Best 8 Abs Exercises At Home: At Home Abs Workout #LLTV


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Sculpt Your Abs With These 8 Abs Exercises At Home

Before I go any further, I should post the following disclaimer:  You WILL NOT get crazy lean abs if you only do these abs exercises at home. Abs are probably one of the most misunderstood body parts. There is no such thing as spot reduction. This simply means you cannot target a particular part of your body (like the belly) to burn fat. In other words, 1000s of crunches a day will not effectively burn belly fat.

To get lean flat abs, you MUST FIRST burn off fat by eating the right types of foods and following a high intensity workout plan (with short rest periods). I go into way more detail on this in my internationally selling book, Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat. If you still have not picked up a copy of that book yet…do it now!

And before we move on, I see many people making the following 3 mistakes when doing ab exercises.

4 Other Mistakes When Doing Abs Exercises

Brad Gouthro Jessica Rumbaugh

1. Too much range of motion (outside the contraction zone)

Remember the function of the abdominal muscles is to shorten the distance between the pelvis and the sternum. Full range of motion for sit-ups and leg raises often go outside of the contracted range of motion. Partial movements (keeping tension on the muscle) inside the contracted range of motion will train your abs better.

2. Breaks between sets are too long

You only need a few seconds between sets during ab workouts. Don’t be a meathead and take 5 mins! A few seconds, take a deep breath, and get at it again!

3. Not breathing properly

You should be giving a deep exhale on EVERY contraction! This will tighten the ab muscles and provide an incredible contraction.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about these 8 at home abs exercises and create you a home workout program

Do These 8 Abs Exercises At Home

To watch each abs exercise, click on the link below:

#1 Stiff-Leg Raise

Abs Exercises At Home

#2 Concemetric Crunch (or Double Crunch)

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.51.54 PM

#3 Half Sit Up (or Crunch)

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.00.56 PM

#4 Frog Sit Up

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.52.25 PM

#5 Hip Roll

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.53.13 PM

#6 Knee-To-Elbow Raise

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.52.50 PM

#7 Single Leg Jackknife Sit-up

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.52.15 PM

#8 Abdominal Vacuum

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.53.22 PM

At Home Abs Workout

Home Abs Workout #1

A1. Abdominal Vacuum x 8 reps
A2. Concemetric Crunch x 8 reps
A3. Half Sit-up x 10 reps
A4. Stiff-Leg Raise x 8 reps

Repeat (for a total of 4-5 sets)

Home Abs Workout #2

A1. Frog Sit-up x 8 reps
A2. Hip Roll x 8 reps
A3. Knee-to-Elbow Raise x 8 reps
A4. Single Leg Jackknife Sit-up x 4 reps/leg

Repeat (for a total of 4-5 sets)

Side Bend Note: you will notice I did not include Weighted Side Bends. I don’t recommend them as they do not trim the waist size, rather they can actually build up the obliques (thus adding more size).

You do not have to train abs every day.

Since your abdominals get a very good supply of blood, they DO NOT need to be trained with 1000s of reps a day.  I would prefer you to focus the majority of your time performing high intensity lifts like squats and deadlifts, as well as sprints. For a full fat blasting workout program to get you abs, follow my Live Lean Afterburn or Awaken The Abs Within programs.


Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.44.31 AM 

Lets get a conversation going in the comments below…how often do you directly train abs and how happy are you with your progress?

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Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.47.09 AM1. How often do you directly train your abs?

2. Are you happy with your progress to date?


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46 responses to “Best 8 Abs Exercises At Home: At Home Abs Workout #LLTV

  1. Brad..Thanks for sharing your fitness videos…they’ve been a great help.
    One problem..I find that when I do ab exercises, especially crunches, it’s
    my lower back that gives out well before I feel the “burn” in the abs.
    After the first set of 20, I can’t do anymore. How can I improve lower
    back / core strength?

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  5. Thanks brad your the best I’m a big fan of you and your channel and I got my gd into you this weekend so keep up the vids

  6. Well-chosen exercises. This workout trains all parts of the abdominals effectively. Stiff leg raise works for me very well to train my abs for calisthenics. Thanks you for sharing this workout.

  7. Stick to go to your know-how inside the works of art you are writing. The particular market wants far more zealous copy writers that you that aren’t fearful to express the way they think. Often focus on your current center.

  8. Brad love your videos, very inspirational. So i am a very skinny guy ( 5’9″ 135 lbs,)trying to put some weight now. I dont have abs, i have fat on my belly. Should i do cardio aswell with my weight training? and about dieting, should i eat/ drink fat free products like fat free milk, cottage cheese etc or it doesnt matter since i am underweight?? need some info in that.

  9. Love this!! Ty so much!! I have bad belly fat and I run about 20 miles a week and its my bad diet causing this. You r an inspiration!!

  10. great video.. a bit off topic here. what are your comments on alternating days of strength training ( MON WED FRI) and Insanity HIIT (TUE THURS SAT)

  11. oooh, I’m a sick puppy and love me an ab workout — maybe do one 3 to 4x week. Fav exercise would prob be floorsweepers with a weighted bar or pike handstand on TRX. And I agree with your opening comments, you can’t spot reduce . . . . people ask how I get my abs and it’s mainly just because of overall body fat leanness, you can’t be soft all over and then have ripped abs

  12. i needed an inspiration cuz i’ve been very busy lately, now i can continue my workout routine with this workout as an addition… TNX MUCH BRAD!

  13. Can’t wait to try out theses move Brad! I’m going to check your at home live lean mealy down. Ps you and Jessica are so adorable!

  14. @qwertyasdaz click the link in the description box above where i give a workout on my blog using these exercises

  15. Brad amazing Video, I need help, I don’t know is my leg are are heavy or my lower abs aren’t strong , what is the beat way to lose the weight in legs and make you abs stronger.

  16. I actively concentrate on working my abs perhaps every 2-3 days, depending on what type of exercise I’m doing. I’m not unhappy with where I’m at but would love to go to the next level of abs to get really happy. So how often should you specifically focus on ab exercises?

  17. the link on the newsletter(email) did not work, luckely im also subscribed to your youtube channel, good vid!

  18. Some great ab exercises I hadn’t come across before! Quick question though, any tip on reps, sets, and tempo for an intermediate gym-goer.?

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