Why Standard Weight Loss Advice Is So Bad


Weight Loss Advice

On today’s episode, I’m sharing why standard weight loss advice is so bad.

Lets jump right into today’s topic.

Typically when most people think about getting healthier, they focus primarily on losing weight.


Now I’m not saying you’re at fault for this.

It’s the years of bad weight loss advice being thrown at you by certain organizations (ahem government).

The reason this is bad weight loss advice…

…is because losing weight should NOT be your goal.

Your goal should be losing body fat.

Your bodyweight is comprised of:

– Fat
– Water
– Lean body mass (muscle, organs, bones).

Standard weight loss advice is to eat less calories and move more to burn more calories.

The problem with that advice is that people go to extreme with calorie reduction and chronic cardio.

weight loss advice

Yes, this may help you lose weight, but you’re actually becoming less healthy because you’re also losing your muscle which is the metabolic driver of your youth and metabolism, and and overall key indicator of strength and health.

Severe calorie restriction and excessive cardio kills your metabolism, making you burn less calories while holding onto your stored fat, as your body enters starvation mode.

The best weight loss advice is…

….to focus on body recomposition.

In other words, working out with weights, sticking to short but fast sprint intervals, and being in a slight 200-500 calorie daily deficit.

This way you can still be eating enough healthy calories comprised of plants, animal protein, and healthy fats to sustain (and in some cases build) muscle tissue, while primarily burning stored body fat for energy.

So rather than using a traditional weight measurement scale to track your weight loss, try using a scale that measures your body composition.

There are many tools to do this, but one of the more affordable and convenient ways to do it from the comfort of your own house is by using a Body Analyzer scale to measure and track your progress.

A Body Analyzer Scale Tracks Your…

– Body Fat %
– Total Body Weight
– Muscle and Bone Mass
– Water Weight

So you can ensure you’re losing unhealthy stored body fat, while maintaining and building calorie crushing muscle.

While a body analyzer isn’t the most accurate way to track your exact body fat %, it is an affordable way to get a baseline so you can monitor your progress from the comfort of your own home.

To keep your body fat% measurements as consistent as possible:

#1. Measure yourself in the morning before eating, on Sunday. I tend to weight 2-3 lbs heavier in the evening vs morning.

#2. Measure yourself always post morning poop, this can add 1-2 lbs.

#3. Measure yourself naked. Clothes can add 1-2 lbs.

Remember, this is just a baseline. Don’t overanalyze it. Check it just once a week and continue following the Live Lean principles I share every week on the blog.

Also, here’s a link to the body analyzer that I have at home. If you’re interested, they’re currently discounted by 60% off and are now only $50.

That’s it Live Lean Nation.

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