14 Day Lose Fat Quickly Diet Challenge #LLTV


How To Lose Fat Quickly In Two Weeks

Hey Brad, I did the challenge and I’ve lost 5 pounds over the 2 weeks. I wasn’t even really strict. This really does work and if I had been more strict I know I would have lost even more. – Shannon

Beach season is almost here and with that, I always get asked, “Brad, how can I lose fat quickly, in just 2 weeks?”.

Ask and you shall receive.

Are you ready for the Live Lean 14 day “Lose Fat Quickly” Diet Challenge?

But wait…

I know what you’re thinking, “Brad, I thought you hated lose fat quickly diets?”.


However I love challenges, and this short-term diet approach does work, especially for approximately 75% of the population who are carb sensitive.

But I have to be upfront, this diet challenge MAY NOT be for everyone.

If you’re a vegetarian, this diet challenge won’t work for you.

And like any diet challenge, if you’re not committed, this won’t work for you.

This Live Lean 14 Day “Lose Fat Quickly” Diet Challenge is similar to the “Protein Goal Diet” created by Charles Poliquin.

Here’s how the 14 Day “Lose Fat Quickly” Diet Challenge works…

[Note: Another Live Leaner just told me she created a Facebook Event Group as support for this 14 Day Diet Challenge. Join it here –> https://www.facebook.com/events/147685102086134/]

1. High protein from animals

  • beef
  • chicken
  • fish
  • seafood
  • turkey
  • eggs

2. High omega-3 fats

  • fish
  • free range eggs
  • grass fed beef
  • high quality fish oil supplement

3. Carbs LIMITED to…

  • green veggies, but in UNLIMITED quantities


Sure, some people can still get results when eating sugary carbs, BUT the problem tends to be with portion control.

Once you have some sugar, it usually leads to more.

So, lets remove that temptation for the next 14 days.

To calculate your Protein goal

MALES: multiply 1.5-2.0 by your bodyweight in pounds.

For example, I’m 180 lbs:

180 x 1.5 = 270 grams of protein per day.


180 x 2.0 = 360 grams of protein per day.

My protein goal range per day is 270-360 grams per day for the next 14 days. 

FEMALES: multiply 0.6 by your bodyweight in pounds.

For example, if you’re 150 lbs…

150 x 0.6 = 90 grams of protein per day for the next 14 days.

To calculate your Fish Oil goal…

Charles Poliquin (creator of the diet) recommends multiplying 1.5 by your body fat in pounds and consuming that number in grams of a fish oil supplement.


For example, I’m 8% body fat…

180 lbs x 8% = 14.4 lbs of body fat.

14.4 x 1.5g = 21.6 grams of omega-3 fish oil per day for the next 14 days.

THIS IS ACTUALLY how much Ascenta NutraSea Omega-3 Fish Oil I take a day (I take the liquid, not the capsules). Use DISCOUNT CODE: “LIVE LEAN” for 25% off.

However, if you have higher body fat than me, you can see taking even more fish oil per day could be very expensive.

If this is the case, MY recommendation: follow the dosage recommendation on your fish oil product, BUT really focus on eating a lot of omega-3 rich fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc. for the next 14 days.

Also add other healthy sources of dietary fat as well…

Nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados’¦you can get a full list of healthy sources of fat via my grocery list. Access that grocery list via my Live Lean Starter Guide.

For carbs…

It should all come from green veggies. This means no starchy carbs like potatoes AND NO FRUIT.

Yes, I said it…no fruit. Since we’re trying to limit sugar for the next 14 days, even though fruit is healthy, it has a lot of sugar.

Meal Times…

Aim for 6-7 meals a day.

Note: If you’re like me and take branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) during your workout, you can count that as the 7th meal.

So divide your total protein number in grams by 6 or 7.

For example, my protein goal was 270-360 grams per day.

If you’re eating 6 meals a day: 270/6 = 45 grams per meal

If you’re eating 7 meals a day: 270/7 = 39 grams per meal


360/6 = 60 grams per meal

360/7 = 51 grams per meal

Now you don’t need to be exact and obsessive to lose fat quickly.  

