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How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect With Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

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3 Tips To Maximize The Afterburn Effect

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you how to trigger the afterburn effect with Live Lean Afterburn 2.0.

During my body transformation, I used this training method to trigger the afterburn effect, and transform my last 10 pounds of fat, into 10 pounds of muscle.

Brad Gouthro Before After

If you’ve been following my journey for a while now, you know I’ve shared my story about suffering from low self-esteem, and my battles with not being comfortable in my own skin.

Long story short, this all changed when I transformed my body.

In The Beginning I Did A Lot Of Things Wrong

But in the beginning, I did all the wrong things, because I was following random workouts from bodybuilding magazines.

In other words, I was just like the hundreds of other people you see at the gym every week, like:

Stop Wasting Your Time In The Gym

Most “conventional” workouts cause the body to burn the majority of the calories during the workout.

Afterburn training causes the body to work overtime, by burning calories during and after the workout.

Live Lean Afterburn

When it comes to workouts, it’s all about making every minute count.

It’s quality over quantity.

How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect

Here’s how to ignite and trigger the afterburn effect.

#1. Focus On Compound Exercises

Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

Focus on compound exercises that require brief, intense bursts of strength, speed, and power.

These afterburn moves include:

#2. Lift Heavier Weight

To trigger the afterburn effect, you should be lifting heavier weight.

You need to challenge and push your muscles to grow.

5 Best Tips For Muscle Growth

Forget about lifting those pink dumbbells for 50 reps.

It’s not about that.

#3. Follow These Unique Afterburn Training Styles

Triggering the afterburn effect does not mean you always have to follow the boring and traditional routine of 4 sets of 12 reps.

In my Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 workout program, we combine 6 different unique training styles.

These 6 unique training styles include:

Ripped Circuits

Don’t be fooled by the word “circuits”.

Circuit Training Workout For Fat Loss With Weights

Ripped circuits are not the same style of circuits your Aunt Margaret does.

Ripped Circuits are designed to strip away the fat, and reveal your ripped and lean muscle.

Burnset Shreds

We also include burnset shreds.

How To Properly Lose Fat And Build Muscle With Supersets

These burnset shred workouts alternate between two different muscle groups, while keeping rest periods short.

Metabolic Burn Complexes

Another Afterburn training style to trigger the afterburn effect are metabolic burn complexes.

Dumbbell And Barbell Complex Workout For Fat Loss

If I could describe what complexes are, I’d say they are cardio with weights.

If you’re not sweating after these workouts, your sweat glands are MIA.

Strength Drop Sets

The next afterburn training style are strength drop sets.

How To Do Drop Sets Correctly For Muscle Growth

Not only are you going to be burning fat while building muscle, you’re also going to be potentially building strength, with the drop set protocol.

4-Minute Afterburners

Who could forget about our 4 minute afterburners.

I call these “workout finishers”.

26 Post Workout Moves That Abolish Belly Fat

In other words, the final fat burning and metabolism boasting kick to ignite the afterburn effect.

30 Second Ignite It Up Burners

Then we have our 30 second Ignite It Up Burners.

This little diddy is intended to rapidly increase conditioning and create rapid fat loss.

Bottom Line On How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect

Here’s the bottom line on the afterburn effect.

It’s all about recomposing your body.

Afterburn Effect Workouts

I’ve seen the best body recomposition results for myself, and from my clients, when following my Live Lean Afterburn style of training.

Training styles that trigger the afterburn effect will burn the most calories.

This will help you burn those last 10 stubborn pounds of fat and build lean muscle at the same time.

Turn Those Last 10 Pounds Of Fat Into Lean Muscle With Afterburn 2.0

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 is my new and improved, cutting edge body recomposition program.

This 42 day plan is designed to maximize the afterburn effect and strip your body of those last 10 pounds of fat, and turn it into lean muscle.

You will become an athletic fat burning machine by:

  • blasting fat
  • building muscle
  • improving power
  • building strength
  • improving endurance

This is what you’ll experience with the new and improved Live Lean Afterburn 2.0.

These Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 workouts are efficient and designed to be finished within 45 minutes using just dumbbells, barbells, and your bodyweight.

If you want to take away all the guess work, and follow a proven program designed to transform your last 10 pounds of fat into 10 pounds of lean muscle, my Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 program is for you.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

Are You Ready To Change And Get Athletic And Fit?

It’s time to make a change.

Your time is now.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s now up to you to take action, and go after the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Go check it out here and commit to Living Lean.


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  1. “Live Lean Nation, during my body transformation I used this training
    method to trigger the afterburn effect and transform my last 10 pounds of
    fat into 10 pounds of muscle.”

    Ahhhh, this was actually in the description. Not sure if I would follow the
    advice from someone, concerning exercise science, that doesn’t know that
    fat cannot turn into muscle.

  2. Brad is it better to do a workout and then a afterburn workout or is it
    better to do the afterburn workout first?

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