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How Do You Decide What To Workout

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Remove the guesswork from your workouts

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we answer a viewer question who asked how do you decide what to workout.

They also asked for an update on our Live Lean Yoga video workout program.

This is another episode from our #WayBackWednesday series, where we highlight the best questions from previous episodes of our #AskLiveLeanTV Q&A show.

This question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 006.

How Do You Decide What To Workout

Here’s today’s viewer question:

ciscoballs from Snapchat asks: How do you decide what to workout? You develop these awesome programs to help us develop a lifestyle. What do you do when you already live it? I know your HIIT and muscle grouping. What inspires you to make a schedule for that week? I’m trying to Live Lean so I need more expert Live Lean advice. And when is the yoga video program coming out? You guys really changed my life. Thank you.

That’s so awesome to hear.

Here’s the deal.

Once you do get more advanced, working out just becomes more of a lifestyle, rather than being in transformation mode.

Transformation mode is different than maintenance mode.

Currently Jessica and I are not trying to change our bodies, we’re just trying to maintain the results that we have.

Plus, right now we’re both putting new workout programs together, so we’re doing a lot of testing and experiments during our workouts.

We do this testing because we obviously are not going to sell a workout program until we know that it works.

This means we’re not only testing it out on ourselves, but at times, we also put other people through the workouts.

However, when we are not designing new workout programs, our decision on what to workout that day, is based on the week as a whole.

The Perfect Workout Schedule for Fat Loss

As mentioned earlier, we are both in maintenance mode.

However being in maintenance mode can cause issues at times, since you can lose the motivation and get tired and get lazy.

This is why it’s so important to not only follow a program to transform your body, but also to maintain your current physique.

We always like to be following a workout program

Following a workout program is better than doing workouts that you created yourself, because it gives you a fresh new perspective.

Typically when you make up your own workouts, you are more likely to keep yourself in your comfort zone, by only picking exercises that you want to do.

Stand Out: Motivation To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This is why it’s nice to follow a workout program that is written by a fitness professional.

Even though it may not be what you want to do, once you complete the workout, you feel amazing.

Another common mistake people always make

Another common mistake so many people make is just showing up to the gym, without a workout program, and just doing whatever they feel like.

For example, they walk on the gym floor and think to themselves, “what do I want to do today”.

Or they simply just do whatever machines are open.

This is obviously not the best strategy to get you great results.

If you have a fitness goal in mind for:

  • fat loss
  • muscle building
  • getting stronger
  • becoming more athletic
  • or whatever it is

You need to be following a workout program designed for that goal.

If you want to find the best workout for you, based on your goals, fitness level, and access to equipment, take our Live Lean Body Quiz here.

If you’re not following a program, it’s highly likely when you go into the gym, you’ll just do a bunch of bicep curls all day.

How To Do A STANDING DUMBBELL BICEP CURL | Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

That’s not going to get you anywhere other than being that dude with big arms and skinny legs.

And nobody wants you to be that person.

How do you decide what to workout

For more info on how do you decide what to workout, check out this video post on How To Create A Workout Program To Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle.

How To Create A Workout Program To Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle

I talk, in more detail, about how I specifically designed the workouts in my best selling workout program, Live Lean Afterburn.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

Finally, they wanted to know when our Live Lean Yoga workout video program will be available.

Well, Live Lean Yoga is available now!

Our Live Lean Yoga workout video program is available now

Live Lean Yoga

Jessica’s mom, Desiree Rumbaugh, is an amazing Yoga teacher, and she helped us design this “Yoga for athletes” program.

We wanted these follow along Yoga workouts to be specifically designed for athletes like you who workout.

Each yoga workout addresses all the things people who workout need:

  • tight hips
  • stiff shoulders
  • other common tightness issues that people who workout have

The purpose of these yoga workouts is to make your gym and home workouts better, by improving your flexibility, and making you feel freaking awesome.

Get the full Live Lean Yoga follow along program here.

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If you’re ready to start your Live Lean journey, now is the time.

We just created a brand new 7 day Live Lean Challenge, where you can start Living Lean for absolutely free.

Live Lean Starter Guide

This Live Lean challenge includes 7 days of:

  • workouts
  • meal plans
  • recipes and cooking videos

It’s all for free.

Here’s the link to join the 7 day challenge.


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