At first, use a scale to get a visual appreciation for the portion size needed to hit your goal. Once you get this basic understanding, you can eyeball it.

Also, remember this trick, 100 grams of animal protein like beef, chicken, and seafood is roughly 22 grams of protein. My goal is 45g of protein per meal, so I need roughly 200 grams of meat per meal.

Always be sure to rotate your food choices…

…especially your protein sources. Don’t just eat 7 meals of chicken. Plan a meal with beef, then chicken, then fish, etc.

And a little tip’¦whenever I go out to eat, I always try to order a protein source I don’t normally eat at home, like a different type of fish or meat.

And Finally…

1. Stop eating 2 hours before you go to bed.

2. If you miss a meal or two through the day, DO NOT try to pile in the food before you go to bed. Forget about it and start fresh the next day.

3. Treat yourself to a cheat meal after the initial 14 days and continue eating a cheat meal every 5 days. And once you get below 10% body fat (or 20% for females), enjoy a full cheat day!

After 14 days…

Compare your before/after pics, share them with me, and analyze how you feel internally. 

How To Tell If You’re Sensitive To Carbs…

You know I’m all about teaching you how to get and more importantly STAY lean. Typically once you’re living lean for a year and a half, your sensitivities to carbohydrates can go down.

One way to test this is where you tend to store fat. If you store fat in the “love handles” or the subscapular site (over your upper back) it can be a sign you have sensitivities to carbs.

As your tolerance to carbs goes up, you’ll notice the body fat in these 2 areas will go down.


So there you go, give this 14 day lose fat quickly diet challenge a try. You never know, you could love the results and maintain it FOREVER!

I’m interested in your experiences with this 14 Day Lose Fat Quickly Diet Challenge.

In the comment section below, let me know how you do!

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Questions For You:

– Have you had any success in the past with 14 day lose fat quickly diets?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below.


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175 responses to “14 Day Lose Fat Quickly Diet Challenge #LLTV


  2. Brad you mention no carbs at all. Can I eat a banana or something like this
    after my workout to replenish my glycogen? I appreciate that you said know
    fruit but this would literally be my one piece a day and it would be taken
    when my insulin is most sensitive. would this be ok?

  3. Hi brad! I love ur videos u and Jessica are awesome keep the great work u
    guys and congrats for ur engagement! A have a question I’m 15 years old 5
    feet 2 and weight 118 pounds I’m taking about 100 of protein a day is that
    alright? I curently workout at home I do focus t25 by shaunt t I’m seen
    results but I’m not sure if my protein intake is ok coz I’ve seen some ppl
    saying 1g × lb others say 0.9 or 0.6 I’m confused pls help!

  4. hey coach i”m very interesting and i will try this diet .but the problem is
    that when i do low carbs with high intesity of cardio i always feel tired ?
    so what’s your advice ?

  5. Wow your speech is so quick and stress full to keep up to. Thank God your
    other videos tutorial are not so quick. Thanks for the good advices peace
    unto you.`

  6. There is no science to this…

    The science shows you need to maintain a weight lifting routine in order to
    maintain your muscles. Even eating less than 80 grams of protein a day- no
    muscle lost over a 12 week period. Check out Brad Pilon.

  7. I am in my cutting phase currently. I do Hiit sprints every 2 days and
    every other day I just walk. I reduced my calories dramatically and just
    have a quick question for you. My mom is European and she loves to cook
    everyday dinner using potatoes. And not just a little. But when she puts
    them on the dish it’s a pretty good amount with butter on top with onions.
    Almost too much to be honest. Should I stay away from potatoes? Because
    they are carb’s and when I sprint I heard that I then burn first the
    carbohydrates before I tap into my fat storage. I hear that potatoes are
    good for you, but other people have said that they are bad when cutting.
    What is the truth?

