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24 Advanced Outdoor Park Exercises To Get Shredded

Extreme Playground Workout Exercises To Get You Lean

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you my favorite 24 advanced outdoor park exercises to get shredded.

Are you looking to switch up your basic workouts with a few cool playground workout exercises?


The body likes that.

I admit, I’m trained in “gym rat 101”.

So these outdoor playground workouts are brand new to me.

After my various trips to Harlem, New York City, I’ve been inspired seeing the incredible strength, and the amazing park tricks, of people who only focus on “bar workouts”.

So now it’s time for me to attempt these advanced outdoor park exercises.

Although I’m no where close to matching the skills of those guys and gals, I’ve really been enjoying these playground workouts on my active rest days.

24 Advanced Playground Workout Exercises

Here are 24 of my favorite outdoor playground exercises.

#1. Airwalk Pull Up

#2. L-Sit Pull Up

#3. Front Lever Raise

#4. Around The World Front Lever Raise

#5. Alternating Hanging Knee Raise

#6. Hanging Knee Tuck Toes To Bar

#7. Upside Down Hanging Sit Up

#8. Hanging Knee Raise

#9. Alternating Hanging Side Oblique Crunch

10. Neutral Grip Pull Up

#11. Toes To Bar

#12. Side To Side Typewriter Pull Up

#13. Plyometric Moving Pull Up

#14. Inverted Hanging Hip Raise

#15. Clapping Push Up

#16. Push Up With Mountain Climber

#17. Straight Arm Straight Leg Side Plank Oblique Crunch

#18. Hanging L-Sit Flutter Kicks

19. Jump Burpee Push Up

#20. Hanging Knee Tuck Windshield Wipers

#21. Jump Burpee Push Up Pull Up

#22. Alternating Pop Lunge

#23. Pull Up

#24. Tuck Front Lever

I Hope You Enjoyed These Advanced Outdoor Park Exercises At The Playground

When it’s a bright and beautiful day, get out and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.

It’s time to rip that body a part and get shredded with this playground workout.

Use these 24 park exercise ideas to create your own playground workout.

Remember, when you feel sweaty during a workout, that’s the weakness leaving your body.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

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Did you enjoy these 24 advanced outdoor park exercises to get shredded?

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • Do you ever do playground workouts?
  • What are your favorite playground exercises?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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20 responses to “24 Advanced Outdoor Park Exercises To Get Shredded

  1. I was training in the gym for 3 years and then I had a chance to train with
    street gymnasts and it was something totally different and much better. So
    Brad, I hope you keep training outside on the bars.

  2. Brad, I love that workout. That was a great idea to use the chains from the swing for rope climbing! Mix it up, awesome. How long was that workout?

  3. Thought the earphone cord was a big ass vein for a second! Truthfully I
    wouldn’t have looked at it twice though because knowing brad, it could be

  4. Are these videos done in present time because it is November where I am. I’ve never known New York to be so warm. Other than that you make me want to go to my nearest park and play.

  5. Can u do a vid on killing off man boobs
    Like I understand u gotta lose overall body fat
    But I’m not fat
    Im just young I think there’s an imbalance in my hormone levels

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