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How to Tighten Your Lower Abs [Goodbye Belly Pooch!]

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Belly Pooch Be Gone.

Have you ever wondered…Why do people get a lower belly pooch?

What is it? and How do we make it go away?

There are 3 reasons why you might have a lower belly pooch

  1. Weak Lower Ab Muscles
  2. Stored Body Fat
  3. Poor Elimination (backed up intestines, not pooping enough)

The lower belly pooch can be a frustrating area.

Many people find it’s the hardest part of the body to lean out and tone.

Here are 3 reasons you might be struggling to tone it up:

  1. You aren’t doing lower ab exercises OR are only contracting your hip flexors instead of your lower abs when you do these exercises shown in the video (Leg Lifts, Tummy Vacuums, Swiss Ball Pikes)
  2. You aren’t dialing it in with your nutrition. Allowing too many treats or “days that don’t count” and eating whatever instead of following a solid meal plan.
  3. You aren’t pooping regularly (at least once or twice per day). Possibly because you aren’t eating enough fibrous vegetables. Eat more leafy greens and high fiber fruits.

Keep in mind that your lower belly pooch may disappear when you reduce your body fat percentage, which is done through full body training using compound exercises, plus cardio, plus proper nutrition, but it never hurts to strengthen and tone that area as well.

Getting lean should be your main goal. Make sure you’re on the right program to help you do that.

If you are already lean, then it’s a matter of tightening up the muscles using the exercises shown and truly focusing on the contractions of the right muscles. When you’re doing it right you should feel the sensations in your lower abs, not your hips or anywhere else.

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