  8. Dont you mean 1.5 to 2 times LEAN BODY MASS in pounds, not total weight

    if you weigh 200 pounds, theres no way anyone but Gary Coleman should be
    eating 400+ grams of protein a day

    400 grams of protein * 4 = 1600 calories just in protein

  9. I started this diet on this Monday. I started at 220 lbs and now I’m at 214 lbs . Today is Friday. I like this diet because I still get to eat meat which is great! I’m glad this is helping me lose weight and I hope to lose more by the time I finish this diet. It’s hard to avoid cheat meals lol but I think I can hold.

  10. ok by Vegetarian you mean Vegan? I’m a vegetarian but seldom consume eggs,
    seafood and fish (pescetarian). So can I do this for 14 days eating those
    three items including a vegan protein shake like Sunwarrior which is
    practically carb free? I’ve never had abs and have been working out 4 days
    a week for over a year now 🙁 Def part of that 75% carb sensitive type.
    Sigh damn Italian upbringing.

  11. Meal Frequency is irrelevant It’s all Bullshit Bro Science what supplement
    company’s and magazines push and market and want you to Believe

  12. Hey brad , I’m a 16 year old in highschool and I really don’t have the
    opportunity to eat 6 meals a day and I’m interested in losing weight , got
    any advise ?

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  18. How much carbs are you suppose to take?
    You tallk about the proteins and fish oil, but you didnt say how much fats or carbs your suppose to take?
    Would 2 liters of water be good with this?
    Would a protein shake be okay after your workout with this diet?
    Does 1 egg equal to 6 grams of protein?
    How much body fat could you lose within this period of time with this diet?
    Could you go longer then 14 days with this diet?

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    The best customized nutrition plan
    It is not possible.

  20. Before going on this diet, I have supplemented my protein with whey protein powder. Is this allowed for the 14 day diet? I probably know the answer is no since it’s not animal protein. But, is there some other protein powder we could use?

  21. During this 14 day challenge would you still include warm lemon water in the morning? I know you said no fruit, so I was just curious. Thanks so much! 🙂

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  23. I hear ya. I get symptoms of lactose intolerance when I drink milk or eat cheese. For some reason, greek yogurt doesn’t seem to affect me as much. I’ve never seen coconut blend yogurts but I’m going to look for them now. Thanks!

  24. not a fan of dairy as my body (and many other people’s body) doesn’t react well to it (bloating and congestion). try coconut blend yogurts.

  25. Hi. What are your thoughts on dairy products? I like to eat greek yogurt (full fat, plain) with some blueberries and honey. I guess I’ll knock out the blueberries and honey, but wondering if this could fit in with this food plan.

  26. Hey Brad, I would consider doing this challenge, but I’ve been dieting for about 4 weeks of a 40-40-20 split losing fat at a decent rate. Obviously it’s slowed down as I get less and less…would this challenge work for the last bit of fat that I have?? I’m around 180 grams of carbs and protein and 40 fats (healthy fats) working out 6 days per week cardio at least every other day trying to get around 8% BF…I can switch easily, just curious if it would be worth the time or just stick with it.

  27. Thank you so much for the information. i will try this awesome diet for 14 days. i have my last question.what about my carbs post workout? that is what im confused about

  28. i have loads of energy and I follow a lower carb lifestyle. the first 7-14 days of the transition is tough…but that’s just your body adapting. Once you get over it, it’s awesome!

  29. Hi Brad. Big fan here. I am fairly lean, but im trying to get rid of that last bit of fat in my lower stomach. I go to the gym 3x a week ( chest triceps, back biceps, shoulders legs). How can i have energy if i dont have any carbs following this diet????

  30. Well I’m fasting for religious/spiritual purposes but I was hoping more than all of that to simply lose weight. I’m chubby, 5’10, and 183 lbs if it matters.

  31. i’ve tried IF and liked it…but it really depends on what your goals are…fasts can help with certain goals

  32. I was hoping you wouldn’t say that so I’d have less food to prepare LOL but fats OK. Any concerns with the fasts? It’s kind of like intermittent fasting (new video topic). Thanks for replying by the way, most YouTubers don’t

  33. My concern with just protein is you’ll have a hard time getting in sufficient calories and you’d be missing out on all the health benefits of fat. Eat your fats!

