin wanting to eat breakfast. Also take your fish oil after your meal to help improve energy, muscle gain, and insulin sensitivity.

3. Yes coffee (or green tea) can be good pre-workout as the caffeine has been shown to elevate fat burning by up to 15% during your workout. Or use a pre-mixed pre workout supplement like MyPre from MyProtein.

Questions For You:

– Do you workout in the morning?

– If so, do you eat before or do you train fasted (no food)?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below.



The Afterburn Effect Workout



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107 responses to “Best Pre-Workout Meal In The Morning Or Anytime #LLTV

  1. Hi Brad, I generally work out in the afternoon, can I take the same meal
    before workout or I can have this in the morning and then workout in the

  2. I DISAGREE. I have the best morning workouts after eating whole fruits or
    fruit juiced in a juicer – 2 oranges, 1 apple and 1 banana. This gives me
    Instant energy which lasts throughout the workout, and after the workout I
    eat whole foods.

  3. if I just do yoga in the morning and I do my gym workouts after i get off
    of work later in the day should i still eat before our is after fine

  4. What is the cheapest protein source i can get or what can i replace it with
    ? I mean like , i dont have much money because im not working yet and i
    dont want to use too much of my parents money for those proteins .

  5. Hey Brad,I’m sticking to the logic about no carbs and I’m currently having
    8 egg white half a scoop of whey and some almonds how does it sounds?
    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  6. you are saying to eat a meat and nuts breakfast pre workout early morning
    but in a previous video you said do not eat fats around workout time.
    Doesnt make sense.


  7. I like that the human body is so different from each other, everyones
    muscles and physique looks kinda different from each other, and i have to
    say dude, your body is very very good looking, no homo. I noticed the abs
    instantly, very nice look to them.

  8. +Brad Gouthro +Brad Gouthro I’m lost. In the vid you say 45 minutes. Yet in
    one of your replies to someone’s question, you say 2 to 3 hrs should be
    So what is it approximately?

  9. +Brad Gouthro +Brad Gouthro I’m lost. In the vid you say 45 minutes. Yet in
    one of your replies to someone’s question, you say 2 to 3 hrs should be
    So what is it approximately?

  10. Hey brad great video man.. Quick question how many ounces of chicken and
    nuts should I have preworkout??

  11. I only eat fresh cut grass. Like from my lawn. What’s a good pre workout
    meal? Keep in mind, I don’t consume anything that isn’t water or fresh cut
    lawn. Ok, not totally true. One time I ate some tree bark but then I felt
    really bad about it for weeks because I hurt a tree. Grass is different. It
    doesn’t feel pain or have feelings. But trees do. So yeah, what should I
    eat so I can get all covered in veins?

  12. Hi Brad I have a question, what about for people who don’t eat meats what
    are good pre and post workout meals, smoothies, snacks for like me who want
    to gain muscle or lean muscle not sure what’s the difference? TIA

  13. no carbs before workout?? insulin levels drop dramatically for the first
    10 minutes of exercise regardless of nutrition.. poor respondents can
    experience this for longer but the initial drop in insulin has been shown
    not to negatively effect performance in numerous studies… consuming high
    Gi prior to exercise allows better glycogen reserves and when consumed with
    ~20g PRO (~7g essential amino acids) both CHO and PRO uptake are
    optimized… low GI will not be stored as glycogen until later that
    day… protein is only used as fuel when glycogen is depleted (hitting the
    wall).. make use of your PRO through protein re-synthesis and not as
    note: the insulin drop, which has NOTHING to do with carbs (exercise
    start) doesn’t have to hamper performance.. just do a warm up involving
    short sprint movements so it falls within this time…

  14. is it me or do 90 percent of fitness gurus on youtube hold they’re hands at
    a 90 degree bend tensing they’re arm.

  15. Brad would u still advise eating meat and nuts before a heavy weights
    session followed by cardio or would u advise having some good carbs pre
    workout in that case?

  16. Does the same apply on cardio days? I once read it is better to do cardio
    on an empty stomach first thing when you wake up. The rationale was that
    the body uses energy sources in the following order: carbs, fat, muscle.
    When you wake up in the morning, your body is already low on carbs. So the
    next energy source would be fat. If you were to eat (assuming some carbs in
    the meal), then the body would carbs to use as fuel instead of using its
    reserves (the fat). Thoughts?

  17. Brad,
    Really enjoyed your video, and I like the meat & nuts approach. I personally find it hard to scarf down any kind of meat first thing in the morning…it just feels weird, but the nuts, apples, coffee, I can definitely do!

    My personal favorite is to take a protein powder since it’s convenient and gives me what I need before a morning workout. Do you find in your experience that solid foods give you better energy than powdered supplements?

  18. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Thanks for posting it! My husband and I were SO sluggish,
    at the gym, lately, and couldn’t figure out why. I had been following your
    video’s advice(the one about the percentages of fats, carbs, etc.), and
    couldn’t understand why I wasn’t performing as well. THIS explained it. HA!
    Thanks a million times for posting all of your videos!!!!! This girl is
    eternally grateful!

  19. You are correct. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    you can see it here

  20. Yep I agree. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly.

    get to know here

  21. My family laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Elite Muscle Formula”, but then they saw the results. Google Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction.

  22. Why are you against providing your body with carbs pre-workout? the primary energy source? Protein is not the “optimal energy.” It is last in line when it comes to providing energy (after carb / fats).

