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8 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism


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How To Increase And Speed Up Metabolism

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 8 ways to boost your metabolism.

Your metabolism is your bro to the end when it comes to Living Lean.

And as the saying goes, “bros before…”, actually I don’t think there is a saying for that 😂.


One of the key ways to Living Lean is keeping your metabolism on fire.

8 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Let’s jump right into the 8 ways to boost your metabolism.


#1. Eat

Your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters depends on a regular supply of nutrients.

Starving yourself screws all of this up, thus making your metabolism slower than molasses.

Man my creativity game is brutal today.

Eat to boost your metabolism.

#2. Eat The Right Types Of Food

Kick start your metabolism, with your first meal of the day, by eating foods high in protein and fiber.

Protein has a high thermic effect, meaning it requires more calories to digest and absorb the food than carbohydrates or fat.

This is why eating protein helps boost your metabolism.

And when I say fiber, I’m not referring to a big bowl of insulin spiking Raisin Bran.

raisin bran

I’m talking about nature’s fiber, vegetables and berries.

Give my meat and nuts breakfast a try to see the types of foods that I eat during my first meal of the day.

Don’t forget to add some hot sauce or red pepper flakes.

Spicy foods can help boost your metabolism, just like protein and fiber does.

Eat more of these foods to boost your metabolism.

#3. Enjoy 1-2 Cups Of Coffee

You’ll love this one.

Enjoy your morning and pre-workout cup of coffee.

Caffeine has been shown to slightly boost your metabolism, so enjoy your java.

#4. Do Afterburn Style Workouts

Focus on Afterburn style resistance training workouts designed to increase your metabolism for many hours after you leave the gym.

I’m talking about multi-joint exercises that recruit a lot of muscles.

For example:

This is why I specifically used these foundational exercises in all the 24 workouts found in my Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 workout program.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

These movements all increase the afterburn effect and boost your metabolism.

Let’s keep moving.

#5. Do HIIT Sprints

Say no to steady state cardio.

Say yes to high intensity interval training cardio like sprints.

Short, but higher intensity sprints will boost your metabolism like crazy compared to walking on a treadmill.

And remember, sprinting is all relative to your fitness level.

This means if you’re a beginner, a short slight jog for just 20 seconds will elicit a similar metabolic response to you, as an all out sprint to someone that is more advanced.

Check out my Live Lean Sprint 2.0 program to boost your metabolism.

Live Lean Sprint 2.0

All right, let’s keep moving.


#6. Move To The Arctic 😂

However, if you’re not willing to move to the Arctic 😂, do the next best thing.

You actually burn more calories in colder climates because your body works harder to stay warm.

You can boost your metabolism by drinking cold water, turning down the thermometer, and taking cold showers.

#7. Stay Active Throughout The Day

Trust me, the little things count.

For example:

  • Take the stairs rather than the escalator
  • Park further away from the grocery store
  • When you’re walking on the street, walk faster like you’re late for a meeting
  • Get up from your chair in the office and go talk your co-workers, rather than sending them emails

Finding little ways to increase your activity output, all add up to boosting your metabolism.

Let’s move on to the final way to boost your metabolism.

#8. Relax

The stress hormone cortisol, when substantially elevated, can slow down your metabolism.

To reduce cortisol:

It’s all about finding balance in your life.

There are your 8 ways to boost your metabolism.


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  • Type

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  • Experience

  • Reset

124 responses to “8 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

  1. Excellent! Just discovered your videos and I’m learning so much (just when
    I thought I had it all figured out). I’m almost 47 years old and gained
    25lbs in what seemed like overnight after premature early menopause at 43!
    Battling to get back to base which has been challenging. These videos are
    awesome! The scales are starting to go down. THANK YOU!

  2. #6 – Interesting. As a fellow Canadian I’ve always though our bodies retain
    a bit more fat to insulate our organs. Also, you remind me of a young Chris
    Jericho. Keep the good videos coming.

  3. I have a lot of weight to lose mainly from not eating properly and a
    sedentary lifestyle after I got a job that just seems to zap my energy for
    the past 6years so I crash on the couch immediately after I get home & I
    could never really find my motivation to move until now lol. Anyways, I’m
    working on changing it with committing to move 15 minutes a day (intense
    tabata workouts) and a quickie 5 minute evening workout, both completed 5-6
    days a week with yoga/stretching on Sundays. I have trouble eating like I
    should though. I’m not hungry at all until towards the evening so I eat
    maybe twice a day, mornings and evenings like maybe 3-500 cals per meal max
    800 depending on what I eat & if I go back for a snack. My body is really
    holding onto the weight though & I’m not eating unhealthy food. Someone
    suggested taking 10 cups of food with me and stop counting calories and
    eating on that throughout the day to keep my body from thinking it’s
    starving. Would this be fine? Or should I just force myself to eat? I was
    thinking maybe 3-4 hemp protein & veggie smoothies, in addition to my 2
    meals. My stomach just feels weird or I get really sleepy and sluggish
    after a meal in the middle of the day, no matter what I eat, if its a salad
    or pizza lol but I feel rather energized with my smoothies. I just haven’t
    been doing it long enough or have been consistent with the smoothies to
    notice any weight loss yet. I just got used to not eating like I should I
    suppose to. But I’ll have breakfast and I’m not hungry until maybe 4-5pm so
    what do you suggest? I really want to maximize my efforts and live a
    healthier lifestyle & not just lose temporary weight and I don’t want to
    get discouraged so I thank you in advance for any help and suggestions!

  4. Brad, loving the videos.. All great info. I just began my weight loss
    journey 60 days ago with lean diet and 5 days a week in the gym doing
    weights. I just started taken supplements including pre-work out drinks,
    post workout protein drinks, vitapak supplements as well as Hydroxycut to
    help with fat burn. I am down from 237 to 220 is 60 days. I am really
    interested in your opion/advice to supplement use when trying to burn fat.

    Thanks Mark

  5. Hey Brad. I am a very small, skinny guy so fat loss is not something I need
    to focus on. What should I do differently (especially from a nutritional
    standpoint) to gain more muscle rather than lose weight? I seem to be a
    “hard-gainer” and am not making many gains.

  6. Brad, looks like there’s scientific research debunking the “if you withhold
    calories, your metabolism will slow down” edic. I’m definitely not trying
    to pitch a particular restrictive diet (or worse, anorexia) by ANY means,
    but can you comment on the findings of Dr. Michael Mosley and others,
    summarize nicely here:

    then a follow-up here:

    Also important to note, research on caloric restriction generally tends to
    investigate health benefits OTHER than weight loss, specifically life
    longevity and neurological benefits, where weight loss happens as a
    side-effect. I believe they’ve actually measured increased metabolism from
    caloric restriction in some of these studies, too. As you are quite
    learned in all things health-related, could you review this line of
    scientific inquiry and add your insights? Thanks!

  7. yes yes and yes. I get so mad when people say “I don’t need breakfast or
    lunch I really just need dinner” UGHHH haha great video and tips! and umm
    HOT SAUCE is in my purse at all times :O)

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