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The #1 reason you’re not experiencing DRAMATIC and FAST results with your HIIT cardio machine workouts, even if you’re sweating, is because you’re NOT actually doing HIIT cardio correctly.

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If you love HIIT cardio workouts, but are frustrated at your lack of results, you are doing HIIT wrong.

✅ Learn how to do HIIT cardio workouts correctly

✅ Use correct energy system for peak fat burning

✅ Turn on your internal fat burning switch

✅ Dial in the work to rest ratios for max results

✅ Never get bored doing the same workout

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When you sign up to Sprint 2.0 today, you will also get an all access pass to ALL of our 1,00os of workouts, PLUS access to 100,000s of workouts and classes from other fitness creators all over the world.

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Triple Your Fat Loss In 3X Less Time

25 Unique HIIT And LISS Cardio Workouts
Treadmill, Bike, Elliptical, Rower, Stair, Pool, Track Workouts & More
Learn How To Correctly Hit Your High Intensity Heart Rate Zone
Learn How To Lower Your Heart Rate For Proper Recovery
No HR Monitor, No Problem: Learn How To Tell If You're In The Low Intensity Zone
Follow A Workout Schedule Based On Your Fitness Level
Cardio Workouts That Are Fun And Enjoyable

It's Time to Take Action and Sizzle Off The Fat

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1. Can females use this program or is it just for males?

This program is designed for BOTH females and males. This workout program is designed to burn calories, increase metabolism, and enhance your fat burning hormones, regardless if you’re a male or female.

2. Will I build muscle on this program or will I just burn fat?

Research shows that HIIT cardio not only demolishes fat, it also helps build lean athletic muscle. Win and Win.

3. I’m just a beginner to exercise and am currently obese. Is this program to advanced for me?

This program includes a beginner cardio “newbie” phase of low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio workouts designed specifically for you!

4. I’ve been going to the gym for years but am looking for a new workout program. Is this program going to challenge me?

Definitely. As mentioned earlier, the program has different phases based on your current fitness level. These are the style of HIIT cardio workouts that both Brad and Jess do to this day.

5. Some days I don’t have access to a gym. Can I do these cardio workouts outdoors at a track, field, stairs, or swimming pool?

Definitely. In addition to the cardio machine HIIT workouts, we’ve also included HIIT cardio workouts that can be done at a track, a field, on the stairs, and in a swimming pool! Most of the workouts are adaptable to your surroundings. There are no excuses why you can’t do these workouts.

It's Time to Take Action and Sizzle Off The Fat

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Please read this obvious disclaimer: According to the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. This program is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or short-term fad. If you are committed and implement the teachings into your everyday lifestyle, you are setting yourself up to see results. Unfortunately reality shows that most people never take action on the programs they buy, thus they don’t get results. We provide the framework, but ultimately it is up to you to execute and do the work.