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The Perfect Workout Schedule for Fat Loss

How often should you train? and what type of workouts are best for fat loss?

You might be surprised to find out that cardio isn’t the only workout you should be doing for fat loss.

The Perfect Workout Schedule for Fat Loss

How do we create a perfect schedule for losing fat?

Focus on turning your body into a fat burning machine, rather than maximizing the amount of fat your burn WHILE exercising. You want to maximize the amount of fat your body is capable of burning even while at rest.

The most metabolically active tissue in our bodies is called muscle. The best thing we can do to increase our metabolic rate is to train our muscles.

This is why even for people with a lot of fat to lose we still recommend you train your muscles as well as doing cardio/fat burning exercises.

Remember the goal with living lean is to LIVE lean.. Not just get lean for a short period of time. We want you to learn to get there and create sustainable ongoing habits that will keep you there.

So let’s look at some factors that come into play with planning our training schedule:
And how you can optimize your own schedule to set you up for greatest success with burning fat.

The FITT principle, this stands for:
Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type
These are the factors we can adjust based on the outcome we want to see.
If you’re not seeing results you should adjust one of these variables so that you continue burning fat until you reach your goal.

There are 3 Main Workout Types that you should balance with a fat loss goal:

  • Muscle/Strength Building
  • Cardio/Fat Burning
  • Flexibility/Mobility/Wellness

Is there a Best Time of Day? Not one that fits every body. You should choose your time of day based on when you have the best energy, focus, and attention to give to your workout. The morning may have a slight advantage for most people because it’s the time of day least likely to get bumped out of the way or forgotten when you’re tired after a long day at work.

The biggest factor in making sure your schedule works for fat loss: Sustainability. Can you do this for ever? Keep in mind that you’re training your body to become a fat burning machine and it’s going to continue to burn fat for the rest of your life, but you’ve gotta keep on moving. Think of your exercise as a habit, like taking a shower. You don’t just do it once and you’re done forever. You need to shower daily if you want to continue to enjoy the results from it. The same goes for your training.

Every single one of our programs comes with a workout schedule that you can follow, already done for you. Join our team, TeamLiveLean to get brand new workouts with pre-made workout schedules every month.

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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