The Exercise That Builds A Stronger Core


How To Do Renegade Rows: Exercise Demo Tutorial

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m showing you a step-by-step demonstration of how to do one of my favorite exercises that builds a stronger core. The renegade row.

This renegade row is an upper body pulling exercising that will also help you strengthen your core.

In this renegade row exercise tutorial video, I’ll also show you modifications to make the movement easier or more difficult.

How To Do Renegade Rows

The Exercise That Builds A Stronger Core

To start the exercise…

#1. Get into a straight arm plank position

Beginner Modification: Start without weight to get the movements down properly. The wider your feet, the easier the movement.

Advanced Modification: Add weight by gripping a pair of dumbbells with an inside shoulder width grip. And to start, have your feet spread out wider than shoulder width. If you want to modify it to be more difficult, bring your feet closer together.

#2. Contract All Your Muscles

While keeping your back flat, activate your muscles by contracting your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Essentially you’re turning on all the muscles in your body.

#3. Initiate the pulling of one of the dumbbells up to your armpit

When doing this, make sure you keep your hips square to the ground. By keeping your core tight, you’re ensuring your hips won’t twist from side to side during the rowing movement (twisting of the hips is incorrect).

#4. Under control, lower the dumbbell to the ground, then repeat with the other arm

Don’t just let the dumbbell drop to the ground. Engage the core and control the lowering of the weight.

Advanced Modification: To make the renegade row even more difficult, add in a pushup between every row.

How To Add The Renegade Row To Your Next Workout?

Try adding 6 reps/arm of the renegade row to your next workout for 3 sets.

Or better yet…

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21 responses to “The Exercise That Builds A Stronger Core

  1. hi love your channel you guys are awesome! what about side hip raises? i
    always get a pain in my legs/ shoulder so i am doing them wrong 🙁

  2. Can you do a Legs n glutes tutorial Please? How much time should you switch
    the weight and reps Of the strength training exercises ? I’m a beginner in
    the strength training process.

  3. Thanks Brad!! Ive been working on renegade rows with Jess’s Live Lean
    Formula so this tutorial is great to keep reminding me how important the
    technique is. And I definitely think this has to be one of the most intense
    moves for the core than all the others!

  4. Love the RR. Been doing it for years in my regime. I love moves that you
    can feel the move as you do it. This one uses so many parts at one time.
    It is a tremendous exercise. Thanks for the vid.

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