How I Design My Kick Butt Workout Programs

How I design kick butt workouts

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout Program?

One of the big questions I get asked by people outside of the gym is, “Brad, what kind of workouts do you do in the gym?”.

My response… “workouts that kick my own a$$”.

And I’m serious.

Ask anyone that goes to my gym. I am constantly moving…constantly sweating…and constantly getting results.

Now I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this because it’s so frustrating to me to see people wasting their time at the gym. How are they wasting their time? It’s simple, they keep doing the same workouts over and over again, but it’s obvious their body is not changing (sounds like Einstein’s definition of insanity to me).

If you know me or watch my Live Lean TV series, you know how passionate I am about my transformation 10,000 mission and helping people live the lean lifestyle. So it really bugs me when I see people putting in the time, but they’re not maximizing their potential.

Take “Jonathan” for instance. He’s 29 years old and 30 lbs overweight. He’s at the gym everyday and if you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s training hard. Well, in his mind, he may be training hard, but I’m positive he’s not maximizing his effort.

What do I mean by this?

Lets be honest, his workout program is terrible. He’s obviously following a “fitness magazine” workout that is totally not customized to his goals. When you’re 30 lbs overweight, you should be focusing on recomposing your body by burning off fat and replacing it with muscle.

4 sets of bicep curls with a 2 minute break between sets WILL NOT do this for you.

Somebody pu-lease shout that from the roof tops!

So what should Jonathan be doing?

He should be focusing on a program that increases intensity (shorter rest intervals), with multi-joint compound exercises that maximize calorie burn, while still lifting heavier weights in a rep range of 8-10.

This “money in the bank” combination will help him burn fat quicker (via the afterburn effect) while still building lean muscle.

In today’s Freestyle Friday video, I talk more about the details of how I design workout programs that get results. I also quickly mention an upcoming project I’m working on with a goal to be launched before Christmas.

Get excited because this project WILL have you Living Lean FASTER than ever!

Get ready for your new lean body in 2013!

Do Your Workout Programs Look Like This?


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Questions For You:

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– Do design your own workouts or do you follow professional advice?


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8 responses to “How I Design My Kick Butt Workout Programs

  1. Brad, first of all, your abs are amazing. I need to buy my boyfriend your book (lolz)! I totally agree that constant movement is the key. I do circuits using my power tower and my rest intervals are super short (so I’ll do lat pull ups, focusing on speed and form, rest 30 secs, then do leg lifts, rest 30 secs, then do pushups, etc). I do anywhere from 5 to 7 exercises, with 8 to 12 reps normally and it works amazingly well.

    Lots of fitness love to you for sharing your technique.

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