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Best Protein Sources To Burn Belly Fat

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Are You Eating The Wrong Types of Protein?

On this episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing the best protein sources to burn belly fat, as well as why these high quality protein sources help you build muscle and burn fat faster.

There are so many health benefits of protein.

But before getting into them, let me first set the tone by explaining the meaning behind the word “protein”.

Protein comes from a Greek word meaning “of prime importance”.

I think this says it all.

Most people know protein helps build lean muscle tissue, but it also provides your body with many other health benefits.

Within this video post, I want to enlighten you with a few of these lesser known health benefits of protein, and then compare foods with high quality protein vs. low quality protein.

Let’s start off by defining what a high quality protein is.

Essential vs Non-Essential Amino Acids

Without boring you to death, let me simplify it this way.

Protein is made up of amino acids. 

These amino acids are comprised of non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids.

Best High Protein Foods For Weight Loss And Muscle Building

Certain amino acids are classified as non-essential since the body can produce them on its own.

Other amino acids are classified as essential amino acids since the body can not produce them own its own. 

In other words, it’s mandatory to consume essential amino acids, on an ongoing basis, from food, since the body can not produce them.

I say ongoing, because the body can’t store these essential amino acids for later use. 

Essential amino acids also stimulate protein synthesis for muscle repair and muscle growth.

How Many Meals A Day To Increase Protein Synthesis

Muscle Is The Key To Living Lean

Remember, muscle is the key to Living Lean because it is the driver of your metabolism.

The more lean muscle tissue you have:

  1. the faster your metabolism will be.
  2. the more calories you will burn throughout the day.
  3. the more lean and sexy you will be.

The 3 Most Important Essential Amino Acids

The 3 most important essential amino acids are referred to as branch chained amino acids, i.e. BCAAs.

BCAAs are comprised of the following essential amino acids:

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • valine

A high quality protein source typically contains 10 grams of essential amino acids at every meal.

A lot of people supplement by buying BCAA powder, which I often recommend if you don’t eat enough protein.

Do You Need To Supplement With BCAAs? (ARE BCAAS GOOD FOR YOU?)

But don’t forget, BCAAs are also naturally found in food.

High Quality Protein Burns More Belly Fat

In a 5 year study, a group with a higher quality protein intake experienced the highest reduction in their waist circumference and visceral belly fat.

In other words, higher levels of BCAAs in your body, are often associated with lower body fat and greater lean muscle, for both men and women.

Based on this, remember to plan your meals so each one includes a high quality protein source.

A food is considered to be a high quality protein source when it is complete and high in all the essential amino acids, mentioned above.

Best Protein Sources To Burn Belly Fat

The following high protein foods help control fat gain by keeping you feeling fuller, longer.

The more full and satisfied you feel, the less calories you will take in throughout the day.

Building lean muscle tissue is also key to staying young and vital, as it is a key driving force in keeping your metabolism high.

Here are some examples of high quality complete protein sources.

Complete high quality protein sources with the highest amount of essential amino acids include:

Examples of Low Quality Incomplete Protein Sources

An incomplete protein does not include high levels of the essential amino acids to optimally stimulate protein synthesis, muscle growth, and repair.

These incomplete low quality protein sources include:

  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Chick peas
  • Whole wheat bread

If you’re vegan or a vegetarian, it’s important for you to pay close attention to food combining, so each food compliments one another.

For example, when you combine beans and rice together, it can create a complete protein, with all the essential amino acids.

If you eat quinoa, it’s also a complete protein on it’s own.

Also, just because the food label on whole wheat bread says it contains 5g of protein, this does not mean bread is a complete protein source.

Therefore, on its own, whole wheat bread will not optimally stimulate muscle building and repair.

So bread is pointless, but you already knew that, right?

Is Too Much Protein Bad For Your Kidneys?

You may have heard that too much protein is bad for your kidneys.

Yes, excessive amounts of protein can be hard on your kidneys.

But when I say excessive, I mean EXCESSIVE!!

Believe me, you’d have to eat an incredible amount of chicken breasts to hit the excessive mark.

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