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10 Minute Flat Tummy Follow Along Workout


To celebrate the launch of our NEW Live Lean Abs 2.0 training program I’m taking you through a follow-along workout to sample one of my follow-along workouts from inside the program.

Our Abs training program Live Lean Abs 2.0 is here!

Live Lean Abs 2.0

If you are working on sculpting and defining your midsection, this program is for you.

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, you’ll follow me through one of my follow along workouts called FLAT TUMMY.

This workout only takes 10 minutes (6:32 for the actual workout and a few extra minutes for the warm up and cool down). You’ll be using no equipment, just your body weight.

It is important to train your abs directly if you are craving more definition in your core.

Direct Ab Training does not need to be done more than a few times per week.

But the catch is: In order for it to be short, it needs to be effective.

If you are in transformation mode (seeking a change in your abs) I recommend training your abs directly every-other-day.

Live Lean Abs 2.0 provides you with 24 unique ab training workouts, key coaching cues and everything you need to sculpt and define your abs.

You can pick one from the Follow Alongs or from the Gym training guides and incorporate 3 or 4 of these per week to watch your midsection transform.

12 Follow Along Workouts
12 Gym Training Guides

Here’s the workout we’re going to do together today:

This is a quick workout that you can follow at the end of your full body training, or on your day off.

Click play on the video to follow it along with me.

The true value of this new program isn’t just in the 24 amazing workouts you get, but it’s in the COACHING and GUIDANCE you’ll receive.

Over the years we have learned the top mistakes people make with their ab training and how to fix them.

By following this program not only will you learn correct ab training, but you’ll also skip over all the frustration and discomfort of figuring things out on your own.

Get the Program Now

Launch discount code: IWANTABS

The discount code expires on Saturday Sept 7th at 11:59EST


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  • How often have you been training your abs?

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Start by taking our FREE Live Lean Body Quiz to get access to the best program specific to your goals!

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