  34. Hey Brad, I know this is kind of an old video but I was wondering if this would work while I’m fasting? I eat at around 3 am, and again at 9 pm. Would it also be bad if I eat only protein? I’d appreciate a reply I watch all your vids it helps. Thanks.

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  36. Hi Brad, my body weight x 0.6 is 72g protein! That doesn’t seem enough, it’s almost half what I usually have?

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  40. Hi,

    I have a question. U said limit the omega oil to the calculated amount. But how about the amount of fat? Avoid carb will get into Keto Diet process, is that the same? Also, do we count the fat intake too? Becuz any meat has fat too.! Or as long as I consume 45g per meal for 6 meal and stay away from carb except veggies, then no need to calculate the fat in the meat..? Im 180lbs too..

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  42. Hey Brad,

    I might have get it wrong but .. only Protein from Animals? So .. even no Protein Powder? And .. what do you think .. so .. also no Protein Powder ( with milk ) before going to bed?


  43. the 14 day low carb high protein diet once you finish it do you gradually add carbs back in ? I don’t want all the weight back

  44. Hey Brad, defo up for this! Will I be at a detrement if can only have 3/4 meals a day as only get a lunch break at work and not able to eat at other times.

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  47. Can substitute for meat with whey protein suppliment and eggs ?? Ur answer will be of a great help. Thanks . Great video

  48. Google the phrase Fast Fat Furlong… Its the best way to lose weight. Nice video but wait until you see the nutrition plan you could learn when you check out Fast Fat Furlong… I shred 6 lbs in 1 week.

  49. Hi Brad
    Can greek yogurt with 23 g of protein per serving be a sub for lean meat? Not for every meal but maybe once or twice a day???


  50. I have trouble with energy if I don’t eat fruit sugars, I feel shaky and weak, especially if I try to do interval training or anything strenuous, and I’m all foggy in the head: glycogen IS what your brain needs to function after all. I don’t know how you can do it for 14 days… And you recommend continuing this diet after 14 days, just a little less strict with the fruit? Sorry but it is not sustainable for me. I could make myself do it for 14 days, but not if I want to work out hard, and no fun, I love fruit, which is where you get the most whole food vitamins, so it doesn’t seem healthy to limit that. I guess I’d rather take longer to lean up. Best to anyone who this might work for!

  51. Ill take that challenge. Yee. One question. Ive watched a few videos from jason clemons and he says sweet potatoes are a great contribute to weight loss. Specially n the stomach. What’s your opinion? Thanx

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  53. If you do store fat in love handles and back, and are carb sensitive.. Continue on low carb for a year+, then slowly integrate back in, to increase tolerance?

  54. @SpyrosPandis if you’re pretty lean already (below 15%) you can keep a banana in post workout but if you’re larger or want to maximize fat loss over the next 14 days, drop the banana. After the 14 days, add it back in though

  55. @soccersammy714 i’m assuming the nutritionist was trying to simplify things for you, but to say a “calorie is a calorie” (i.e. 200 calories of soda has the same effect on your body as 200 calories of chicken) is a questionable message to be promoting. it’s not just about calories in/calories out. Eating foods that optimize your hormones plays an amazing role in body fat storage or burning and LIVING LEAN

  56. @notecardgirl yes you can have vinegar and the juice you mentioned. try to get the most of your protein from animals but a sun warrior shake after your workout is fine

  57. @flyinglightning if you’re eating enough protein and dietary fat (two of the most satiating nutrients) your blood sugar levels will be balanced and appetite will be satisfied. So be sure you’re eating enough.

  58. Hey Brad! Your challenge is very interesting and I would like to try it but everytime that I do a low-carb or a no-carb diet, I regain weight very fast and I have tendencies to binge when I restart to take carbs. Do you have some advice to avoid binging after a diet (especially on a low-carb diet)?

