The Most Important Abs & Diet Tips

There is so much confusion and conflicting information on the best nutrition and fitness tips to lose belly fat and get six pack abs. Here are some of the common questions, myths, and answers surrounding proper diet and training techniques to get six pack abs.

What Is The Biggest Reason Most Males and Females Can’t Seem To “Get Abs”

One of the biggest misconceptions males and females make when trying to get a flat stomach is they focus WAY to much time directly training their abs. The majority of people think by targeting an area, like abs, with constant training, they can actually directly burn fat in that area (i.e. spot reduction). Well I’m here to set the record straight. There is no such thing as SPOT REDUCTION. If you have love handles, doing continuous side bends WILL NOT burn the fat from this area. Doing direct ab training CAN strengthen your core (when done with proper form) but it does not create enough of a metabolic fat burning response to actually burn the layer of body fat that covers your abs.

The funny thing is we all have abs. The majority of people just have layers of body fat covering them. Therefore, the number one way to get six pack abs is to reduce overall body fat. My new book/program, Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat, outlines the correct steps to get six pack abs. It takes a combination of proper nutrition (abs are made in the kitchen), a solid full body workout program that induces a fat burning metabolic and hormonal response, and LASTLY a core strengthening and sculpting abdominal program.

Should Men Train Differently Than Females To “Get Six Pack Abs”?

The best exercises to get six pack abs and reduce body fat are not gender specific. Compared to males, typically females lift weights less frequently and with less intensity (if at all) than males. I always recommend females incorporate more intense lifting sessions (using heavier weight) if they want to get a flat stomach. Females tend to be afraid to lift heavy because they don’t want to grow big muscles. Well guess what…females don’t produce enough natural testosterone to build large bulky muscles like men. By lifting heavy, females will develop more toned muscle (not bulk). And the great thing about muscle…it burns fat. So guess what ladies, the more muscle you have, the less fat your body will have. It’s that simple.

What Form Of Cardio Should I Be Doing To Burn Fat?

Typically people waste way too much time doing slow/steady pace cardio. The full body resistance training programs in my Awaken The Abs Within program are intense enough that they’re also considered a cardio workout. In addition to this, since your goal is to lose fat, HIIT cardio, in combination with the full body resistance training programs, is the quickest way to do this. If your goal is to quickly lose fat, stop thinking about your fat burning zones and the amount of calories burned DURING the workout. Think BIG PICTURE. The combination of a full body resistance training program and HIIT cardio creates the greatest metabolic response in your body (so you’ll actually be burning more fat after your workout as well). Remember “high intensity” is all relative to your specific HR levels. So if you’re a beginner, a high intensity interval may be a brisk walk as long as it elevates your HR to the correct zones. Therefore, HIIT can be completed by people regardless of fitness level.

Are Sit Ups Bad For You?

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on sit ups. Some say they aren’t good for the spine, others say they are the best exercise for overall abdominal development. To be honest, I’m on the fence. I don’t recommend doing 200 sit ups every day but I do incorporate them into my programs. Like other muscle groups, it’s important to train your abs with variety.

Should I Train Abs Everyday?

Even if you’re not “directly” training your abs, the full body workout programs in the Awaken The Abs Within program are still giving your core a good workout. Compound exercises like squats and dead lifts require a lot of core stabilization. So you’re strengthening your abs whether you know it or not. Another thing about your abdominals is they’re made up of muscle fibers that can quickly repair themselves. So unlike other major muscle groups, like the chest and legs, your abdominal muscles don’t need 24-48 hours of recovery time. So technically, yes you can train your abs everyday but just be aware that by following the full body workout program you’re already getting a good ab session in without direct training. In the beginning, focus first on completing the full body resistance training programs with lots of intensity. Then when you have low enough body fat levels where your abs are becoming visible, you can directly train them for 5-10 minutes (with no breaks) after each workout. However, remember the most important step is losing body fat first. Then comes the sculpting!

How Many Reps Should I Do Of Each Ab Exercise?

It depends on the difficulty level of the exercise but I like to take my abs exercises to failure. In the Awaken The Abs Within program, you will start off with the beginner program. Once you can complete these beginner moves (like the standard crunch), it’s time to move you into the intermediate ab program. Ab exercises in the intermediate program include more resistance moves that require the activation of more muscle fibers like the hanging leg raise (with proper form…curl your pelvis!).

What Is The Most Important Factor In “Awakening Your Abs”

Without a doubt, it has to do with your venus factor diet.I have the following quote printed on the wall in my kitchen, “Abs are made…in the kitchen.” I believe abs are 80% diet and 20% training.

The most important thing about your diet is it has to be maintainable and something you can incorporate as a lifestyle…not just some short-term fad. It’s not about going low carb or low fat. It’s about balance and making smart choices.

That is what my Awaken The Abs Within program is all about and why such a big portion is dedicated to nutrition. It includes 7 implementable secrets to eat better, feel better, and ultimately look better by losing belly fat and helping you get six pack abs. It simplifies all the chaos and conflicting information and provides you with easy to implement steps.

Here’ a small taste of a few quick tips found in the Awaken The Abs Within program:

1. Focusing your diet on consuming foods that are whole and in their natural state: You’d be amazed at how much better you’ll look and feel just by getting rid of the processed and packaged foods out of your system.

2. Eat More High Quality Protein: I could go on and on about this but here’s the quick rationale. A) protein builds muscle, muscle increases your metabolism, and muscle incinerates fat. B) protein has a much higher thermic effect than carbs and dietary fat, meaning your body uses up a lot of the protein’s calories (up to 30%) just by digesting it. C) protein keeps you full longer so you’ll eat less.

3. Focus On Consuming Carbs That Are High In Fiber: vegetables, fruits, and unrefined sprouted whole grains are all high in fiber. The main causes of body fat is refined sugar found in processed and refined foods like white bread, white rice, and white pasta as well as trans fats (more on trans fats below). Choose carbs that have more than 5 grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of sugar. A little more restrictive approach is to only consume carbs that have 3 grams of fiber per 10 grams of carbs. Consuming foods high in fiber will also slow the glycemic response of insulin (the fat storing hormone) within your blood stream. Lots more on insulin in the program.

4. Consume Healthy Fats: as hard as it is to believe, healthy fats are your friend and can help you fight fat! Healthy fats are key to maintaining hormone levels and can keep you satiated, thus reducing cravings. Sources of healthy fats include, olive and coconut oil (yes don’t be concerned with the high amount of saturated fat in coconut oil…I tell you why in the Awaken The Abs Within program), avocados, fish and fish oil, nuts, natural nut butters, and organic eggs and meat. As mentioned above, stay away from all foods containing trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. Ingredients to watch out for include, hydrogenated oil, margarine, shortening, high fructose corn syrup, and glucose-fructose. These ingredients are mainly used in packaged and deep fried foods.

A comprehensive list of approved protein, carb, and fat sources are given in the Awaken The Abs Within program.

These 4 nutrition tips are just a tiny percentage of what’s included in Awaken The Abs Within program. Hundreds of other easy to implement tips and guidelines are found in this program.

Don’t wait. Make the choice to change your lifestyle and pick up your very own copy of the Awaken The Abs Within program.

Take action now!

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