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Who Burns Fat Easier: Men or Women?

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Does Gender Play a Role in Losing Fat?

On today’s episode, I’m going to detail a comparison of the fat burning capabilities of men versus women.

When I say “fat burning capabilities”, I’m referring to how easy or hard it is to burn body fat, based on your gender.

Yes, gender does play a role in burning fat.

So before reading any further, in the comments below, type in who you think burns fat easier: men or women?

Who Burns Fat Easier: Men or Women?

Male Fat Cells vs. Female Fat Cells

Are you ready for this?

Here’s the deal:

  • Female fat cells are 5 times larger than male fat cells.
  • Females contain up to double the fat-STORING enzymes than male fat cells.
  • Female have just half the fat-BURNING enzymes than male fat cells.

On top of all of this, on average:

  • Males can have 40 lbs more muscle. Muscle helps burn fat.
  • Males can produce 10 times more testosterone. Testosterone helps burn fat.
  • Males can also burn 30% more calories during exercise and at rest.

The Results Are Clear

Based on these points above, it’s obvious that it’s much easier for women to add fat and harder to lose fat in comparison to men.

In fact, women tend to have at least 8% more body fat than men and studies show women typically need at least 13% body fat to allow for proper hormone production.

Who Burns Fat Easier: Men vs. Women?

According to the body fat % chart above:

  • An athletic and fit body fat % for women ranges between 14-24%.
  • An athletic and fit body fat % for men ranges between 6-17%.

As your Live Lean coaches, I stick to a body fat % between 8-9% all year.

Even after having a baby in mid-2016, by following a healthy and sustainable diet and new mom friendly workouts, Jessica has trained her body back to maintaining 15-17% body fat all year.

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How Do You Figure Out Your Body Fat %?

If you’re not sure of your body fat %, check out how to calculate your body fat % and ideal body weight.

Bottom Line

Regardless of all these factors stacking up against women, fat loss is possible and sustainable. It’s up to you to make the decisions and take the necessary actions to change your life.

Please understand, the results from these comparisons are not to be used as an excuse for why you may be struggle with burning fat.

As a Live Leaner, it’s about taking personal responsibility and overcoming this challenge with a detailed plan of consistent action.

Yes, I’m challenging you to have a vision for what you want, set measurable goals, believe that you can accomplish them, and follow a detailed workout program and nutrition plan designed to provide you with the roadmap to getting the strong, lean, and healthy body you were intended to have.

Remember, if someone else is getting the results you want, you also have the ability to do the same thing.

And last thing, specifically for the dudes.

Now that you see your natural advantage to burning fat, you should have no excuses why you also can’t define the body you’ve always wanted.

We’re here to help.

As your Live Lean coaches, we’ve created the exact blueprint on what to do, but the next part is up to you.

You have to commit and you have to do it consistently.

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