  59. Brad – loyal follower of yours on twitter and always checking out your videos. I know you say no fruits. But between no fruits and no bread, that is gonna KILL me as I get tremendous cravings for sweets in the early evening. Often I will satisfy that with a home made smoothie – but I use a banana (and a tablespoon of peanut butter, but also toss in spinach). Could you toss in a fruit like blueberry or rasberry or strawberry? Since I believe those are relatively low carbs? Or, maybe protein powder (or is that too much sugar)? Any chance you could toss up a recipe or 2 for some post-meal sweet that we could use to cut the cravings? Would love to do this, I just want to be realistic about not letting the cravings get the better of me!

    thanks in advance

  60. Oops – also forgot – I am not able to have dairy – could I use sunwarrier protein powder which says it has cranberry in it, or can you recommend a non-dairy one?

  61. Hi Brad… I have never tried no fruit, so maybe this will get me past my plateau. Am I able to have vinegar? Also, can I make up a carrot, beet and lemon juice? I’m excited to give this a try! Thanks for posting! Carrie

  62. So you said only green veggies, does that mean no colored veggies like red bell pepper or red cabbage?? Or are those okay too?

  63. I’ve been obsessed with reading about fat loss plans lately. I am giving myself 31 days to get my butt in gear and challenge myself to see what change I can see in that amount of time. I’ve lost 17 lbs in slow motion because I don’t eat right, so now I am ready to make a change. Thanks for sharing!

  64. hey brad! i am a VERY healthy eater and avid gym goer. i am attempting to just tone up a bit and do realize that i bloat VERY easily ( i have celiac and IBS) i do eat carbs but mostly from veggies, squash (my fav), oats and i recently let myself have some kix cereal (only 3 grams of sugar) and air popped popcorn, and rice cakes. A nutritionist has told me not to worry at the end of the day a calorie is a calorie and excess calories =weight gain not excess carbs. ur opinion? is this true?

  65. Oh this looks fantastic! I like that there are teams of people doing it as well. I am going to give it a try. Why not? Hardest thing to give up? My delicious Yam Wedges that I bake and my oatmeal 🙁 but oh so worth it!

  66. This will be a great way to prepare for those holiday binges like christmas.
    Will try this once next week!! Meat and veg binge!! Easy peasy!

  67. Hey brad just right now I made your choco- late shake for after my workout and something came up so I couldn’t do my workout and I drank it anyways, is that bad and when I workout later can I still have that same shake after my workout?

  68. @xPreTzeL our ancestors lived cancer/disease free for tens of thousands of years without consuming starchy/sugary carbs. But, as i mentioned towards the end of the vid, you maybe able to reduce your carb sensitivities after a year and a half maintaining a lean body and eating whole foods and exercising

  69. If you have a sensitivity to carbs, much like myself, how does one live long-term with no carbs? What do you suggest?

  70. Okay thanks brad and I had asked how many times a week do you do cardio workouts other than weights?

  71. @Joseph Rodriguez you can have whey after your workout but try to focus on animal protein all other times.

  72. @BuSalman8 all the non-starchy veggies you want but try to stay away from fruit for just the 14 days.

  73. @Светлана Коршунова yes cabbage/cauliflower is allowed. no limit on nuts/seeds but keep it reasonable.

  74. Sounds very much like a keto diet. I’ve been doing it for the last 2 months and I love it. Went off of it for two weeks and notices a big change in how I felt. Then went right back on it again. I’ve been loosing 2lbs a week very consistently, sometimes a little more and I’m down 4% body fat since I started. Don’t forget eating so much protein will make you very satisfied and you’ll want to skip a meal every now and then. Don’t! Stick to the plan, you’ll love the results! 🙂

  75. Good challenge!!
    2 questions:
    1. Green veggies: what about cabbages – cauliflower for ex? Or the idea is to eat only leafy greens?
    2. What is the limit of nuts and seeds during these days? And after diet? If I have it at home – I can’t stop eating them! Better not to start even. Have you heard about nuts-addicted?)) How to handle it?

  76. I’m in! It will be hard to do since I’m in warm, sunny Mexico on vacation, but it can be done. I already ate most of the things I wanted to eat anyway 🙂

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