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6 Of The Best Ab Exercises At The Gym

The Best Abs Workout Ever To Target Obliques, Upper And Lower Abs

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I have another treat for you as I’m sharing 6 of the best ab exercises at the gym to target your obliques and upper and lower abs.

If you want to build your abs, enjoy this edited down sample version of my “Live Lean Abs Sculpting Workout”.

The ab sculpting exercises found in this workout is just a taste of 1 of the 24 abs workouts found in my best selling Live Lean Abs workout video program.

These are the exact ab workouts that I used to get and maintain 6 pack abs, 365 days a year.

That’s why I consider them the best abs workouts ever!

In addition to these 6 ab exercises at the gym, the full Live Lean Abs program also includes ab exercises focused on strengthening and conditioning the core at home and at the outdoor park or playground.

The Truth About 6 Pack Abs

Before we get into the 6 of the best ab exercises in the gym, let me be clear on the truth about 6 pack abs.

Abs are made in the kitchen, but you can sculpt, define, and condition them in the gym.

If you’re looking to get six pack abs, you better learn how to train them correctly.

To put it simply, your abs are primarily made up of:

  • lower abs
  • upper abs
  • obliques

Based on this, all of the ab exercises are built into the workout to hit every single part of your abs.

This ensures you are training to build an overall strong, defined, and conditioned mid-section, that makes your abs pop out.

6 Of The Best Ab Exercises At The Gym

With that said, take your shirt off, and let’s get ready to sweat and rock your abs, Live Lean style.

#1. Swiss Ball Hanging Knee Raise

The first ab sculpting exercise to add to your ab routine is the swiss ball hanging knee raise.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Focus on your breathing to create more tension in your abs.
  • Curl your hips up to bring your knees to your chest, rather than just raising your knees to parallel to the ground.
  • Don’t use momentum to complete the reps.

#2. Kneeling Cable Crunch

The next ab exercise at the gym is the kneeling cable crunch with rope.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Focus on feeling the contraction during every rep.
  • During the contraction, breath out with force, while keeping your lower abs pulled in, to bring out more defined cuts in your abs.

#3. Reverse Incline Crunch

Next up is the reverse incline crunch on the decline bench.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Keep your breaks short between ab exercises.
  • While performing the reverse incline crunch, limit your range of motion to ensure you are always keeping the contraction on the abs.

#4. Medicine Ball Double Crunch

The next ab exercise is the medicine ball double crunch.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Focus on keeping your lower abs pulled in.
  • Press your heels through the bench to curl your hips forward.

#5. Kneeling Cable Oblique Crunch

Let’s head over to the cable machine to complete the kneeling cable oblique crunch with rope.

This ab exercise targets the obliques.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Focus on contracting your abs to move the weight, rather than pulling the weight with your arms.
  • Breath out as your elbow moves towards your knee, while keeping your lower abs pulled in.

#6. Swiss Ball Pike

The last ab exercise is the swiss ball pike rollout, also known as the swiss ball jackknife.

Abs Sculpting Tips:

  • Keep your lower abs pulled in to maintain a strong flat back.
  • Contract your core to maintain your balance.

When you complete all 6 of these ab exercises in a circuit, I guarantee the sweat will be coming down your body.

Bottom Line On The 4 Keys To Get Six Pack Abs

When you have the following 4 actions in check, you too can have six pack abs and the flat sexy stomach you’ve always wanted:

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The Best Abs Workout Ever

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