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4 Minute Plank Tabata Workout For Beginners

Plank You for the Abs of Steel Workout – Plank Tabata Workout Challenge

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you through a 4 minute plank tabata workout for beginners.

Yes, this is another one of my 4 minute tabata workout videos.

In just 4 minutes, you can complete this “Plank You For The Abs Of Steel” plank tabata workout.

That’s right, we are strengthening our core with this routine as it’s comprised of all plank exercise variations.

Oh yeah!

All you need for this 4 minute tabata workout is your bodyweight and your tabata interval timer.

If you haven’t picked up your tabata interval timer yet, click here to get a fun color like the one you see me use during my workouts.

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Lets get sweaty and build your abs of steel

If you’re ready, let’s do it.

This structure of this plank tabata workout is simple.

We’re going to do four different plank exercises.

Even though the entire plank tabata workout will only take 4 minutes, you’re going to feel the sweat and the pain, but you’re going to get abs of steel.

Once you’re ready, click the start button on your interval timer, and let’s get to work.

4 Minute Plank Tabata Workout For Beginners

4 Minute Plank Tabata Workout For Beginners

Here’s how this “Plank You For The Abs of Steel” 4 minute plank tabata workout is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes.

Type of workout:

Tabata workout:

  • 20 seconds of work
  • 10 seconds rest

After the 20 second work interval, take a 10 second rest, then complete another 20 second work interval, etc.

Number of circuits:

2 circuits.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Forearm Plank (i.e. Standard Plank)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: First plank exercise is the standard forearm plank. Make sure your elbow joints are below your shoulders, keep your spine in a neutral position, with your back nice and flat. As I always say, when you’re working your core, ensure you’re keeping your abs as tight as possible. Always think about the muscle that you are working, while maintaining a steady breath. Once the 20 seconds is up, you’ve completed the first interval. Rest 10 seconds, before moving on to the next plank exercise.

A2. Forearm Side Plank (right side)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Next plank exercise is the forearm side plank, which really hits the side obliques. If these exercises are too difficult for you, you can complete the beginner variation of these plank exercises. For example, the beginner modification for the forearm side plank would be the forearm side plank from your knees. But always try to challenge yourself with the more challenging plank variation. Remember to suck in that gut and keep it tight. After the 20 seconds is up, take a 10 second rest then switch sides.

A3. Forearm Side Plank (left side)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Follow the same coaching cues, but this time plank your opposite forearm into the floor as you target the other side of your obliques. To make the forearm side plank more advanced, raise your top leg and arm. This is called the forearm side plank leg raise. You’re going to really feel this advanced plank modification in your core as well as strengthening your lower back.

A4. Straight Arm Plank (i.e. Plank on your Hands)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: The fourth and final exercise is the straight arm plank, where the plank is completed on your hands. Make sure you keep your hips up and in alignment with your back flat. Don’t let your hips sag as it will put too much pressure on your lower back. Keep your entire body straight, with every muscle tight and engaged. Mentally focus on keeping your belly button sucked in and as strong as possible.

That’s the first round of this 4 minute plank tabata workout for beginners

By now you should be feeling good.

You’re almost done, keep the energy up.

Rest 10 seconds, then complete the second circuit of exercises A1-A4 again.

Even though the second round may seem longer in your head, fight through it, and finish strong with the best form you can.

This was another killer, 4 minute tabata workout

This “Plank You For The Abs of Steel” tabata workout is going to help strengthen your core and flatten your stomach.

Complete this 4 minute plank tabata workout when you wake up in the morning and/or as a workout finisher, at the end of your strength training workout.

Lifting weights will really help you accelerate your fat loss, as it’s going to help you build muscle, which is going to then increase your metabolism, to burn fat more efficiently throughout the day and night.

This is key, along with a healthy diet.

I hope you enjoyed this PLANK YOU for the ABS of STEEL Tabata Workout Routine

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