    And why are you suggesting protein shakes before and after a workout … that is silly. There is no such thing as the magical post workout phase of crazy muscle building absorption. As long as you get the protein in … doesn’t matter.

  23. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other people build muscle easily using Ripped X Beast (search for it on Google).

  24. do you eat this before lifting weights? i thought you weren’t supposed to eat fats before lifting? if you eat carbs before lifting, what kind of carbs do you eat? love your videos and thank you in advance for the response!! like so he can see this

  25. some people look at it that way but I’m all about supplying my body with optimal energy so I can push myself even harder during the workout

  26. you said that fat takes longer to digest than carbs and takes away from the workout so why have a high fat breakfast?? plus is it not true that fat pre workout mess ur hormone balance for the workout??

  27. If you want to lose fat quickly, you should look up on google “Atomic Fat Loss”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  28. i recommend you do. if you’re really going hard with your’s best to have some protein in the body

  29. What about blending your food? I normally blend a tin of tuna with an ounce or two of peanuts and carrot juice. I’m thinking about doing that to chicken as well, just to get more quality protein.

  30. Hi there. Just started on this today, I still need some info on post workout meals. 1 hour after my morning workout i eat my oatmeal, with 1 piece of dark chocolate, a spoon of peanutbutter, and a scoop of syntha 6 mint/chocolate protein, from my understanding (in day 30 of MI40 program by Ben Pakulski), you need this kind of food postworkout, but only in the 3 hour window after the gym session, wouldn’t you agree? )

  31. If you have the fats Pre workout and have a heavy workout as you should won’t the carbs post workout cause the fats to store??

  32. go check out my video “fat burning furnace” for the detailed answer. simple answer. i don’t eat wheat.

  33. i don’t eat grains or dairy milk so i wouldn’t recommend that. if you want a complex carb source before your workout…go with sweet potato.

  34. Oatmeal,milk and eggwhites. Is that a good breakfast, and pwo meal? Btw i allways thought that you needed much carbs b4 your workout? You said that 25% carbs should be before your workout in another video

  35. Last question, with me cutting out my breads I don’t have a lunch meal now. I do rice, asparagus and/or chicken and fish twice a day but what about a easy cost efficient lunch meal I can make?

  36. cut the kashi out of your diet. a lot of research has shown they use GMO soy in it. Not a food to live lean. Meat & nuts breakfast is where it’s at

  37. I am up at 5:30 am, have 100ml of water mixed with 1 scoop of protein powder, put my hair up, get dresses, brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I am out the door heading to the gym and usually start my workout with some cardio at 5:45 am or 5:50 am . Is there a better choice for my pre-workout meal? I do not feel like eating that early and gulping down my “mini” shake works for me, but does it do my body any good? Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

  38. Hi, stumbled upon your blog for the first time and I am impressed. Loved your writings.. Subscribed and looking forward to more interesting posts. Keep rocking. x


  39. Hi Brad, love your show. Can you do a video on fruits? How much fruit should I eat, and can replace rice or oats with fruit instead? Thanks

  40. I heard your not supposed to fats pre and post because since your insulin is up because of the workout then if you consume fat insulin will come in and store that as fat. Is that true Brad?

  41. Is it good to eat before your workout? I read on body builder dot com that you shouldn’t eat? I just started working out and eating better and your channel is so helpful!!

  42. great video Brad. We used to eat before we worked out but this past few months we workout in the morning on an empty stomach. And so far seem to be doing fine. But might play around with eating more again.

  43. Hi Brad, me too, I’m a bit confused.. in an other post, you stated that ‘the majority of your fat consumption should be away from your workouts, but on this post, your saying to eat nuts… isn’t nuts considered as fat ???

    1. Hey Annie, here was my reply to Allysa … “great point. As you get to know me better, you’ll see that I’m constantly using myself as a test for different training and nutrition techniques in search for peak performance. Ultimately you have to figure out what works best for you since each person’s body reacts differently. This is just another option. Great pickup though and thanks for calling me out on it “

  44. In a previous video you said that the most of the carbs we consume in a day should be pre and post workout. I’m really confused after this video now..

    1. Hey Alyssa, great point. As you get to know me better, you’ll see that I’m constantly using myself as a test for different training and nutrition techniques in search for peak performance. Ultimately you have to figure out what works best for you since each person’s body reacts differently. This is just another option. Great pickup though and thanks for calling me out on it 😉

  45. caffeine in coffee raises cortisol levels leading to abdominal fat gain. Also you need some energy source to workout from a carb, either complex or a piece of small fruit to go with protein or you get sluggish. plus i do fasted workout for half an hour a morning to tone and im only 19.2% body fat for a girl and quickly working down to my goal or 16%. theres no one way to do things, its what works for you personally.

  46. Super similar to how I’m eating now without white starches or wheats….and no sugar….un paleo gluten free 😉 I just have a hard time eating before working out so I eAt immediately after!

  47. If I workout in the evening, should I still eat meat n nuts as a breakfast? Considering that my breakfast is not my pre workout meal?

  48. wow this is really interesting! i do workout in the morning and don’t eat before because itz so early. hmmm maybe need to reconsider. very interesting about the after burn effect!

  49. i’m continously researching, learning, and staying up to date on all the best ways to live lean. If you have to eat oats, try the gluten/wheat free kind.

  50. I work out on evenings – like around 5 which is long after lunch and before dinner. When should I have the meal and nut meal?

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