LIVE LEAN: Tabata Training Workout

Live Lean Tabata Training Workout

LIVE LEAN: Tabata Training Workout!

Here’s another fast tabata training workout that you can do ANYWHERE!

Are you stuck at home without a drive to the gym? ’”> Do this workout!

Are you travelling for work but don’t have access to a gym? ’”> Do this workout!

Are locked up in solitary confinement (jail) for another 21 days? ’”> Do this workout!

This 4 minute tabata training workout does not require any equipment at all.

So I only have one more question to ask?

What’s stopping you from Living Lean?

Use this 4 minute LIVE LEAN tabata training workout as a “workout finisher” at the end of your strength training routine or immediately after you wake up in the morning. By incorporating more of these tabata workouts into your daily routine, you’ll be burning fat more efficiently throughout the day/night.

Here’s how the Live Lean – Tabata Training Workout is structured:

All you need to complete this Tabata Training Workout is…

…. your bodyweight…

… your interval timer <’” to get a fun color like the one you see me with in the video, click the link

Live Lean – 4 Minute Tabata Training Workout Video


*** Click here for your printable “Live Lean – Tabata Training Workout Program” ***

Total time: 4 mins

Work time: 20 sec (as many reps as possible with good form)

Rest time: 10 sec


1. Burpees x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2. Mountain Climbers x 20 sec (10 sec break)

3. High Knees x 20 sec (10 sec break)

4. Jumping Jacks x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2 rounds for a total of 8 sets.

Remember: ONLY REST FOR 10 SECONDS between sets!

I hope you enjoyed this Live Lean Tabata Training Workout.

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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

6 responses to “LIVE LEAN: Tabata Training Workout

  1. I chose 7 of your Tabata work outs, one per day, that i am planning on starting next week (I am trying to be Bane ((from batman)) for Halloween!). Would you recommend against this? My main goal is just to try to burn my fat and get back to my slimmer shape I had, and look good for Halloween of course!

  2. Absolutely loved this Tabata routine! I’ve seen a bunch online, but this was the first one I’ve actually tried! You can definitely feel your heart rate get up – and fast – and it’s nice because your heart rate stays up and you can tell that you’re definitely burning some major calories in only four minutes! I did this with my Tabata app on my iPhone – works great, you can set it to any number of sets with the specified work and rest times. I love it. I also did this after doing your Arms like a Supermodel workout. Holy cow. I’m doing to be sore tomorrow. Thank you for posting your exercises and free-weight routines – I needed something different to get out of my boring workout routine. I will definitely be coming back for more!

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