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How To Do A Swiss Ball Pike Rollout

Strengthen your core with the swiss ball pike rollout

Live Lean Nation, on today’s exercise demonstration, I’m showing you a video tutorial on how to do the swiss ball pike rollout.

The only piece of equipment that you need for this abs exercise is the swiss ball, also known as a fitness ball or stability ball.

Targeted Muscle: Overall core, abs, and obliques

This advanced exercise not only strengthens your overall core, it also improves your coordination and balance.

How to do a swiss ball pike rollout:

Watch the swiss ball pike rollout exercise demonstration video.

To get started:

  1. Get down on the floor, in a plank position, with your hands directly below your shoulders, hands and toes pressed into the floor.
  2. Keeping your core contracted for balance, place your shins on top of the swiss ball, with your feet pointed.
  3. Once you have your balance, keep your legs extended, then roll the swiss ball towards your chest as you pike your hips into the air.
  4. Contract your abs, then under control, extend your body as you roll the swiss ball back.
  5. Keep rolling back as the swiss ball rolls up your thighs and your shoulders extend over your head.
  6. Repeat for reps.

Note: This is an advanced exercise.

Ensure you keep your core contracted to balance your body throughout the movement.

Since the swiss ball pike rollout is an advanced exercise, complete it at the beginning of your ab routine.

A typical set could be programmed into your abs workout as follows:

  • Reps: 10
  • Sets: 3

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